How to Make Life in Little Alchemy 2 Easy

This post will guide how to make life in Little Alchemy 2 easier. However, making life in this game is such a must-act that the players should do. To make life in Little Alchemy 2 may be a bit different from making life in the original Little Alchemy version. So, here’s how to make life in Little Alchemy 2.

Making Life in Little Alchemy 2

Of course, to make life in Little Alchemy 2, you’ll also need some certain elements to produce the new element product. To get the new element, you surely have to mix and combine the certain element in order to produce the new one.

Here’s how!

  • Firstly, you need to drag the fire into the playing board. To find the fire, you have to focus on the flamed-shaped icon on the right side of Little Alchemy 2.
  • The fire here can be combined with earth to produce the lava on the playing board.

lava on the playing board

  • The earth added to the lava actually produces the volcano element.

volcano element

  • You can also combine two water items by adding one water to another to produce a puddle.

produce a puddle

  • If you add another puddle to the existing element, the combination definitely will produce a pond in the middle of the playing board.

produce a pond in the middle of the playing board

  • Here, you can also combine two ponds by dropping another pond on the top of the first one, it will create a lake.

create a lake

  • To create a sea, you surely can add two lake items together.

create a sea

  • By adding an earth to the sea item, it automatically will produce primordial soup. However, it is a key component of the life item in Little Alchemy 2.

produce primordial soup

  • To complete making life in Little Alchemy 2, the last step that you can do is to add a volcano item to the primordial soup one.

add a volcano item to the primordial soup one

That’s it! Making life in Little Alchemy 2 is successfully completed. You can now see the DNA-shaped life option in the middle of the playing board.

Important! To make life in Little Alchemy 2, you surely must click or tap the screen whenever a new element is produced and announced to eliminate the element’s information pop-up window.

How if you play the original Little Alchemy? How to make a life on?

As we’ve explained above, to make life in Little Alchemy 2 is different when you create life in the original Little Alchemy game. If you’re playing the original Little Alchemy and then you want to make the life on it, you may be a bit confused about what elements that you should combine.

No worry! In this post, we also share to you the ways of how to create life in the original Little Alchemy. Here’s how!

  • You’re able to drag air into the playing board. The air icon is located at the top of the menu which is on the right side of the Little Alchemy screen.
  • Then, you can drag fire onto the air item to create energy represented by the equation for the energy.
  • For now, you need to leave the energy item on the board which you’ll need later.
  • In this original Little Alchemy, you can also make the mud item by placing a water on the board and then drag earth onto it. It surely will produce the mud option. Now, you should have the mud and the energy on the board.
  • To create the rain item, you can drag a water into the playing board and then drag air to the water.
  • To create a plant, you need to add the earth element and rain together. In this step, at least you must have plant, mud and energy on the board.
  • By adding the plant to the mud element, it automatically will produce the swamp item.
  • To complete making  life in the original Little Alchemy, you need to mix swamp and energy together which resembles DNA strands.

Those are step-by-step that you can follow to make life in Little Alchemy 2 and the original one.

In Short Combination of Little Alchemy 2 Element

To ease you combining the elements to produce the new one, we also show you the combination of the elements to make life. Here they are:

  • water + water = puddle
  • fire + fire = energy
  • puddle + water = pond
  • pond + water = lake
  • lake + water = sea
  • earth + sea = primordial soup
  • energy + primordial soup = life

In Little Alchemy, you can create some following elements using the life, here they are:

  • plant
  • animal
  • zombie
  • plankton
  • bacteria
  • soil
  • phoenix
  • robot
  • organic matter
  • human
  • alien
  • death
  • egg
  • pinocchio
  • magic
  • golem
  • gingerbread man

Here are the elements to make life in Little Alchemy 2:

  • electricity + lake
  • electricity + ocean
  • electricity + primordial soup
  • electricity + sea
  • energy + primordial soup
  • lake + lightning
  • lightning + ocean
  • lightning + primordial soup
  • lightning + sea
  • primordial soup + storm
  • primordial soup + time
  • primordial soup + volcano

Then, if the life is combined with following items below, it automatically will produce the new element. The life is combined with :

  • Armor will create robot
  • Beach  will create animal
  • Clay will create human
  • Container will create egg
  • Cookie dough will create gingerbread man
  • Cookie will create gingerbread man
  • Corpse will create zombie
  • Death  will create organic matter
  • Desert will create animal
  • Double rainbow will create magic
  • Dough will create gingerbread man
  • Earth will create soil
  • Fire will create phoenix
  • Forest will create animal
  • Galaxy cluster will create alien
  • Galaxy will create alien
  • Jupiter will create alien
  • Land will create animal + soil
  • Mars will create alien
  • Mercury will create alien
  • Metal will create robot
  • Mountain range will create animal
  • Mountain will create animal
  • Mud will create bacteria
  • Ocean will create plankton
  • Primordial soup will create bacteria
  • Rainbow will create magic
  • Saturn will create alien
  • Science will create organic matter
  • Sea will create plankton
  • Small will create bacteria
  • Soil will create plant
  • Solar system will create alien
  • Space will create alien
  • Statue will create golem
  • Steel will create robot
  • Time will create death
  • Venus will create alien
  • Water will create plankton
  • Wood will create pinocchio

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