How Much Money Do You Get on Level 50 in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors?

Mechanic is a job that is available at Mike’s Motors. At that job, the players are going to reach level 50, which is the highest level in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors. By the way, how much money do you get on level 50 in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors?


At Mike’s Motors, as a mechanic, your job consists of refilling oil, painting, and replacing tires on various vehicles such as Classic Motorcycles, Mopeds, and Bloxster DLX2s. When you arrive at a workstation, the customers are going to drive their vehicle up onto a platform. Then, they say their request, which includes refilling oil, painting, and replacing tires.

In the back of the shop, there are four paints on a table: black, green, red, and purple. These paints are in the form of paint sprayers. If the customers want an oil change, then you are able to use oil cans discovered on a table similar to that of the paint sprayers. Also, there are three types of tires, all found on racks on the left of the store: Moped, Bloxster, and Classic wheels. If the customers want their tires changed, then both the front and back tires should be done individually. The tires that you need to change must be the same as the ones on the bike.

How Much Money Do You Get on Level 50 in Bloxburg Mike's Motors

How Much Money Do You Get in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors on Level 50?

In Bloxburg Mike’s Motors, at level 1, as a mechanic, you are going to receive $13 per job. After being promoted, the salary is going to increase. This repeats until you reach level 50, which is the highest level in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors. So, how much money do you get in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors at level 50? For your information, at level 50, as a mechanic, you are going to receive around $465.

Here, we are going to share a table of Bloxburg Mike’s Motors earnings:

Level Pay Per Task
No Excellent Employee Excellent Employee
1 $13 $28
2 $17 $37
3 $30 $46
4 $39 $55
5 $43 $64
6 $49 $73
7 $55 $82
8 $61 $90
9 $67 $99
10 $73 $108
11 $79 $117
12 $85 $126
13 $94 $135
14 $96 $144
15 $102 $153
16 $110 $162
17 $114 $171
18 $120 $180
19 $126 $189
20 $132 $198
21 $137 $206
26 $110 $221
27 $173 $260
28 $179 $269
37 $233 $349
40 $251 $376
46 $287 $430
50 $465 $465

How to Get More Money in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors on Level 50?

As a mechanic in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors, you are able to get more money by improving your mood, particularly the Fun mood. Need to know that moods are a variety of statistics which fluctuate based on the player’s actions and status effects. It is able to be viewed from the Moods menu on the bottom right of the screen. Also, there is a notch on the top of the screen that reflects a player’s current mood. At a steady rate, all Moods are going to lower passively. We get information that in Version 0.7.0, being near a friend is going to cause all moods to decrease at a slower rate. Today, there are four moods in the game of Roblox Bloxburg. Those four moods are hunger, fun, energy, and hygiene.

Mood If Mood is High If Mood is Low
Hunger Other moods will be able to decrease at a slow rate Other moods will be able to decrease at a fast rate
Fun Higher pay at work Lower pay at work
Energy Default Movement Speed Reduced Movement Speed, and the player will look down as if they had not gotten enough sleep.
Hygiene No Stink Gas and Flies. Stink Gas and Flies surround the player, making them swat the flies with their hands, showing a Swatting Flies status effect.

Contrary to famous belief, as a player, you will not die if all moods reach 0%. But you are going to walk slower, emit stink gas, and receive much less pay at their job. Thus, it is suggested to keep Mood moderately high at all times. Also, moods are able to be improved through the Boost Mood button which is available in the Moods menu. It costs B$25. For note: The moods menu is only available if at least one of the player’s mood gauges is below 50%.

Aside from increasing mood, you are also able to get more money in Bloxburg by buying the Excellent Employee gamepass. You will be able to buy the Excellent Employee gamepass for R$300. When you reach level 50, then they are going to make the same amount. The Excellent Employee gamepass is useful for the players who want to make money from working quicker.

About Bloxburg Mike’s Motors

Some of you may not know about Bloxburg Mike’s Motors. Well, now we are going to explain what Bloxburg Mike’s Motors is. For your information, Mike’s Motors is an auto body shop and car dealership in Bloxburg. The owner of Bloxburg Mike’s motors is Mike Carson. The players are able to work as a mechanic in Bloxburg Mike’s Motors that will tend to the vehicles of NPCs, from mopeds to motorcycles, and help solve whatever the issue is, specified by the NPCs. Some of the issues include replacing tires, refilling oil, and spray painting their vehicles. Currently, there is no discount for purchasing vehicles from Mike’s Motors instead of Build Mode, which is the same for Fancy Furniture.

Outside the building, you are able to see some windows. The walls are painted red at the top and grey at the bottom. Inside, there are two rooms which cannot be accessed from each other. In the first room, there is a big vehicle shop where you are able to buy vehicles and a counter, which Mike Carson stands behind. In the second room, which is where the mechanic job takes place, there are four clerk counters, red mats, a paint stand, some tires and some oil.

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