How to Use SQLjobvis to Optimize Your SQL Agent Jobs & Schedules

SQLjobvis is the name of a small application that can help you to visualize your hob schedules. You just need to connect to one of the SQL Server instances, and your SQL agent jobs will be presented in a great Gantt-style chart. Your jobs are able to be sorted in some different ways, and you can also filter what jobs are shown. On top of that, you are allowed to choose the time ranges and display time that you want in various increments.

A great place to start when searching for SQL agent job candidates for runtime optimization is to find out what jobs take the longest to run. Color coding in SQLjobvis is the one that can help to more easily identify conditions like the one that you are interested in.

How to Use SQLjobvis to Optimize Your SQL Agent Jobs & Schedules1

In the example above, you will see color codings of green for a normal job run, light blue for a long job run, the one that took longer compared to the user-defined setting of an hour, and red for a job that failed.

Aside from that, all the jobs that run at the same time can also be an area of concern. Some people have seen the time it takes a job to complete on a resource-limited system increase ten times when running alongside another one compared to when it’s run individually. In order to identify these situations in SQLjobvis, you will see that a light coloring of the time bar up on top, where the green one indicates a single job and as for yellow, it indicates multiple jobs overlapping at the time period.

Having an amazing graphical view of your SQL agent jobs is really helpful to tighten up your schedules as well. For instance, you have recently done some optimization on some of your ETL jobs and cut some hours off of your total daily runtime. With the thing called SQLjobvis, you will be able to easily identify your time gaps and make plans to reschedule to make the best use of the open time. It is a good thing to be able to intelligently reschedule to get your jobs to complete earlier, for as well as everyone knows, the sooner you are able to make your data available to your customers the better.

For those who are looking for something that can help you to visualize your SQL agent job schedules, you can try out SQLjobvis. This one is small, fast, and free.

The job as a SQL Server Database Administrator is not either a boring or relaxing job, as it offers new challenges every day. Even though you may have to prepare some cups of coffee during the working hours, you still have the chance to sleep well without having to get nightmares and enjoy your off days without carrying your job everywhere.

Apart from the tasks that you will be requested to do during the working hours, there still are some tasks that need to be performed outside the working peak hours, for some reasons. For instance, the full backup operation or the cleaning should be done at the middle night, so that it will not affect or be affected by the system’s load. The question is, who will awake and do these tasks during that time?

The answer of the question depends on the budget of the company. If they are rich enough to hire more members in the database administration team to cover the night shift and work focusing on only executing these jobs manually it will be great. However, the proactive database administrator can give some suggestions to the manager to take benefits from the virtual database administrator who is able to work 24 hours each day and 7 days each week without getting a fee.

Fortunately, there is the fairy who covers the absence during the day and at night is called the SQL Server Agent. In the Windows service, it is installed with the SQL Server Engine and available for all SQL Server editions with the exception for the SQL Server Express edition, that is usually used by all database administrators and developers to automate the execution of some different types of critical business and administrative jobs, based on a predefined schedule. The SQL Server Agent is the one that allows people to schedule a Transact-SQL script, PowerShell command, Operating System commands, the SQL Server Integration Service Packages, and SQL Server Analysis Services queries.

SQL Server Agent automates variations of tasks in the shape of Jobs, in which the business logic or the administrative job will be created as a group of Step that is managed in the correct order and done based on a predefined Schedule. A schedule is so focused when a job runs, with the ability to eat the SQL Agent job based on some schedules or do more than one job based on the same schedule.

SQLjobvis is known as the SQL Server Agent history viewer with a difference.

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The thing named SQLjobvis has the ability to quickly identify the failures, long running jobs, multiple job running at the same time, and all in an intuitive and visually appealing interface, that includes features like rows that can be zoomed and columns. If you want to get SQLjobvis, you can go to some websites that provide the download links. One of the most recommended ones is called PC WIN. This site provides SQLjobvis 3.0. For more information about the SQLjobvis on PC WIN, please visit the official website of PC WIN.

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