How Much Does Securus Cost Per Minute?

Through Securus Technology, making a call to an inmate will be charged. However, the cost will be different on each facility which tends to be higher than the set price offered by Securus. If you have a plan to make a call, you may wonder how much it costs.

Certainly, knowing the cost to make a call to an inmate is an important thing you should know, preventing you from spending much money. So, let’s see the Securus cost to make a call in our post below!

How Much Does Securus Cost Per Minute

Securus Calls Cost Per Minute, Here It Is!

According to Securus Technology Site, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) currently releases intestate  rates for Incarcerated Individual Calling Service (ICS) approximately $0.21 per minute for debit and prepaid ICS calls and $0.25 per minute for collect ICS calls. Those are in effect for all instate ICS calls.

As we’ve mentioned, the cost to make a call through the Securus call system will be different in each facility. It means that you may find different costs to make a call with Securus telephone services in some facilities. That’s totally normal, as there are differences between interstate and in-state calls cost.

For more information, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rates for inmate’s calling services, effective February 11, 2014. The cost actually applies to calls that originate in one state and terminate in another state.

Well, interstate debit and prepaid calling rates are roughly $0.21 per minute and Interstate collect calling rates are about $0.25 per minute. In this case, the provider’s rates are proper if the total charge for 1 15-minute interstate call does not exceed around $3.15 for a 15-minute call using debit calling, or $3.75 for a 15-minute call using collect calling, prepaid collect calling or prepaid calling.

Moreover, the FCCinterstate rates are not applied to calls originating in one state and terminating within the same state.

Talking about In-State (Interstate) calls, those are calls within the same state. In this case, calls within a state are also referred to as Local, intraLATA or interLATA calls within the state. The calling rates of the FCC interstate ICS does not apply to in-state calls.

Know about Permitted Ancillary Services Charges and Taxes

We will also show you the rules that limit charges for ancillary services which took effect on March 17, 2016 for all ICS calls from prisons.

The same effective dates will also apply to the rates for ICS calls that involve:

    • TTY services
    • The rule that prohibit flat-rate calling
    • The rule that prohibit per-call or per-connection charges
    • The rule that govern the treatment of taxes
    • The rules that governs minimum and maximum calling account balances

Here’s the chart that shows the permitted Ancillary Services Charges and Taxes available on Securus Tech Site HERE.

Applicable taxes and regulatory fees Provider shall pass these charges through to consumers directly with no markup
Automated payment fees 1 $3.00
Live agent fee, i.e., phone payment or account set up with optional use of a live operator $5.95
Paper bill/statement fees (no charge permitted for electronic bills/statements) $2.00
Prepaid account funding minimums and maximums Prohibit prepaid account funding minimums and prohibit prepaid account funding maximums under $50
Third-party financial transaction fees, e.g., MoneyGram, Western Union, credit card processing fees and transfers from third party commissary accounts Provider shall pass this charge through to end user directly, with no markup

Securus Calls Rate

The rates of Securus Tech and T Netix Telecommunications Services’ are in accordance with federal regulations and applicable state. The Calls that come from the correctional institutions will commonly have a limited-time. Sure, the limited-time here will vary depending on the correctional facility.

The promotional discounts which are often offered by long distance carriers will not apply to collect call service. Aside from that, there’s no use of other carrier long distance calling cards or tool free numbers.

Talking about the cost of providing operator-assisted calls will be much higher than the cost of providing long-distance calls.  However, those costs include equipment maintenance, special equipment, billing validation, customer service, billing and collections and other expenses.

Since the security concerns, the industry of correction typically contracts with a telephone service provider to receive all calls that come from their facility. Well, the requirements that all calls can be accepted by the called party will help ensure that unwanted calls will not be placed to witnesses, judges, attorneys or anyone else.

In some cases, it actually provides a tool for families to control and manage their calling expenses by using the Securus line restrictions or by utilizing their prepaid collect calling program.

For more information, the contract that provides service to the facility will be commonly granted based on competitive bids solicited by state, local or federal authorities that are responsible for the correctional facility.

Furthermore, the bidders should meet strict requirements to ensure that all equipment actually provide the security necessary and help the facility to manage inmates’ calling privileges.

How Does Securus Telephone Service Work?

Securus Tech offers the telephone services to bridge people outside and inmates stay-connected in call line. This powerful services called the NextGen SCP that is very easy to use. The Securus also provide a central system that empowers the correction and the law enforcement to prevent and resolve crime.

The NextGen SCP system actually allows the staff to focus on their primary duties. Well,  a number of upgrade services provided in the NextGen SCP include:

    • New Platform
      With the new platform, the system will consolidate the  communication services of all inmates including calls, messaging, and video calls.
    • New Technology
      With the new technology, the system will integrate new backend technologies to increase the speed of data.
    • Better Experience
      With better experience, the system will enjoy an effortless with the faster system which results in saving your time and money.

Some features found in NextGen SCP:

    • Contact Profile
    • Advanced Note System
    • Remote Access
    • Single multi-product access
    • Dashboard
    • Inmates Activity Stream
    • Covert Alerts
    • Live Monitoring
    • PREA system
    • Advanced Note System