Top 10 Medical Billing Software for Small Business

The Medical Billing Software comes to assist clinics, hospitals and also any companies to provide the medical billing to the patients. Aside from that, any products categorized in the category of medical billing will help any parties to solve their business problem.

The software of medical billing provides the pricing, setup and installation to match the buyers to the right small business medical billing to suit their needs. Certainly, not all medical billing softwares will be great to use, some of them may not be suitable for your small business.

Top 10 Medical Billing Software for Small Business

That’s why we give you a list of best medical billing software that will be worthy to use. In this post, we only show you Top 10 medical billing software for your small business. Here are they:

    1. Kareo


Kareo  seems to make it easier for you to perform an independent medical practice. This software provides the only cloud-based, clinical and also business management technology platform that is dedicated to serve the unique needs of independent practices.

Kareo aims to assist you interact with patients, provide better care, run a smarter business and also get paid faster. With more than 75,000 providers, this software has been trusted by many companies and large medical groups or hospitals.

Learn more about Kareo Medical Billing Software HERE.

    1. TherapyNotes


TherapyNotes is known as the most trusted online practice management for medical practice of all sizes. They are considered the largest platform for mental health professionals that offer the most intuitive software and best customer support in the industry.

The TherapyNote software provides billing, scheduling, notes and a custom client portal as well as unlimited support and superior security. It also helps you to optimize how you manage your practice and let you focus less on administrative tasks.

Learn more about TherapyNotes Software HERE.

    1. WebPT


WebPT is a prominent therapy platform that enhances patient care and fueling business growth with more than 65,000 members at 9,000 clinics. With the help of the WebPT software, some parties including directors, therapists, billers, owners and front office staff actually have access to the patient’s medical record anytime from any web-enabled device.

Through the WebPT software, the staff and therapists will be able to track productivity, cancellations, referrals and also no-shows. Moreover, the therapists can also track and compare the progress of patients through WebPT’s outcomes tracking product.

Learn more about WebPT software HERE.

    1. NextGen Healthcare EHR

NextGen Healthcare EHR

NextGen Healthcare EHR provides ambulatory practice of all sizes with award-winning solutions along with dedicated support and professional services. Through the NextGen Mobile, your provider’s smartphone will be an extension of your EHR that will save your precious time.

With the use of the NextGen Healthcare software, you will be able to better manage your revenue cycle, enhance patient engagement, expand communication with other healthcare organizations and also optimize the management of your patient population.

Learn more about NextGen Healthcare EHR HERE.

    1. RXNT Practice Management

RXNT Practice Management

RNXT is a cloud-based healthcare software provider that offers a Practice Management (PM) solution with Medical Billing and Scheduling tools for practice and billing companies. With RXNT’s  software, you can  improve practice efficiency and patient convenience that is easy to use and can be customized to do some tasks within.

With single sign-on (SSO) for central billing offices, the entire claims process, from charge capture to full reimbursement can be managed easily. By assigning ICD-10 codes, the online patient bill pay and automated eligibility checks and ERAs and also mobile apps for Android and iOS will be easily integrated.

Learn more about RXNT Practice Management HERE.

    1. Simple Practice

Simple Practice

Through the Simple Practice medical software, you only need to focus on the clients. In this case, you can maximize your availability by giving the clients the options to request appointments online. You can then send paperless intakes and insurance directly from the client Portal, after you approve a request.

Moreover, you can also set up AutoPay to get paid on time. Make sure to reduce no-shows with unlimited appointments reminders. You can work on-the-go with this mobile app medical billing software by signing up for a free, 30-day trial.

Learn more about Simple Practice Software HERE.

    1. TheraNest


With Wiley Planners add-on, TheraNest works for online therapy, client portal, progress notes, DSM/ICD codes, discharge notes, treatment plants, review & co-sign notes and also custom forms.

The billing features available include PQRS, superbills, claims & ERA/EOB, credit card service, batch invoice/claims. This software is also in sync with Google/iCal. You can also get a number of reports including Staff Billing, Payroll, unlimited document storage, unlimited support, etc.

Learn more about TheraNest Software HERE.

    1. athenaOne


athenaOne seems to manage the moment of care, run administrative and also quality service to ensure full payment. Aside from that, it will also track all physician orders, so the doctors can only focus on what they should do best to care for the patients.

With the help of athenaOne, the doctors will get valuable benefit from continuous access to the best practice of the nation’s largest clinical network. With the extensive quality rules, industry guidelines, the most up-to-date feature with 24/7 support, the athenaOne actually presents the high quality care.

Learn more about athenaOne Software HERE.

    1. ChiroFusion


With cloud-based practice management platform, the ChiroFusion seems to enable the medical billing for improving operational processes with any tasks including appointment scheduling, billing, email reminders, electronic claims submission and also complete revenue cycle management services.

Learn more about ChiroFusion Software HERE.

    1. DrChrono


DrChrono software can assist you maintain income stability while giving you more time for focusing on patient care. Their dedicated billing experts, certified medical coders and also in-house coding compliance officers will handle the complete lifecycle of your medical claims when the patients come to your clinic.

Additionally, DrChrono software offers high quality yet true transparency and affordable billing services to your financial health with full insight on collection 24/7.

Learn more about DrChrono HERE.

Okat, that’s a list of best medical billing software that you can use to run your small business.