Fix getstringbetween error

The term getstringbetween exists in JavaScripts. Apparently, there are some errors related to getstringbetween. In this page, we are going to explain how to fix the error of the getstringbetween.


We have some solutions to fix the error of Get string between two known (or unknown) strings.


You are able to try using this:



You need to learn about building and debugging RegEx. Of course, there are many sites explaining how to build RegEx and debug them. In the text below, we are going to share some information related to RegEx.

A RegEx (Regular Expression) is a sequence of characters which forms a search pattern. RegEx is able to be used to check if a string contains the specified search pattern. Python RegEx has a built-in package named re, that can be used to work with Regular Expressions.

RegEx in Python

When you have already imported the re module, you are able to start using regular expressions. In an example, search the string to see if it starts with “The” and ends with “Spain”:

import re

txt = “The rain in Spain”

x =“^The.*Spain$”, txt)

RegEx Functions

The re module provides a set of functions that offers you to search a string for a match:

  • Findall: Reverts a list containing all matches.
  • Search: Reverts a match object if there is a match anywhere in the string.
  • Split: Reverts a list where the string has been split at each match.
  • Sub: Displaces one or many matches with a string.


Since your input data looks part of a regular XML string, you are also able to consider working with the C# classes for XML parsing. For instance: Introduction to XML with C#.

For your information, XML is short for Extensible Markup Language. It is an extremely widely used format for exchanging data as it is easy readable for humans and machines. If you have written a site in HTML, XML is going to look very familiar to you, as it is basically a stricter version of HTML. XML is created up of tags, attributes and values.

On a website named Stack Overflow, there is someone who reports that there is an error about getstringbetween.

Public Function GetStringBetween(ByVal InputText As String, _

ByVal starttext As String, _

ByVal endtext As String)

Dim InTextStart As Long

Dim InTextEnd As Long

InTextStart = InStr (StartPosition, InputText, starttext, vbTextCompare) + Len(startext)

InTextEnd = InStr (InTextStart, InputText, endtext, vbTextCompare)

If InTextStart >= (StartPosition + Len(starttext)) And InTextEnd > InTextStart Then

GetStringBetween = Mid$(InputText, InTextStart, InTextEnd – InTextStart)


GetStringBetween = “ERROR”

End If

End Function

Dim xa As String

Dim x As String = WebBrowser1.DocumentText


Xa = GetStringBetween (x, TextBox1.Text, TextBox2.Text)


He has tried some methods to get all strings between 2 other strings for each and so on. The website has more than 1 string with those 2 strings however they only get the first string between 2 strings. Then, there are some people who try answering the question. A man whose name Steve stated that the easiest method to write that code is through RegEx, but it can be overkill. Here is the same way to do the same thing by using string.IndexOf.

Public Function GetStringBetween(ByVal InputText As String, _

ByVal starttext As String, _

ByVal endtext As String)

Dim startPos As Integer

Dim endPos As Integer

Dim IenStart As Integer

startPos = InputText.IndexOf(startText, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase)

if startPos >= 0 Then

lenStart = startPos + starttext.Length

endPos = InputText.IndexOf(endtext, lenstart, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase)

If endPost >= 0 Then

Return InputText.Substring(lenStart, endPos – lenStart)

End If

End If

return “ERROR”

End Function

Then, Ro Machet as an asker interrupted that he needs all strings the code he uses works, however it only gets the first string between the other two but the other ones in the text only gives him the first one. He added that everyone may know that for each string they require all the strings in the text which is between the 2 strings.

Another answer is from Onur Gazioglu. He said that Regex may be used. For instance: (word1). *(word2). The last one named Intellensense said that in the old style right is depreciated as you know.

Some of you may not know with Storck Overflow. It is a name of the platform which is widely used by those who come to learn, team up, share their knowledge, and build their career. The website is free, you are free to visit it without having to log in anytime you want.

Based on the research, in the JavaScript world, the term string is used to call an object which represents a series of characters. Apparently, there are two ways that can be used to make strings in JavaScript. The first one is by string literal and the second one is by string object (using new keyword). The string literal is made by using double quotes.

In Java API, string is considered as a special class. It has many special behaviors, which is not obvious to most programmers. If you want to master Java, you have to master learn and master everything related to the String class. You have to know that string literal and string object provide you string object, however there is a little bit difference between them. Once you make a string object by using the new operator, it frequently creates a new object in head memory. Meantime, if you create an object by using string literal syntax like “Java”, it may come back as an existing object from the string pool. Otherwise, it is going to produce a new string object and then put it in a string pool to be used in the future.

For more information about getstringbetweeen error, it is better for you to join the forum called Stack Overflow and some other ones. The forum can be really effective to look for the fix of the errors. Of course, you are free to discuss with the members of the community regarding the error that you are facing.