How to Get Eternal Cane MM2

The knife named Eternal Cane is included as godly weapons in the game known as Murder Mystery 2 or MM2. How do you get this item? For anyone who wants to know how to get this, you can keep reading the post to find out the method to do so.

Ways to Get Eternal cane MM2

Eternal Cane was dropped on December 6th for the Christmas Event 2019. When the event was ongoing, this one could be obtained by buying the merch on and redeeming the code that came with it. However, this method no longer works due to the fact that all the merch is sold out. Right now, the only thing that you can do if you want to get this item is through trading.

Just like in the real life, in the world of Murder Mystery 2 or MM2, trading refers to an activity of exchanging the item of the player for the item that they want owned by another player. Seers, demand, or rarity is the one that measures the value of an item.

How to Get Eternal Cane MM2

If you want to get an item called Eternal Cane through trading, the first thing that you need to do is to click the player that you want to trade with on the list of the player located on the top right. By following the step, a small menu will show up. There are some buttons that you will be able to see, including Profile and Trade buttons. All that should be done is to click the Trade button and the request to trade will display on the screen of the player that you want to trade with. That certain someone has the right to either accept or reject the trade request that you sent. If your trade request is denied by that player, it will disappear immediately. On the other hand, if it is accepted, a trading menu will show up covering the whole screen. You will be able to see your inventory located on the left side of the screen. Putting an item into the trade is able to be done easily, which is by clicking an item. The thing that is being traded by that player, in this case the Eternal Cane, will show up. You will have to wait for 6 seconds to accept the trade and this rule applies for every trade. When it appears, you can just accept it and it will be moved to your inventory.

However, trading actually has some weaknesses. It has been known as a way that is risky to scamming, data loss, value loss, and duping. Basically, it is such a risky method that’s why you will have to be more careful when trading something with someone. While trading, there is also a glitch where both players who are in the middle of the trading process cannot add items on the trade menu. In addition, there is also another glitch while trading where neither of these two players accepted the trade. Sometimes, the trade also auto accepts. In some cases, the item that you place can be gone from your inventory. The fourth one is that trades are able to force you to rejoin the server.

Talking about trading, if you suddenly change your mind and do not want to get the Eternal Cane, you can turn off your trade request by clicking a button located underneath the player list. By clicking on the button, it means you will not get any incoming trade requests from the other players of the game. Fortunately, you still have a chance to trade with the other players if their trades are on. Feel free to trade the items such as guns, knives, pets, or miscellaneous objects such as Mystery Keys, Gifts, and Wrapping Paper. To be able to trade, it is important for you to know the value of an item. You can check this kind of value by using the MM2 Value Checker at

When you are on the homepage of MM2 Value Checker, you will be able to see some menus located on the left side of the page. Please scroll down until you find Trade Checker. It is included in Tools and it is located below Inv List Maker and Discord Value Bot. Click the one to be taken to the Trade Checker page. When you are on the Tracker Checker guide, you will have to add your weapon. The minimum weapon that can be added is one while the maximum amount is four. After adding the weapon(s), the second one that should be added is the weapon they are offering. Just like adding your weapon, you may only add up to four different items. When you are done adding both your weapon(s) and the weapon(s) they are offering, the next thing that you will have to do is to press the Generate Summary button. Just like that you will be able to see the result.

About Eternal Cane MM2

About Eternal Cane MM2


    • Item Type: Knife
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Methods to Obtain: Purchasing Merch on, trading
    • Tier 2:
    • Estimated Value: x130 Seers (MM2V), 100 (Supreme)

Eternal Cane consists of three colors: grey, white, and red. There is a face located near the bottom of the blade. The face has glowing red eyes with a white dot located in the middle of them. It also has a total of six different horns with the mouth that goes into the blade with red and white gems. The blade has a lot of scratches and a candy cane pattern on it.

There are a few interesting things about Eternal Cane that you may not know. Eternal Cane is included in a set called Eternal Cane Set or e-cane for short. In this set, there is also Lugar Cane. Eternal Cane is just one of the weapons that has a candy cane theme. Some other weapons with the same theme include Luger Cane, Minty, Peppermint, Candy, and Sugar.