Bloodhound Accent Apex Legends

Because their identities were not clearly identified, many Apex Legends fans are guessing where Bloodhound exactly comes from. However, guessing is not a good way to find out the real facts, but you should first find out some of the clues that lead to it.

Of course, if you want to know where Bloodhound originally comes from, you surely can identify from their accent when they state any words or phrases or even sentences. As you know, there’s a phrase that Bloodhound revealed “I am the hunter the Gods have sent.”. Sure, as a pro Apex Legends player, you may already know where they come from, may not you?

To know the real Bloodhound’s accent, let’s see our little survey below!

Bloodhound Accent Apex Legends

Bloodhounds’ Accent

Thankfully, lore about Bloodhound reveals Bloodhound’s accent which refers more to Icelandic accent. So, is it possible that the Bloodhound came from Icelandic? However, none can really ensure the original nation of Bloodhound, as the Icelandic accent is not clear out at all.

However, there are some clues why Bloodhound inclines more like an Icelandic that we’ll list as follow:

    • When Bloodhound calls themself ‘Bloth Hoondr’ or ‘Blóðhundur’, we think the sound is likely how you would say Bloodhound in Icelandic.
    • When Bloodhound says “slatra” in their trailer, it means slaughter in Icelandic.
    • Bloodhound always says ‘andskoti’ to enemies which means ‘devil’ in Icelandic.
    • It also refers to Bloodhound’s raven/teammates as ‘Felagi Fighter(s)’ which derives from the Old Norse word ‘Félagi’ which means companion or comrade in Icelandic.
    • However, Allfather, as one of Bloodhound’s abilities, is a commonly used moniker for the Norse god Odin.
    • Bloodhound is also often seen with a Raven which likely refers to Huginn and Muninn. In this case, Ravens come from Norse mythology which travel the world and deliver the information they find to Odin.

Well, those are some clues which strengthen that Bloodhounds expectedly come from Icelandic.

Bloodhounds’ Lore

Bloodhound is the only Legends which has a role as a technological tracker. That means it can find out the location of nearby enemies and trace the tracks left by the enemies.

However, there’s not the slightest information regarding Bloodhound’s real name, gender, age, and world. That’s because Bloodhound’s identity is a mystery which is wrapped in layers of rumors.

Despite its identity being unknown until now, everyone really knows that Bloodhound is a force to be reckoned with in Apex Games. However, the Bloodhound’s unmatched tracking skills are a boon to any team they join which can  help them root out hidden opponents and track enemy movements.

Bloodhounds’ Ability

Bloodhound’s ability will give them a very different focus and skillset than a lot of other Legends in this game, meaning in the trap of revolving around finding enemies and hunting them down without their knowledge. Here are the Bloodhound’s Abilities that you should know:

    • Passive: Tracker

Goal: The enemy leaves clues for you to find.

This character’s passive ability can show the tracks of other players, allowing you to know where they are and where they are going. This skill can also tell you if your position is close to other teams before they see you.

    • Tactical: Eye of the Allfather

Goal: To reveal enemies, hints and traps through all the buildings in front of you briefly.

Bloodhound’s tactical abilities are like sonar ping, which can give you views of an area and penetrate walls to catch enemies, traps, and hints in the area. This is a great way to check your surroundings when you enter a new place. But beware that anyone can see the orange energy wave from your ping when you use this tactical ability, including opposing players.

    • Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt

Goal: To transform into the ultimate hunter.

It took a second to execute, but Bloodhound’s ultimate had to wait. This ability can more or less turn you into a killing machine, as it can change the look of the world to black and white while highlighting enemies in red. This Beast of the Hunt also increases your speed, making it possible to quickly approach enemies and attack them in dangerous situations.

    • Additional traits: Recon

Goal:  Scanning Survey Beacons will reveal the next circle’s location.

Here’s How to Use Bloodhounds’ Ability!

Passive: Tracker

    • Tell them about your findings through voice chat or text chat.
    • Always  communicate your findings with your team.
    • Clues which are a more vibrant red if they’re more recent. So, you’re able to know if there’s likely an enemy within metres of your position

Tactical: Eye of the Allfather

    • Ensure to face the correct direction as Eye of Allfather does not radiate out in all directions.
    • Don’t use the Bloodhound Tactical unless you’re ready to sacrifice stealth for knowledge.
    • Eye of Allfather will allow you to see the enemy’s directions and also footprints if you’re hard to find them with Passive ability.
    • Bloodhound Tactical ability is very gorgeous as it allows you to see enemies through Smoke and Gas when combined with Caustic’s Nox Gas or Bangalore’s Smoke Canisters, it will make your enemies confused, though you can still see them through the haze.
    • It’s better for you to always scan enemies when you are on the defensive and heal. Generally, enemies will be more careful when they’re scanned. They prefer to wait until effects end to attack you back. So, it’ll give you some valuable seconds to recover.

Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt

    • Use your Ultimate as you head for the fight.
    • It can also actively track enemies position with the highlights.
    • When your Ultimate is activated, Bloodhound will strafe fast to avoid shots.
    • Don’t waste time looking at the scenery or standing still, keep moving while your Ultimate is active.
    • This can exceed the ability’s starting time with successive kills. In this case, downing the enemies can add five seconds to your Beast of the Hunt duration.
    • The Ultimate ability allows you to see all enemies, clues and also footprints while transformed. Then, they will be highlighted at a much greater distance from your Tactical ability as well.

Well, that’s each Bloodhounds’ ability that you can use in the game.

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