Securus Inmate Calling Rates

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Securus Technologies Inmate Calling Rates

Securus Technologies inmate calling rates are in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations. Usually, calls from a correctional facility will have a time limit. The time limit is going to vary depending on the correctional facility. Promotional discounts offered by long distance carriers will not apply to collect call service. In addition, there is no usage of other carrier long distance calling cards or toll free numbers.

Securus Inmate Calling Rates

In fact, the cost of providing long distance is lower than the cost of providing operator assisted calling. Those costs include such things as the special equipment, equipment maintenance, billing and collections, billing validation, customer service, and other expenses.

Because of security problems, usually the correction industry makes a contract with a telephone service provider for handling all calls that originate from their facility. The requirements that all calls be accepted well by the called party will be able to make sure that the unwanted calls are not placed to the witnesses, the lawyers, the judges or anyone else. In some cases, this is also able to be a great feature for family members to manage their calling expenses by using the line restrictions.

Usually, the contract to give service to the facility is given based on competitive bids which are solicited by local, state, or federal authorities responsible for the correctional facility. The bidders have to meet strict requirements which will ensure that all equipment can give the security necessary and help the facility to manage incarcerated individual calling privileges.

Current FCC Interstate Rates: The FCC rate cap is $0.21 per-minute for debit and prepaid ICS calls, while $0.25 per-minute for collect ICS calls are in effect for all interstate ICS calls.

What is the Difference Between Interstate vs. In-state Calls?

Since February 11, 2014, the interstate rates for incarcerated person calling services applies to calls that originate in one state and terminate in another state. For your information, Interstate prepaid and debit calling rates are $0.21 per minute.

The Interstate collect calling rates are $0.25/minute. A provider’s rates are suitable if the total charge for a 15-minute interstate call does not exceed $3.75 for a 15-minute call utilizing collect calling, or $3.15 for a 15-minute call utilizing debit calling, prepaid collect calling, or prepaid calling. Remember that the interstate rates do not apply to calls which originate in one state and terminate within the same state. While In-State calls are calls within the same state. Also, the calls within a state are able to be referred to as Local or intraLATA calls within the state.

How to open a new phone account so I can receive calls?

They have some phone account options for their customers to choose from. One of their most popular is AdvanceConnect™ which is a prepaid calling account. With an AdvanceConnect™ account, all calls are going to connect to all phone types such as cell phones, landline phones, and Internet phones pending facility restrictions. Also, you are able to add multiple phone numbers to your account so you will be able to be reached wherever you are.

When making an account or adding a phone number to your account and the number is already in their system, you may get an error message.  If you get an error message, you are able to chat with an LIVE agent. Or you are able to call their Customer Service line at 972-734-1111.

Receive calls from different correctional facilities – Do I need to change my calling account?

As long as the facility where your incarcerated person is housed is serviced by Securus Technologies with the exception of Texas Department of Criminal Justice, you do not have to change your calling account. To make sure you always receive calls, please ensure you have funds in your calling account. To receive calls from your incarcerated person that is located in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility, you are able to contact Centurylink at 866-806-7804 for enrollment questions.

First Time Call From a Facility

To receive calls from a facility, you need to have a touch-tone telephone. When you answer a call from a facility and hear the computerized voice, please wait for the message to complete. When the message is complete, then you have to press the appropriate instructed digit to accept or reject the call. If you do nothing, the message is going to ask you again. If you do nothing once more, or do not follow the instructions, the call is going to disconnect. Remember that you will not be connected if you fail to respond to the touch-tone prompts.

For protecting you and for offering fair telephone access for all incarcerated individuals, the time limits have been placed on all calls by the correctional facility. Of course, time limits will differ from one facility to another facility within Securus Correctional Billing Services areas. To make sure that your call is not disconnected prematurely, you have to adhere to the frequently asked question on how to avoid being disconnected.

Did you get a call from an incarcerated person where you were asked to pay a minimum of at least $25.00?

AdvancedConnect™Live will allow Family and Friends of incarcerated persons to receive calls when they do not have an account or their current account does not have enough funds to accept the call. Family and Friends are going to be asked to pay a minimum amount and provided rates for the call. After the call has been finished, the amount for the call is going to be deducted from the minimum amount paid. The remainder can be utilized on future calls. For example: You pay $25.00, your call costs $2.00, then you have $23.00 for future calls.

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