All Bloodhound Skins in Apex Legends

Just like most battle royale games, skins in Apex Legends can also be mentioned as the most important element that you don’t miss. However, skins play a big important role for your character in the game. Aside from that, skin is a characteristic of your character where each skin will feature a different look for your character in the game.

In fact, Apex Legends has some skin rarities where each will look different especially the rare skins. Well, we guarantee when you’re choosing the skin for your character, you will choose the rarest skin, won’t you? However, although this kind of skin is rarely obtained, but visual you earn will talk more.

All Bloodhound Skins in Apex Legends

You may also be interested to look for the best Bloodhound skins. However, plenty of rarest Bloodhound skins are pretty visually impressive. Sure, this post will show you a list of all Bloodhound skins that you can use for your character. Here you go!

Bloodhound Legendary Skins

Skins which are categorized as Legendary are now as the rarest Bloodhound skins. Somehow, this kind of skin is really starting to push things. Here are top 3 legendary tier Bloodhound skins available:

    • Imperial warrior

Imperial warrior

Imperial warrior is a samurai-style skin which features a few different colors at work. Despite this skin originally seem quite similar to the standard look, well, one will go for smaller details than an overall recolor. This is one of the more gorgeous Bloodhound skins which still looks quite similar to the original.

    • Royal Guard

Royal Guard

Just like other Legendary skins, Royal Guard is available for 1,200 crafting materials. However, it’s widely red, bringing out the Samurai look of the Bloodhound. It’s a cool skin but not as distinctive as some of the other rarest skins.

    • The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor skin is available for 1,200 crafting materials with a pretty clear inspiration. This skin is made to look like the French Plague Doctors which briefly has become a Halloween favorite in recent years. It’s very dark and must definitely help with stealth.

Here’s a list of Legendary Bloodhound skins:

    • The Plague Doctor (1,200 Crafting Metals)
    • The Runekeeper (1,200 Crafting Metals)
    • Royal Guard (1,200 Crafting Metals)
    • Imperial Warrior (1,200 Crafting Metals)
    • Great Winter (Legend Tokens 10,500, Needs Imperial Warrior)
    • Raven’s Shadow (Legend Tokens 10,500, Needs The Plague Doctor)
    • The Centurion
    • Protector of the Patch
    • The Intimidator
    • Wandering Warrior (Legend Tokens 6,500, Needs Royal Guard)
    • Young Blood (1,800 Apex Coins)
    • Wise Warrior (1,800 Apex Coins)
    • Radiant Stalker (Legend Tokens 10,500, Needs Royal Guard)
    • Road Warrior (Level 50)
    • Wicked Harvest (6,000 Apex coins)
    • Dangerous Game
    • Hunter’s Moon

Bloodhound Epic Skins

We think that the epic skins of Bloodhound get a lot more interesting than the others. Meanwhile, the first fews epic skins  are still variations on a block color for Bloodhound, of course, some of them really look different.

The skins categorized as epic rarity are not the rarest Bloodhound skins, however, they approach that. Well, if you already have one of them, you will likely turn a few heads.

Here’s a list of Epic Bloodhound skins:

    • Fiber Optics (400 crafting materials)
    • Glowing Viral (400 crafting materials)
    • Hack the System (400 crafting materials)
    • Heat Sync (400 crafting materials)
    • Neutral Net (400 crafting materials)
    • Cyber Hunt (400 crafting materials)
    • Master of the Hunt (400 crafting materials)

Especially for Master the Hunt skin, this is the exclusive skin to the Legendary hunt. However, it has made it pretty a little rarer currently since it was a while ago. Even though it is not too uncommon at the moment, it’s likely becoming a little rarer in the future. Well, this skin is one worth to hold on in your game.

Rare Skins

The skins that we’ll list below are literally rare. In other words, they are not really rarest Bloodhound skins at all. However, those skins are slightly rarer than the common skins, but not all.

The rare skins also do not change a crazy amount, just like the common skins. Of course, this Rare title is just what the game uses to divide the skins. Those are a bit rarer than the rare skins which are available for other characters like Wraith and Bangalore. Additionally, Bloodhound’s big coat and mask lend themselves a lot better in showing off the patterns from those skins.

Here’s a list of Rare Bloodhound skins:

    • Bloodline (60 crafting materials)
    • Checkered Past (60 crafting materials)
    • Green Screen (60 crafting materials)
    • Life Cycle (60 crafting materials)
    • Lucky Charm (60 crafting materials)
    • Scales of Justice (60 crafting materials)
    • Sizzle Reel (60 crafting materials)
    • Snakeskin (60 crafting materials)
    • Sunsetter (60 crafting materials)
    • Tartan Fleece (60 crafting materials)
    • Tight Rope (60 crafting materials)
    • Timberland (60 crafting materials)
    • Tropic Streak (60 crafting materials)
    • Warlord (60 crafting materials)
    • Woodland Warfare (60 crafting materials)
    • Roughneck
    • Deep Blue
    • Arctic Hunter (Level 01)
    • Falling Sky (500 Apex Coins)
    • Gilded Claw (Level 01)
    • Wild of the Alfather
    • Code Red (500 Apex Coins)
    • Polished (Level 01)
    • Solstice

Common Bloodhound Skins

We actually know that Bloodhound is a pretty attractive looking character in Apex Legends. These common skins do not do a whole lot to improve or change that. They are basically only different Bloodhound colors.

As you can see the common Bloodhound skins are all alt-colors. They’re not really the ones you aspire to get. They are not also the rarest Bloodhound skins. In fact, the common skins are probably the least attractive, out of every Bloodhound skin. However, these skins will only set you back 30 crafting materials, so it’s hard to complain at that.

Here’s a list of Common Bloodhound skins:

    • Arctic (30 crafting materials)
    • Cardinal (30 crafting materials)
    • Clear Water (30 crafting materials)
    • Evergreen (30 crafting materials)
    • Flamingo (30 crafting materials)
    • Hydro (30 crafting materials)
    • Limelight (30 crafting materials)
    • Mandarin (30 crafting materials)
    • Midnight (30 crafting materials)
    • Orchid (30 crafting materials)
    • Rage (30 crafting materials)
    • Sahara (30 crafting materials)
    • Skyward (30 crafting materials)
    • Vino (30 crafting materials)
    • Yellowjacket (30 crafting materials)

Okay, those are all Bloodhound skins that you can use in Apex Legends. Make sure to  choose the best skin depending on the proper rarity.

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