How to Favorite Books on Raz-Kids

When you read a book on Raz-Kids, there must be several books that you like and you want to put it into your Favorite. But, how do we favorite books on Raz-Kids? Let’s find out how to do that together with reading the other things related to Books on Raz-Kids.

The Way to Favorite Books on Raz-Kids

If you want to put the books that you like on Raz-Kids into Favorite, the thing that you have to do is to choose the heart icon after you finish reading the book. Then, you are able to find all books that have been favorited in the Favorites section on the home page.

How to Favorite Books on Raz-Kids

It is very easy to favorite books on Raz-Kids, isn’t it? By favoriting books, when you want to read it again, you just have to access the Favorites section on the home page.

Reading Room on Raz-Kids

Reading Room on Raz-Kids

The place for reading on Raz-Kids is called the Reading Room. This feature can be found in the Raz-Plus and Raz-Kids student portal. In the Reading Room, you are provided with a digital library of differentiated resources that you are able to read for fun and for practice. By default, you have access to books three levels below and two levels above your assigned Learning A-Z reading level. Also, you do not only have access to books in English, but also in Spanish.

In the Reading Room, teachers can assign content to the entire class, small groups or individual students. Besides, teachers also have the ability to customize which reading levels and content categories that their students see.

The Reading Room now has an engaging new look and it organizes content into high-interest topics and categories. The home page also dynamically personalizes content for you based on your activity, interests and reading level and it permits you to be able to favorite books for easy access later.

To read books, as a student you have to access the Reading Room on Raz-Kids. But, where is the Reading Room? You are able to access the Reading Room by logging in to and clicking on the Reading planet.

Using The Reading Room on Raz-Kids

As explained on the website of Learning A-Z, the Reading Room redesign makes it easier for you to be able to find books which are appropriate with your level quickly by category, topic and popularity. As also explained earlier, the home page will dynamically display books that you have accessed recently, the most popular books at your reading level and books that you have marked as favorites. The page also displays specific topics aligned with your favorite books. So, we can say that it is very personalized.

Topics and Categories of The Books

In the Reading Room, you are able to find a lot of books on various topics such as Strange and Wacky, Animals, Explorers and many more. As the student, you are able to find leveled books by choosing the topics that most interest you. The topics which are displayed on the Reading Room home page are populated dynamically. The content shown in each topic is personalized based on the books you have favorited most. If you click the Topics icon, you are able to find a full list of topics.

You are also able to find resources by choosing different categories of books such as Nonfiction Series, Graphic Books, Passages and Packs and many more. How about Content collections? These are displayed based on level range where it ensures that you are able to easily access the content that is most educationally appropriate for you.

Recent Activity and Popular Books on Raz-Kids

You are able to access books and quizzes that you have opened recently in the Recent section of the home page. Then, how about popular books? Popular books of your reading level are shown in the Popular section on the home page. The popular books mean that the books have been favorited by other students from around the world.

Reading Resources on Raz-Kids Can Help Students Level Up to Better Reading

As explained on the Learning A-Z site exactly on the Raz-Kids page, Raz-Kids reading resources can help students level up to better reading. No wonder why students can be helped because on Raz-Kids, there is a library of differentiated books at 29 levels of difficulty that students can use to practice reading in school, at home or even when they are traveling. Billions of leveled readers have accessed it across the world.

The digital and mobile access that students have to the resources makes them get the personalized reading practice that they need anytime and anywhere. Students also do not need to struggle to access the resources because the online controls are easy to use and as a result, it also makes teachers have the ability to quickly manage and track the reading progress of their students.

Here are some points highlighted by Learning A-Z about the resources that they provide for their students.

    • They provide meaningful online reading practice on computers and mobile devices with hundreds of leveled books and corresponding quizzes which are offered at 29 levels of reading difficulty.
    • By interactive tools and constructed response quiz questions that they have, they encourage close reading skills and the reading and writing connection.
    • The Kids A-Z eLearning environment is engaging which includes built-in motivational rewards so that practicing reading is fun.
    • Individual and class-wide progress are easily tracked with digital reports.

On Raz-Kids, you are provided with content and reading comprehension practice online. You are able to use listen versions where these contain continuous-play audio and follow-along, highlighted text. Besides, you are also able to enjoy read versions where these contain features that allow you to be able to record and listen to your oral reading. There are also eQuizzes which determine whether you understood the content that you read through multiple choice or constructed response questions.

In the constructed response quiz questions, you will be given the opportunity to type a short-answer response to a question. As explained on the Raz-Kids site, these questions promote close reading and critical thinking skills, and strengthen the reading-writing connection.

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