Securus Tablet Pricing / Cost Review

Securus Technology seems to provide an easy-access for inmates and their families to stay-connected via a tablet. Recently, Securus Technology has released the Securus tablet that can be purchased on the official Securus Tech Site. With the Securus tablet, you will be able to contact your loved one in prison easily.

You may have a plan to purchase a Securus tablet, but you do not know how much money you should spend to pay for the Securus tablet. No worries! This post will show you the price of the Securus tablet and what features that you will get within the tablet. Here you go!

Securus Tablet’s Subscription Price

Securus Tablet Pricing Cost Review

Inmates can own a Securus tablet with a subscription, meaning that the tablet is not wholly owned by their inmates or their family. Well, the price listed on the is the subscription price that will be charged every month to the inmate’s family.

When subscribing to a Securus tablet, it will cost you about $5/month including the tax. Need to know, there’s no additional fees that you should pay without activation or early termination fees. Well, the subscriptions will be charged to your PayPal account on the first of each month, regarding the subscription term.

The Securus tablets will typically be activated and distributed within 3-5 business days that follows the confirmation of your tablet order and payment receipt. The good news! You can also pick out multiple tablet subscriptions. Sure, each tablet will appear in your PayPal account as an inmate listing for that user. Keep in mind, only one subscription per user will be permitted.

How to Take Tablet Subscriptions?

If you want to give a tablet to your loved one in prison, you can take tablet subscriptions first. It means that you should make an order first through the official Securus Tablet site. They recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to order a Securus tablet.

    • To order a Securus tablet, visit
    • After you are at the Securus Tablet page, you will see a list of menus.
    • To take Securus tablet subscriptions, you can click on the ‘Order Now’ option.
    • In the next page, you will be required to choose a facility where your loved one is incarcerated.  Select a facility and then click the ‘Continue’ button.
    • After choosing the facility, a new window will appear that brings you some information about the Securus tablet that you will order. Here, you will also see the tablet subscription cost.
    • Then, you can click on the ‘Select’ button to continue the order.
    • In the following page, there will be a number of fields that you should fill including the Inmate ID, Your First Name, Your Last Name, Your Phone Number, Your Email Address. You may also check some policies to confirm that you actually understand and accept the policies.
    • After you have filled in all the information and checked all policies, you can also review your order first.
    • If you are sure of your order, you can continue to pay the tablet subscription through PayPal.

Of course, if you successfully subscribe to a Securus tablet, a tablet will be sent to an inmate, based on the inmate ID that you fill when taking the order.

In case you do not have a PayPal account, the Securus Tech site will redirect you to the PayPal site to create one. After that, it will return you to the Securus tech site to complete your order. You should know that you do not need a Securus account to order tablet subscriptions.

To make a purchase via PayPal, you need to log into a PayPal account. Then, you need to update your payment information under Preapproved Payment Settings. Here, you will need both Primary and Backup funding.

Can You Refund a Tablet Subscription?

Unfortunately, you cannot refund a tablet subscription, as there are no refunds for it. Sure,  you cannot get refund if:

    • Inmates is released prior to the subscription ending.
    • Inmate’s tablet breaks whether by their own accord or also by someone else’s doing.
    • The tablet has been taken or paused by the facility staff.
    • A tablet’s delivery delay to a facility and/or to use after receipt by the facility.
    • The tablet services are down or part of the services.

The point is, you cannot refund a tablet subscription.

Features Available Within Securus Tablet

With the features available within Securus Tablet, it will be worth it to give it to your loved one in prison. Through these features, you and your loved one will get easy access to stay-connected. Here are all features available within Securus tablet:

    1. Phone Calling
      With more privacy and safety, the Securus Tablet provides the phone calls feature to place calls to family and friends.
    2. Law Library
      The Law Library provides tons of legal resources . Your loved ones can access it without any training or prior computer knowledge to perform this comprehensive legal research.
    3. Education
      Your loved one will be free to access educational catalogues where there are a number of instructional documents and videos, along with tests and practices to test him/her at their own pace.
    4. Religion
      The religion feature actually provides guidance and spiritual growth.
    5. Games
      Aside from educational resources, your inmates will also have access to hundreds of  games. So, your loved one will be able to play their favorite game.
    6. Job Search
      With the Job Search feature, your loved one will find relevant job openings based on their skills. So, they will prepare to improve their skills when they get out of prison.
    7. Podcasts
      Your loved ones will enjoy numerous audio and video podcasts in various topics including Parenting, Education, News, Development, and more.
    8. eBooks
      eBooks will provide a number of comprehensive libraries with hundreds of titles. So, your loved one will get more knowledge through eBooks.
    9. Music
      Music will make your loved one more enjoyable, though he/she should be incarcerated. They will enjoy their favorite music and artist. They can also make a selection to choose their favourite music including Jazz, Rock, Pop, Gospel and many more.
    10. Services
      The service feature will also receive real-time and notice digitally from staff of the facility.

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