Which Medical Coding Certification Pays the Most?

Do you have a plan to continue your study? If you are still doubt, it is better for you to find a lot of information about the field that you want to choose. Let’s say that you want to study about medical coding, you may want to know what medical coding certification pays the most. So, after you graduate, you can choose the right job with the right salary.

Certified Professional Coder as the Highest Paying Coding Certification

According to Medical College site and World Scholarship Forum site, the highest paying coding certification is Certified Professional Coder. If you are a certified professional coder professional, you have a chance to earn an average annual salary of $54,051. However, it may be different from one person to another based on some factors such as your experience.

To be able in this level, it can take years to attain the CPC average. If now you just start, don’t give up and do the best.

Which Medical Coding Certification Pays the Most

A Medical Coder Salary Per Year

In the World Scholarship Forum site, it is explained that according to over Indeed.com report, the average salary for an entry level medical coding profession is $43,980 per year. However, once again, it is important for you to know that this number may be different according to skills, state and level of experience.

There are also the other factors which can affect the salary such as the federal income tax bracket, benefits, state tax rate and deductions.

Locations to Get the Most Money as a Medical Coder

As a medical coder, of course you may want to get a lot of money from your job. You are able to make money anywhere, but there is some part of the world that pays medical coders better than others as explained on the World Scholarship Forum. According to that site, here are the highest-paid locations for medical coder.

    1. District of Columbia
      In this location, a medical coder can be paid $60,530 per year, $29.10 per hour.
    2. Alaska
      In this state, a medical coder can be paid $58,620 per year, $28.18 per hour.
    3. Washington
      Here, a medical coder can be paid $56,890 per year, $27.35 per hour.
    4. Massachusetts
      Here, a medical coder can be paid $56,650 per year, $27.23 per hour.
    5. Minnesota
      Here, a medical coder can be paid $55,450 per year, $26.66 per hour.

The Top Highest Paid Medical Coding Specialties in the World

You may wonder what medical coding specialties which are highest-paid in the world. If you wonder about it, here is the information about it according to the World Scholarship Forum site.

    • Certified Documentation Expert Outpatient (CDEO)
      According to the World Scholarship Forum, CDEO is the highest-paid medical coding specialist in the world. Why? It is because this profession plays an important role in this field. This profession requires you to demonstrate experience in analyzing outpatient documentation for accuracy to meet coding, quality measures and clinical needs. Not only that, you will give input to clinicians to improve clinical documentation and make it easier for them to meet all of the criteria of the medical record. The salary earned by this profession is around $69,987.
    • Certified Coding Specialist
      If you are a certified coding specialist, you are required to collect data from doctors, internists, and other medical professionals and then you have to use medical coding to charge private and government-sponsored insurers. You will also often to get records about diagnostic procedures, treatments, and prescriptions and use these reports to classify the job. The salary earned by this specialist is around $61,379 per year.
    • Certified Risk Adjustment Coder
      As a Certified Risk Adjustment Coder, you will review a medical chart and assign the correct diagnostic (ICD-10-CM) codes for clinical cases and services. The salary earned by this coder is around $64,882.
    • Certified Outpatient Coder
      The salary earned by a certified outpatient coder is around $54,980.
    • Certified Radiology Coder
      A certified radiology coder codes conditions, diseases, and procedures for Inpatients, Outpatient surgery, Emergency room, Laboratory, Recurring and Radiology visits. The salary is around $49,328.
    • Certified Cardiovascular and Thoracic Coder
      You have to be able to demonstrated your ability to assign medical codes for surgical procedures and services in the fields of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. The salary is around $48,145.
    • Certified Rheumatology Coder
      If you want to be eligible in this position, you need to pass the AAPC CRHC exam and you have to be a member of AAPC. In the medical field, you need to have 2 – 3 years of coding experience. The salary is around $48,501.
    • Inpatient Coder
      This job has a responsibility to medical coding where you have received considerable training in classand on the job about how to interpret and apply medical codes to patient files based on health and treatment records gotten from doctors and nurses. You will work with coding software to be able to process claims and you need to have thorough understanding of medical terminology about biology, anatomy and pharmacology. The salary is around $51,162 per year.
    • Ambulatory Surgery Centers Coder
      An ambulatory surgery centers coder will be required by Medicare to send their bills to professional fee payers while using the facility fee claim form. If you have a certification in this field, you will work on ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS level II coding with a specialty in surgical procedures, biologicalsand drugs.
    • Certified Urology Coder
      This coder certification confirms your knowledge of ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS level II coding and it focuses on ancillary treatments conducted in urology practices, surgical procedures done by urologists and time-based coding. If you have a certification in this field, you can appropriately assign medical codes for urological surgical operations and services. If you get this certification, it will focus on the ability to understand abstract physician notes, knowledge of Medicare billing, and medical terminology and anatomy and physiology related to the urinary system. The salary earned by this profession is around $40,150.

Well, that’s the information that can be given related to medical coding certification salary. Hopefully, you can decide which profession that you will do best.