How to Get Screen Record on iPhone with Sound

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How to Get PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service

You will need PUK code to unlock your Android’s SIM card if you forget the PIN on your Android device. The PUK code is a security code of all the modern SIM cards used in Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. By the way, how to get PUK code without calling Customer Service? Please keep on reading if you want to know that information. Getting the PUK Code Without Calling… Read More »

How to Use Siri on iPhone 12 Without “Hey Siri”

Siri is definitely one of the most favorite features offered by Apple. Before using one of the features that were released in Siri in iOS 14, you will have to make sure that Siri is enabled on your iPhone 12. First of all, you will need to open Settings and then choose Siri & Search. There are three options to activate Siri on iPhone 12 models. The first one is… Read More »

How to Block Websites on iPhone without Restrictions

You may want to block certain websites on the iPhone, but you want to do that without Restrictions. Are there any ways for this? Of course, there are. Below, we have some methods that you are able to apply for blocking websites on iPhone without restrictions. Blocking Websites on iPhone Using Refrain If you want to block websites on iPhone without having to access Restrictions on the Settings of your… Read More »

The Best Puk Unlock Sim Card Software

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How to Activate New iPhone Sprint with Same Number

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How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps

It is worrying when we get a pop up message on the iPhone which notify us that the storage is almost full. It means that we have to delete some files such as photos and apps in it so that we can add the other new files. But, you may realize that all of those photos and apps in your iPhone are precious and you do not want to delete… Read More »

How to Unlock Sim Card Without PUK Code Easily

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How to Activate New iPhone Verizon New Customer Manually

Apparently, you can activate the new iPhone on Verizon network manually. These followings are the steps featured on the official website of Verizon to do so. Please follow each of them well and skip the one that you thing needed. By using your previous device, make sure Find my iPhone is disabled then power it off. If there is not previous iPhone, then skip this step. Press and hold the… Read More »

How to Copy Files from Windows 10 to iPhone via Bluetooth

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