Cyberpunk 2077 Character Creation

Just like in any other role playing games, character creation is one of the most important things in the game called Cyberpunk 2077. This one allows the players to fully customize the background, physical appearance, as well as the attributes of V, the main character existed in the game.


The life path is the first thing that you need to select. There are a total of three life paths and each of them offers a different introductory mission and each of them has unique dialogue options throughout the rest of the game. These three options include:


    • Nomad: It is definitely not easy to live as Nomads as their world revolves around wandering around the Badlands, looting the scrap yards, and robbing the fuel depots. While it is tough, there are still some benefits. They are so sincere, always speak truth, love freedom, and their bond with family is undoubtable. These things are precious and no amount of money can exchange them.
    • Streetkid: Just like living as Nomads, living on the street is also not easy and it has its own rules. to be able to survive the hard life, they have to fight each day. As part of the Night City residents, the criminal world is not new for the Streetkid. They even know how to deal with the gangs and all types of criminals.
    • Corpo: One can lose their feelings and their life due to corporations. It is possible to get out of this harsh world but it is impossible to be out without getting unharmed. In a corporation, the most important thing is to survive and win. Breaking the rules, leaking the secrets, blackmailing and extortions are the common things.

Do not go to the appearance if the life path is not done because if you go there and you go back to the life path, your effort in the appearance options will not be saved and you will have to re-create the character.



It has bene known that Cyberpunk 2077 offers an extensive character creator. This one is the one that makes it possible for the players to customize a lot of things, including:

    • Eyebrows
    • Nose
    • Nipples
    • Body tattoos
    • Body scars
    • Mouth
    • Jaw
    • Ears
    • Beard, beard style, and beard color
    • Cyberware
    • Facial scars
    • Facial tattoos
    • Skin tone and skin type
    • Hairstyle and hair color
    • Eyes and eye color
    • Piercings and piercing color
    • Teeth
    • Eye makeup and eye makeup color
    • Lip makeup
    • Cheek makeup and makeup color
    • Blemishes and blemish color
    • Nails and nail color
    • Chest
    • Genitals
    • Penis size
    • Pubic hair style

It is really important to choose the voices between male and female because it determines the gender the player character is. Apparently, the selected combination of voice and body type has something to do with the romance options that are available to V.

Before choosing everything, do remember that no aspect of the physical appearance of V, including the superficial options like the hair style and tattoos, is able to be changed after the first process of character customization. There are no tools, vendors, or the other things in the game that allow the player to change the appearance.



There are 7 points that you can spend into your character during character creation. It is worth noting to not spend all of them into one attribute. However, you are allowed to spread them across the five attributes or primary stats which include body, intelligence, reflexes, technical ability, and cool.

    • Body: This one defines the physical strength of your character. Aside from being able to break the door, V gets 5 health and 3 stamina points for every point assigned to the body. The point also can increase fists and blades damage as well as reducing the movement penalty when having the heavy weapons and dealing with the opponents.
    • Intelligence: This one defines the skills of the character in Netrunning. RAM of your cyberdeck is increased by each point assigned to the intelligence.
    • Reflexes: This one defines the agility of the character, the speed of the movement, and the chance to avoid attacks. Not only that, it also makes it possible for you to increase the chance of a critical hit as well as the damage caused by Mantis Blades.
    • Technical: This one represents the technical knowledge of the character, meaning it affects the ability to unlock doors and to use the Tech weapons. in addition, this attribute can also increase the armor of the character.
    • Cool: This one defines the cool and effectiveness of the character in hiding. It is also able to rise up the critical damage, resistances, damage dealt with stealth attacks, and monowire damage.


On the last part of the character creator in the open world that is set in the Night City called Cyberpunk 2077, you have an option to either finish creating your character. Actually, it is not the only option as you can also check the choices that you made before. If you feel like you made some mistakes before, feel free to fix it quickly by going back to the specified tab.

About Cyberpunk 2077

About Cyberpunk 2077

As stated above, Cyberpunk 2077 refers to the game that is set in the megalopolis city that is obsessed with power, luxury, and body modification called Night City. In this game, you will play as V. Apparently, the one that you will play is a mercenary outlaw that pursues the unique implant, the key of immortality. A lot of things can be customized, including cyberware, skillset, and playstyle. Enjoy your time exploring the big city where every decision that you make can craft the story and the world around you.

Cyberpunk 2077 has some game difficulties, including easy, normal, hard, and very hard. The easy option is perfect for those who just want to sit back and enjoy the story. If you love challenges, you can choose between the last three with the very hard option as the hardest. Are you ready to challenge yourself in this game?

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