How to I Get More Roof Colors in ACNH

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can build your own home, depending on the design you want. Once building your home, you can then customize your home to add a bit of exterior to your house or may change the color of your exterior.

One of the interesting home customizations that you can do is to change your roof color. There are at least 8 roof colors that you can choose from. Certainly, you can apply the color on your roof as you desire.

Do you have a plan to change your roof color but don’t know how to get more colors? No worries! Just see our guide below and you will get and change your roof color easily!

Getting and Changing Your Roof Color, Here’s How!

Before you have a plan to get and change your roof color, make sure you know first which color you want to use. There are 8 different roof colors that you can choose including Red, Green, Pink, Aqua,Yellow, Purple, Blue, and Black.

Keep in mind, changing your roof color may take time and a little bit of money. Therefore, it’s so impossible for you to get more roof color in New Horizons easily. To do it, you may need to upgrade your home until you unlock the Construction Consultation Counter at Residential Services. Certainly, Tom Nook will then give you a list of color options.

Here’s how to get and change your roof color!

    • First, you should add an extension to your house by speaking to Tom Nook.
    • Once you meet Tom Nook, ask for ‘about my home’. ask for ‘about my home’
    • Here, Tom Nook will show  you a list of options.
    • After you commission a new extension, Tom Nook will then ask if you want to change your roof color. However, this is the best way to do it early on.
    • After you ask ‘about my home’, you can choose the next option that says ‘I want to customize’. next option that says ‘I want to customize’
    • By choosing the option, it will take you into the menu that shows you the home customization options. To change the roof color, it will cost 5,000 Bells. Meanwhile, if you change your roof color while purchasing an extension, you will not need to pay anything extra. change the roof color, it will cost 5,000 Bells
    • You can then select the roof option by cycling through the top tab with L and R buttons. roof you will choose
    • To preview the roof you will choose, you can press ‘A’ on the left side of the screen.

Moreover, you’re also able to press ‘R’ on your controller to move to the ‘Door’ and ‘Mailbox’ screens, in which you’re able to preview the different options which are available. Then, anytime you view an option, you may want to preview it or also highlight it, you only need to press ‘A’ to put it on the house located on the left side of the screen.

Furthermore, you can also press ‘Y’ to see a preview of the house with the curtains closed. Then, press ‘X’ to see a preview of what the house will look like at night with the lights on inside.

    • When you have made your desired selection, you can then choose ‘Confirm’ or  press the (+) button on your controller to confirm it.
    • Click on the ‘Ok’ button to confirm your order.

Congratulations! Your roof color has been changed. In this case, your renovated house with the changes that you have made will be ready the next day. It’s important to note, you cannot  move your house during this time.

Last but not least, you can choose the roof color when you upgrade. After updating your tent into a house, you will get to select your roof color from the tile roof colors, though you cannot preview it.

Whenever you are upgrading your home, it will also update the exterior appearance. Sure, Tom Nook will ask you to select a roof color.

Customizing Your House in New Horizons, Here’s How!

Keep in mind, to customize your house exterior in New Horizons cannot be performed instantly, as the option will not be available to you. It means that you may need to do some things before you can customize your house in New Horizons.

Here are all stages that you should pass in order to custom your house exterior:

    1. Make sure complete some of all of the house upgrade

The first stage you need to pass in order to customize your home’s exterior is by completing some or all of the house upgrades. In the upgrade ability, you may have to renovate your house first by expanding your main room size and by adding new rooms.

You can also purchase upgrades by speaking to Tom Nook in Resident Services. Of course, each renovations will cost a lot of Bells, here’s a list of upgrading cost:

    • Main room size upgrade: 198,000 Bells
    • Backroom addition: 348,000 Bells
    • Left room addition: 548,000 Bells (To unlock roof and mailbox)
    • Right room addition: 758,000 Bells (To unlock door)
    • Second floor addition: 1,248,000 Bells (To unlock siding customization)

In total, you may spend about 3,100,000 Bells to access all of the different exterior customization options.

    1. Speak to Tom Nook

To customize your home’s exterior, you also have to speak with Tom Nook at the Resident Service Building. Then, talk with him at the construction consultation center. Then, choose the ‘About my home’ option. Click on the ‘I want to customize… ‘ option and last click on the ‘Yes, Please!’ option.

Afterwards, Tom will show you a list of different customization options. Make sure to choose the customization option, as you want.

    1. Know about customization options and pricing

You can choose four different customization types for your exterior house: roof, wall, mailboxes and door. If those are not available, you have not upgraded your house enough in order to customize them yet.

After you talk with Tom Nook that tells him that you want to customize your home, he will tell you the upgrade cost. Here, the home customization will cost 5,000 Bells that may take a day to complete.

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