How to Make Animal in Little Alchemy Step by Step

Making an animal in Little Alchemy is pretty as long as you really deeply know which elements to produce it. That means to create an animal in the Little Alchemy game at least you recognize all elements provided in this game. If you already know well for all elements, making all of the new things is quite simple.

If you’re a newcomer to the Little Alchemy game, it may be a bit hard for you to make animals. Well, that’s no problem. In this guiding post, we’ll lead you to create an animal in Little Alchemy step-by-step to ease you making it. Let’s find out below!

Making Animal in Little Alchemy Game

Before you make an animal in Little Alchemy, you surely have to combine two elements to make the wild animal. The wild animal element here will be needed to create other animals.

Here’s how!

  • Wild Animal = Forest + Life

Wild Animal = Forest + Life

Once you combine forest and life, you will automatically get the wild animal element. If you already have the wild animal element, you surely can use it to create any animals that you want. So, what are animals that you want to create in Little Alchemy?

Making the other animals by combining the Wild Animal with:

  • Wild Animal + Armor = Armadillo
  • Wild Animal + Carrot = Rabbit
  • Wild Animal + Cat = Lion
  • Wild Animal + Cheese = Mouse
  • Wild Animal + Chicken = Fox
  • Wild Animal + Dam = Beaver
  • Wild Animal + Desert = Camel
  • Wild Animal + Dog = Wolf
  • Wild Animal + Dune = Scorpion
  • Wild Animal + Farmer = Livestock
  • Wild Animal + Flower = Bee and Butterfly
  • Wild Animal + Grass = Ant
  • Wild Animal + Human = Dog and Livestock
  • Wild Animal + Ice = Penguin
  • Wild Animal + Milk = Cat
  • Wild Animal + Moon = Wolf
  • Wild Animal + Ocean = Shark
  • Wild Animal + Pig =Wild Boar
  • Wild Animal + Pirate Ship = Rat
  • Wild Animal + Pond = Frog
  • Wild Animal + Sailboat = Rat
  • Wild Animal + Sand = Scorpion
  • Wild Animal + Santa = Reindeer
  • Wild Animal + Sea = Shark
  • Wild Animal + Sugar = Ant
  • Wild Animal + Thread = Spider
  • Wild Animal + Time = Sloth
  • Wild Animal + Tree = Monkey
  • Wild Animal + Wire = Snake
  • Wild Animal + Wood = Beaver

Here’s the walkthrough in combining the elements which finally create the wild animal.

  • Earth + water = mud
  • Air + fire = energy
  • Air + water = rain
  • Earth + fire = lava
  • Earth + rain = plant
  • Air + lava = stone
  • Air + stone = sand
  • Mud + plant = swamp
  • Fire + sand = glass
  • Energy + swamp = life
  • Glass + sand = time
  • Plant + time = tree
  • Tree + tree = forest
  • Forest + life = wild animal

Making Animal in Little Alchemy 2 Game

How if you’re a newcomer of the Little Alchemy 2 and then you want to create an animal within. To note, the elements you use in making animals in the original Little Alchemy will be different from making the animal in Little Alchemy 2. Are you looking for the ways to make the animal in Little Alchemy 2?

Here’s how!

However, the element of animals is such a huge class in Little Alchemy 2. With animals, you surely will have a chance to create a ton of new things within the game. Of course, making an animal in Little Alchemy 2 is very important for you.

Here are the recipes you’ll need to create an animal.

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Life = Animal

If you already create the animal element, you can also combine it with another element to create the other animals. Combine the Animal with:

  • Animal + Air = Bird
  • Animal + Desert = Camel
  • Animal + Human = Domestication
  • Animal + Stone = Fish
  • Animal + Pond = Frog
  • Animal + Tool or Sword = Lizard
  • Animal + Mud = Meat
  • Animal + Mud = Pig
  • Animal + Arctic = Polar Bear
  • Animal + Dune or Sand = Scorpion
  • Animal + Time = Sloth
  • Animal + Beach = Turtle
  • Animal + Pig = Wild Boar
  • Animal + Village or Container = Zoo

Well, those are the combination of elements that you can use to create any kind of animal both in the original Little Alchemy and in Little Alchemy 2.

In the game of Little Alchemy, there are plenty of animals that you should create. Somehow, animals will be needed for you to create other new things within the game. So it’s your turn to start making the animal you want by combining the certain element to make it. Moreover, you also have to know all the animals that you should create in this game.

Here’s a list of all animals in the Little Alchemy game!

Bird Penguin Camel Armadillo Rat
Human Pig Squirrel Sloth Frog
Turtle Beaver Lion Fox Ant
Fish Horse Monkey Wild boar Domestication
Lizard Mouse Origami Computer mouse Polar bear
Livestock Cat Carbon dioxide Spider Zoo
Meat Sound Scorpion Bee Hedgehog
Snake Wolf Reindeer Butterfly Rabbit
Circus Hellhound

In Short About  Little Alchemy Game

Little Alchemy is an experimental game where players can try mixing various kinds of materials to become a new material. For Little Alchemy 2, Recloak has expanded the collection of materials that can be created, and the player’s job is to find out what can be created in it.

The players are free to combine any material to create a new material, and then the material can be combined again with other materials. And so on until finally created a final item or final object.

Well, this final object cannot be combined with anything, so it immediately disappears and enters the player’s encyclopedia as a token. The player’s goal is to complete the encyclopedia which contains 720 kinds of material in it.

Little Alchemy is presented free-to-play by Recloak, and the game is completely free to play without any stamina system interruptions or online obligations. In other words, players are free to play it anytime, anywhere offline. This’s interesting game, isn’t it? Let’s play right now!

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