Borderlands 3 Amara Builds

In Borderlands 3, Amara the Siren is the playable Siren. Now, you may want to know the builds of this character in Borderlands 3. Well, we will give you the information about 3 top tier builds that you are able to use to get the most out of this powerhouse including for Phasecast, for Phaseslam and for Phasegrasp according to Ollie Toms on Rock Paper Shotgun.

Amara Build Guide in Borderlands 3

Same as the other characters in Borderlands, with Amara build, there are a lot of scope for customization.

The first one is Mystical Assault. It focuses on maintaining consistent high damage along a fight. Amara builds that utilizes this tree usually rely on building stacks of Rush to further augment her Action Skill and Gun damage.

Borderlands 3 Amara Builds

The second one is Fist of the Elements. It is all about status effects and elemental damage. If the Amara builds is focused on FotE, it will have a good crowd control and elemental strength.

The third one is Brawl. It is for punching things really hard. The benefits of upgrading the Brawl skill tree are close-range prowess and very high melee damage.

Phasecast and Gun Damage

Phasecast and Gun Damage

    • Main Skill Tree: Mystical Assault
    • Build Focus: High Gun Damage and Action Skill Damage, Versatile Playstyle
    • Best Skills for Class Mods: Wrath (very recommended), Restless, From Rest, Laid Bare

This build is created to strike a balance between Gun, Elemental, and Action Skill damage. There are a lot of Amara players who will be interested in a very string focus on melee and close range prowess. However, this build will give a level of versatility so that you are able to play at whatever range that you want and also with any guns that you want.

You can begin with investing in the Brawl skill Personal Space. It is done to give you some damage potential early on, but then you work hard to build your blue skills.

If you have completed Tier 4 of Mystical Assault and get the Reverberation Action Skill, then you need to return to Fist of the Elements and then you have top build that up with Infusion and Tempest. You can do that until Allure is unlocked. After that, go back and complete the Mystical Assault tree by unlocking Avatar.

Phaseslam and Melee Damage

Phaseslam & Melee Damage

    • Main Skill Tree: Brawl
    • Build Focus: High Survivability, Extreme Close Range/ Melee Damage
    • Best Skills for Class Mods: Personal Space (very recommended), Jab Cross (very recommended), Samsara, Tempest

It is easy to see what skill tree that you want to invest in for a close range Amara build: Brawl cover a lot of tings from extra gun damage based on your proximity to an enemy to straight up doubling your melee damage. Your first port of call is Personal Space. It must be leveled up by you to max before you move onto another thing. Then, you are able to begin to pick from the skills to side (Root To Rise and Clarity) to improve your tankiness. It is because you will need it if you are always run straight to the enemy.

You have to go on upgrading through Brawl. Then, get the Revelation Action Skill Effect/ Augment if you have unlocked it. It is because it will give your Phaseslam a good damage boost due to its Nova effect. Don’t forget to upgrade all of things in the tree to maximum until you are able to reach the Blitz capstone.

If you have satisfied with your Brawl tree, now you have to equip your build with a few pickups from the orange tree: Anima and Tempest will give you bigger power with elemental damage and status effect. While Illuminated Fist will increase your melee damage higher and change it to your Action Skill element.

We can say that it is a very powerful Amara build to get up close and personal and also to eviscerate enemies with your bare hands. It is a good build which can be used with any element that you are using. However, Shock is effective because of the extra buff which is given to it by Tempest.

Phasegrasp and Crowd Control

Phasegrasp & Crowd Control

    • Main Skill Tree: Fist of the Elements
    • Build Focus: Huge CC potential, Phasegrasp spam, and fantastic team build
    • Best Skills for Class Mods: Indiscriminate (very recommended), Wrath (very recommended), Conflux, Tempest and Transcend

From the three Action Skills, Phasegrasp may be the lesser used. Phaseslam and Phasecast are more flashier and also these have immediate and high damage potential which makes them more interesting. However, this CC-centric Amara build will make you have fun with Phasegrasp.

Now, there is nothing to put into Brawl to get far down both the other skill trees. You are able to begin with Fist of the Elements with Infusion and Tempest and the Soulfire perk to boot. You will be given a very nice damage boost for early game. Then, you will go to the fourth row of Fist of the Elements where you can get both Indiscriminate and the Ties That Bind Action Skill.

Now, it is the core of the plan with this Amara build. You will target the biggest and most dangerous enemy in a group and Phasegrasp them. You will do that before you blitz them with your gun until they and everyone around them is nothing. With these two pickups of Indiscriminate and Tiest That Bind, you can deal a tonne of damage to others while you are peppering the enemy in your grasp.

If the core has been built, then you just have to increase your damage potential, both elemental and straight up gun damage. You can do that with pickups such as Conflux and Anima in the orange tree and Transcend and Wrath in the blue tree. You are also able to open the Stillness of Mind augment by upgrading the Mystical Assault tree. It will add further crowd-control magnificence to the build where it does it through phaslocking all those near the enemy that you Phasegrasp.

This is a flashy and fun Amara build. You have to support it with some decent weaponry especially fast firing weapons such as Assault Rifles and SMGs. However, if you are searching for a playstyle for Amara, it is a little more methodical and tactical.

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