How to Get the Lava Egg in Wacky Wizards Roblox

Lava Egg, Volcano Egg or also known as Eggcano is a new ingredient which is introduced in the volcano update. The Eggcano here can be used as the ingredient to craft some new potions. Considering this is a new important ingredient  in Wacky Wizards, it’s highly recommended for you to find Eggcano as soon as possible.

If you try out the new Wacky update, you may wonder where to find the Lava Egg/ Eggcano, as there’s no guide yet that can lead you to find the Eggcano. Thankfully, this post will show you a guide on how to find the Eggcano in Wacky Wizards.

How to Get the Lava Egg in Wacky Wizards Roblox

Getting the Lava Egg/ Eggcano, Here’s the Guide!

If you want to get the new Eggcano in Wacky Wizards, you definitely have to complete the Volcano event first. If you are not sure about getting into this event, you should look for the pop-up window that will show up about two minutes before it starts.

After it does start, the game will require you whether you want to participate or not. Just click on the ‘Yes’ button if you want to join the event. Ensure to obtain to the end of the event and defeat the Bean Titan.

The whole thing starts with Glenda and Oz fighting, after that the volcano will spew beans to you. After you have, you have to receive the Eggcano. If not, you need to restart your gama and should find it on the ingredients table.

Here’s step-by-step to get the Eggcano in Wacky Wizards:

Step 1: Play during the Volcano event

Play during the Volcano event

In order to get the Eggcano, you surely have to play during the Volcano event. This event will take place every hour in the game, like the Cyclops Event. After the boss has been defeated, you will then receive the Eggcano on your ingredient table.

If you do not participate in this event, you only have to be in Wacky Wizards when The Volcano event takes place. So, you must only ensure that you show up in time for the event. The timer will be over near the volcano. Well, you are able to see how much time you should wait for.

Step 2: Complete the Volcano event

All you have to do during the event is ensure to stick around for the entire event. You definitely will fight a boss like Mr. Rich. During a fight, you will launch potions as the Bean Monster who will appear out of the volcano. To defeat a boss, you can use any kind of potion you like. Most players use Dynamite and Chill potion.

Complete the Volcano event

You can also keep using the cannon until lava begins filling the world. The easiest way to defeat the Bean boss is to create explosive potions by combining 10 Chills + 10 Dynamite in the volcano cauldron. You can also use the cannon to fire the potions at the Bean Boss.

Step 3: Get the Lava Egg/ Eggcano

After the Bean Boss has been slain, the Eggcano ingredient will spawn. Commonly, it will spawn in your hand, sometimes  it will appear on your ingredient table. You can now use this ingredient permanently to craft any potions.

Get the Lava Egg-Eggcano

Otherwise, if you could not earn the Eggcano, you can try to exit out of the game and then enter back into the game. However, this way has been buggy for some people, so, the developer of Wacky Wizards is trying to fix things with an upcoming update.

Well, that’s how to obtain the Lava Egg/ Eggcano in Wacky Wizards. Now, it’s your turn to try looking for this important ingredient in the game. Good Luck!!!

How to Use Lava Egg/ Eggcano?

You may already know that Eggcano can be used as one of the ingredients to create any potions. There are around 15 potions that use the Eggcano as the main ingredients. Certainly, finding out the Eggcano in Wacky Wizards is a must for you.

Here are a number of potions using Eggcano:

    • Hot-noodles Potion

To create a pretty Hot-noodles arms potion, you can only use ‘Eggcano’.

    • Hot-noodles Potion

You can also create the Hot-noodles potion by combining the ‘Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano’.

    • Cloneboom Potion

If you want to create the Cloneboom, you can combine ‘You + Eggcano’.

    • Flash Potion

The Flash potion can be used by players to run like The Flash. To create this position, you can combine the ‘Eggcano + Giraffe Hoof’.

    • Exploding-bee Potion

With the use of this potion, you can turn yourself into a bee that then explodes. If you want to create this potion, you will need the ‘Eggcano + Honey’.

    • Fireball Potion

You will be a fireball by using the Fireball potion by combining the ‘Eggcano + Bird’.

    • Flaming-skin Potion

If you want your skins on fire, you can use the Flaming-skin potion. To create this position, you will need ‘Eggcano + Chilli’.

    • Ssssssssssssssss Potion

To become a creeper, you can create this potion. You will need ‘Eggcano + Dynamite’ to get this potion.

    • Hot-rich Potion

To create a Hot-rich potion, you will need ‘Eggcano + Robux’. With the use of the Hot-rich potion, you definitely will obtain a dominus.

    • Steamy Potion

You can turn yourself into a cloud of steam by using the Steamy potion. To create this position, you will need ‘Eggcano + Fish’.

    • Melty Potion

To create the Melty Potion, you will need ‘Eggcano + Rotten Sandwich’. With the use of this potion, you can turn yourself into lava.

    • Firebee Potion

With the use of Firebee Potion, you can turn yourself into a fire bee from Bee Swarm Simulator. If you want to create a Firebee potion, you will need ‘Eggcano + Honey + You’.

    • Cano Potion

You will need ‘Eggcano + Pool Noodle’ to create CanoPotion. With the use of this potion, it will turn yourself into a small beancano.

    • Boxing Potion

To create a Boxing Potion, you will need ‘Eggcano + Boxing Gloves’.

    • Glowing Potion

To make yourself glow in the dark, you will need a Glowing Potion. To create this potion, you can combine ‘Eggcano + Chameleon’.

Okay, those are all potions that you can create in Wacky Wizards by using the Eggcano as the ingredients.

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