East Brickton: Desmond Bishop Finds a Gun Plug and Tries to Sell

Desmond Bishop is an overhead Display name owned by someone. You can find Desmond Bishop on a video entitled ‘EAST BRICKTON GAMEPLAY: Desmond Bishop Finds A Gun Plug.!!! | And Tries To Sell’ from UpThreeTez YouTube channel.

In the video, Desmond Bishop tries to find a gun plug and has a plan to sell it. Certainly, you may also want to get the Gun Plug in East Brickton, but you do not know where to find it. Thankfully, through the tutorial video posted by UpThreeTez, we can learn how to get the Gun Plug. So, let’s see the explanation, based on the video in our post below!

Desmond Bishop Finds a Gun Plug and Tries to Sell in East Brickton

Finding Gun Plug and Selling It in East Brickton, Here’s the Guide!

The UpThreeTez channel shows you a tutorial video of how to find a gun plug and sell it here. The video shows you how Desmond Bishop tries to look for the gun plug/ ammo from other players. He approached every player who seemed to have or sell the gun plug/ ammo.

Desmond Bishop tries to talk with every player and tell what he’s looking for. There are some players who give him a guide or even deliver him to a person who is known for selling a gun plug or ammo. He eventually meets D’wayne Andrews who accompanies him to find a person who sells a gun plug/ ammon.

D’wayne Andrews finally delivers Desmond Bishop to someone who seems to have the gun plug/ ammo, named Demetrius Hopkins. After that, he and his friend try to talk with Demetrius Hopkins and tell that Desmond needs more ammo for his weapon. Hopkins then offers the price of ammo that he sells, but Desmond seems to not get his offer, as he does not have a Brickton Bux.

As he cannot find the gun plug/ ammo from Hopkins, they then try to find more ammo/ gun plug for free. Afterwards, Desmond Bishop and D’wayne Andrews continue to find another player who will give him a gun plug. Unfortunately, they cannot find any.

Desmond Bishop then realizes that the only one way to get the gun plug/ ammo is by purchasing it from the East Brickton Gun Store. Certainly, to purchase the gun plug/ ammo, you should have Brickton Bux, a premium-currency in East Brickton.

Here are for the Brickton Bux price:

    • 250 Robux: 500 Brickton Bux
    • 450 Robux: 1,000 Brickton Bux
    • 2,150 Robux: 5,000 Brickton Bux
    • 4,000 Robux: 10,000 Brickton Bux

The goal of Desmond Bishop to find the gun plug/ ammo is not reached, as there’s none who give him a low price or even free gun plug or ammo. The point is, you should purchase the gun plug/ ammo with the Brickton Bux.

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Purchasing a Gun with Brickton Bux in East Brickton, Here’s How!

You may need a tutorial of how to purchase a gun with Brickton Bux in East Brickton. Thankfully, this post will show you a way to get a gun. You may already know that guns in East Brickton are the most important item that you should get to fight another player, granting you cash.

However, not all East Brickton players know this way, whereas getting and purchasing the gun in East Brickton is pretty simple to do. No worries! This post will inform you of how to purchase guns in East Brickton.

Guns in East Brickton can be obtained by purchasing a gun license/ permit first. You can purchase a gun license/ permit from the East Brickton Gun Shop. This shop can be found just across the road from the lake view homes. The East Brickton Gun Shop opens at 7 a.m.  The price of a gun will vary, depending on the kind of gun you want to buy.

Inside the Gun Shop, you should  talk with Tyson Birkley, a store clerk NPC. Currently, there’s a gun added to East Brickton, it’s a firearm. Well, to get a firearm license, you have to purchase it by spending roughly 1,000 Brickton Bux.

After you have obtained a firearm license, you must also speak to Tyson Birkley again. Then, you need to choose ‘Can I see your selection please?’ option. By choosing this option, it will bring up a list of firearms that you can choose.

For more information, the  guns in East Brickton have a variety of prices. The cost of guns range from 3,000 to 15,000 Brickton Bux. Here’s a list of guns available at the East Brickton Gun Shop:

    • Hi-Point .380 costs $3,000
    • Taurus .380 Special costs $6,000
    • Smith & Wesson 9mm costs $8,400
    • Ruger 9mm costs $9,000
    • Springfield XDS .45 ACP costs $10,000
    • Block 17 costs $15,000

In order to get a variety of guns in East Brickton, you surely need to earn Brickton Bux as much as possible. In this case, to get a lot of Brickton Bux, you need to have a lot of Robux as well. Sure, getting a job in East Brickton is a must-do. Unfortunately, you may have a little chance to get some jobs in East Brickton.

For more information, you will have a chance to get a job by going to the Key Resource Employment, aka the Job Center. Of course, you will find numerous jobs listed on the bulletin board.