How to Get Sundancer WoW Mount

As we know that there are 5 new mounts in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Sundancer is one of them. You may want to get this mount, but how to get it? Here, we will explain to you about getting Sundancer and also some information about the other mounts in WoW Shadowlands.

How to Get Sundancer in WoW

If you want to get a Sundancer mount, you need to tame it. So, how to tame this horse in the game? According to the Okay Gotcha site, you need two components including Blessing of the Sun Rider and Skystrider Glider. How to get these components? The Blessing of the Sun Rider can be obtained at coordinates 60/94 in the southeast of Bastion.

The thing that you have to do there is just to click on the shrine that you see there. For obtaining the Sky Strider Glider, you are able to buy it from the auction house or you are able to make it by yourself. For it, you are required to join the Kyrians which is one of the Shadowlands pacts. By having the Kyrians, you need to expand your reputation so far that you unlock the Teaching Wisdom ability.

How to Get Sundancer WoW Mount

Then, you will have to learn the recipe for the glider through one of the exams. It seems that you need a few weeks for it. So, never expect that you can get the Sundancer directly on release.

After you have the glider, then you have to travel to the shrine and then get the blessing. After that, you have to get the Sundancer on his route and then jump off a cliff. You have to use the glider and sail to the horse. When you are in the range, you are able to interact with sundancers and ascend. You can try to calm him down and regularly get quite high damage which is why you can die here at lower levels.

After you have calmed down the horse, it will land together with you in a free place and then it will challenge you. It is important for you to know that the fight is tough and you will need strong endgame gear or friends to be able to win it. However, it is also important for you to know that if you are able to beat Sundancer, it is not guaranteed that he can be as a mount. But, at least in the beta, there have been examples where his reins have not been given to players. So, if you have completed the task, do not expect to get it.

Briefly, according to Early Game, to be able to get Sundancer, you have to craft or buy the item Skystrider Glider (8x Elysian Feathers, 4x Champion’s Pelt, 4x Calloused Pelt, 2x Nightforged Steel). After that, you have to go to the Ancient Memorial in Bastion to be able to get the buff Sunrider’s Blessing from the statue. Now, you are ready to tame the Sundancer amount at 60.6, 93.2. It is important for you to note that it patrols the edge of the zone and it is reached at the coordinates that we mentioned previously.

About Sundancer in WoW Shadowlands

Sundancer is one of the first rare opponents that can be found in the new Shadowlands expansion after you begin. This horse circles in the southeastern bastion and teases you there with its presence out of reach.

However, even though you are able to find the Sundancer is the first area, you may not want to get it early. For your information, you are not able to just kill Sundancer to be able to get their prey. But, you need to tame it so that you are able to get it as a mount. How to tame it? If you want to tame the horse, you have to do a small job first and also need an item which is only available late in the game, the Skytrider Glider.

According to Wowhead site, Sundancer is an item Level 50 and it is added in patch The mount ID is 1307. The cast time of this horse is hidden and this horse can only be used outdoors. This horse is also not able to be used while shapeshifted. It can stop auto-attack and it cannot be used in combat.

There are some videos about Sundancer that you are able to watch on Youtube. Here is a list of some videos about Sundancer.

The Other Mounts in WoW Shadowlands

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Besides Sundancer, there are 4 other mounts that you are able to find in WoW Shadowlands. What are those 4 mounts?

  • Arboreal Gulper Mount
Arboreal Gulper Mount

If you have got a large mushroom, you have to go to the Damp Loam in the northwest corner of Ardenweald in 20 minutes of picking up the mushroom. Then, you have to put it in the Loam. If you do this, it will spawn a giant mushroom boss which has a 100% drop rate on the mount.

  • Callow Flayedwing Mount
Callow Flayedwing Mount

This is a flying mount which can be obtained in the Maldraxxus zone. Blight-Touched Egg must be obtained by you to drop from any of the chimeras in the zone.

  • Phalynx of Humility Mount
Phalynx of Humility Mount

This mount has an opportunity to drop from the Temple of Purity anima conductor treasure chest.

  • The Silverwind Larion Mount
The Silverwind Larion Mount

It drops from the Vesper of the Silver Wind treasure after you are able to ring the vesper with the Crystal Mallet of the Herrald.

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