UT Austin Registration Information Sheet

For those who are looking for information about the UT Austin Registration Information Sheet, you should read this entire article. Here we are going to reveal that information, also we are going to share other information related to UT Austin Registration.

UT Austin Registration Information Sheet

If you want to access UT Austin Registration Information Sheet, you are able to visit this link here.

There you are going to be asked to sign in with your UT EID.

    • At the first step, you have to enter your UT EID.
    • After that, you have to enter your password.
    • Lastly, you only need to click the Sign in button.

UT Austin Registration Times

You are able to find UT Austin Registration Times where you are able to register online by checking your Registration Information Sheet. For more details, view the Course Schedule. Remember that it is not possible to change your assigned registration time. For your information, Undergraduate student access times are based on their progress toward degree completion. While Graduate student registration times are based on their status as a graduate student.

Continuing and Readmitted Students

You have to use your earliest access time for access to the registration system, and for the best choice of your classes. If you delay registering, then you may be charged a late registration fee. If you have any registration bars, you have to clear them to access the registration system.

For New Students:

    • Undergraduate freshmen who enter the university are needed to attend an orientation for the new students, during which they are going to meet with an advisor and register for the classes.
    • Transfer students are encouraged to attend orientation. The students are able to find out more regarding transfer orientation details.
    • New international students are going to attend an orientation program administered by Texas Global.
    • Graduate students are able to find resources for the new students and orientation administered by the Graduate School.

Late Registration

You have to register as early as possible to avoid a late registration processing fee. Information regarding registration periods, including late registration, is able to be found in the Course Schedule under Registration and Payment Deadlines. After the 4th class day in the fall or spring , undergraduate students can register only with the approval of your dean. You are able to start the late registration process (fifth class day until 12th class day) in the Registrar’s Office. Remember that registration after these dates is approved just in rare circumstances. The Graduate students and the law students have to reference their own school’s site for policies and information on late registering.

All students, including those who accept financial aid or who have Zero Amount Due, need to pay tuition bills or confirm attendance by 5 p.m. on the payment deadline. If not, their registrations are going to be cancelled. The students who register late have to consult the Course Schedule for payment deadlines.

Registering for Classes

Here is how to Register for Classes:

    • Meet with Your Academic Advisor
      You have to meet with your academic advisor in your college or school to discuss your degree requirements. This is highly recommended for all students and is needed for many majors and departments.
    • Find Your Registration Time
      You have to find your registration times on your RIS (Registration Information Sheet). You are able to update your contact information if it has changed.
    • Clear Bars
      You need to check your RIS to see your bars. Just clear any bars which prevent you from registering.
    • Register for Classes
      Need to know that you register for classes online during your scheduled access times.
    • Pay Your Tuition
      You have to pay your tuition and fee bill or confirm attendance.

Add/Drop a Course

At the beginning of each semester, you are able to add or drop classes if you have registered and paid in a previous period. Simply, you are able to check your RIS (Registration Information Sheet) online to know when you are able to access the registration system for add/drops courses. Check the General Information Catalog for complete add/drop policies and procedures.

Add Courses

You are able to add a course by using the registration system via the fourth class day. After that, you have to get departmental approval to add a course. Check to know if your class has a prerequisite requirement. For note: Prerequisites are academic requirements that you have to meet before or during enrollment for your desired courses.

Drop Courses

You have to consult with your academic advisor regarding how dropping courses can impact your financial aid, academic progress, or access to campus resources. If you drop below full-time status (which is 12 hours for undergraduates and 9 hours for graduates in fall and spring), you are going to be considered a part-time student. If you want to drop all of your courses after the semester begins, you have to withdraw entirely from the university.


If you realize that you want to drop a class after the 12th class day, you have to start a Q-drop request before the Q-drop deadline that usually occurs near the middle of the semester. You are able to check the academic calendar for exact dates. Also, you have to meet with your assigned academic advisor to discuss and fill out the drop form. The Graduate students are able to drop a course after the Q-drop deadline. The instructor will determine whether the symbol Q or a grade of F is going to be recorded. Please check your graduate program coordinator for details.

OTE (One-Time Exception) Drops

Some of you may not know what an OTE (One-Time Exception) is. It is a Q-drop or withdrawal after the regular deadline. Every undergraduate student is allowed one OTE (One-Time Exception). An OTE will drop count as one of six Q-drops. After you have used it, you cannot use it again. Please meet your advisor for more information.

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