Who Invented Homework and How Did He Die

When you are doing your homework and you find that it is difficult, you may think of who invented homework. Not only that, you may also think of how he died. You may hate to do your homework, but homework has some purposes.

Well, I have tried to find information about the inventor of homework from some online sources and also some other information about homework and here is what I found.

The Inventor of Homework

Who Invented Homework and How Did He Die

According to some online sources, Roberto Nevilis was the person who invented homework. He was a teacher of a school in Venice, Italy and he used homework in 1095 to punish his students. However, as explained on the Geek and Nerd site, there is an opportunity that homework was invented long before that time. Furthermore, it is explained that there is no reason to deny the possibility of someone inventing homework during the times of Ancient Greece and maybe earlier.

According to the Geek and Nerd site, it is also explained that homework assignments were first mentioned in the times of ancient Rome. They included the works of Quintilian who was the teacher of Pliny Junior and was from the 1st century AD.

On the US Sun site, it is explained that Roberto Novelis is sometimes credited with the invention of homework, but he may not even be real. It is also explained on that site that there is no one who is sure that he is supposed to have invented homework in 1095 or 1905. Furthermore, on that site, it is explained that it is said he dreamt up the idea of homework to punish lazy students. However, there is no official and reliable source that supports this story and even his existence.

On the UK Sun site, it is also explained that even though there are a lot of people who do, supervise or set homework most days of the week, but there is no clear idea about who invented the concept of homework. There are a lot of names which are associated with the invention of homework, but in fact, anyone who has tried to learn anything has practised it in their own time and place. So, in the UK Sun site, it is explained that homework is just a part of learning. Same as the Geek and Nerd site, on the UK Sun site, it is also explained that the first mention of homework came up in ancient Rome, in the writings of Pliny the Younger, in 1AD. It is known that Pliny was an oratory teacher and it was thought that Pliny asked his students to practice their public speaking at home with the aim to help them build confidence. Towards the end of the 19th century, homework became something which is universal because school became an obligatory across the world.

Meanwhile on the Geek and Nerd site, it is mentioned that John Amos Comenius was the father of modern education where he introduced a lot of new and effective methods of teaching children such as attending classes and progressive studying process going from less complex concepts to more sophisticated ones. Since that time, homework assignments have been an integral part of the lives of students.

On the Scottish Sun site, it is mentioned that Horace Mann was a politician and educational reformer who lived in the 19th century. This person had a strong belief in compulsory education and was instrumental in setting up state funded education in the US. He was the person who had the idea of compulsory tasks to be done at home in the US after he observed it in the German Volksschulen or “People’s Schools” when he visited in 1843.

How Did the Inventor of Homework Die?

Since there is no clear proof about who the inventor of homework is, so there is no information about how the homework inventor died.

What Will Happen With Our Future If We Do Not Do Homework-

What Will Happen With Our Future If We Do Not Do Homework?

It is normal when sometimes you are angry with your homework and then you may think what will happen with your future if you do not do your homework. Well, of course it depends on the aim of the homework itself. Usually, homework is given to practice a material of a lesson at home so that you will understand more about the material. As explained on the Geek and Nerd site, the purpose of the assignments is usually for students to remember something that they were taught in class and repeat the material on their own. Furthermore, it is explained that if you understand all the important information in class, you do not have to repeat it again and again.

Geek and Nerd takes Finland as an example of a country which successfully refused to assign homework to students. It shows that if you do not do your homework, it will not prevent you from going to college and getting a decent job. Geek and Nerd also informs that every two of three Finnish students go to college and it is the best index in Europe.

But once again, this article does not suggest you not to do your homework. But, we have to realize that every homework which is given by a teacher surely has a purpose where it is to make you understand more about the material of the lesson. So, if your teacher gives you homework, do it well and make sure that you understand it.

The Reasons of Inventing Homework

According to the US Sun site, people who like homework have given a lot of reasons for its invention over the years and those reasons are listed below.

  • With homework, students are able to consolidate learning by practising what they have studied in school.
  • Teachers and students are able to identify gaps in learning when the student submits assignments which are completed independently.
  • Homework gives students more time to learn something.
  • Homework helps students with time management.

For your information, historically, homework has not been so popular with everyone and homework was even banned for 15 years in the state of California in the early 1900s.

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