Cheapest Jet Ski Rental in Myrtle Beach

Jet Skiing is one of the fun and thrilling activities that you can do when visiting Myrtle Beach. That’s not enough if you don’t experience the rush of touring the sights with the breeze blowing through your hair. In Myrtle Beach, you definitely will enjoy riding the jet-ski with your family.

With the sun on your face and the sounds of the lush tropical lowcountry bay, you will really get an unforgettable experience. In Myrtle Beach, you will find a number of professional jet ski rentals, so you have a lot of choices. If this is your first time renting a jet ski in Myrtle Beach, we’ll show you a list of jet ski rentals that may be suitable for you to choose. Here they are:

 Island Adventure Watersports

    1. Island Adventure Watersports

Price: Starting at $95

Island Adventure Watersports of Myrtle Beach actually offers the jet ski rental that will be perfect for seating up to two rides. They provide a fleet of Yamaha VX Deluxe Jet Skis where each jet skis out by the hour that includes safety equipment, gas and all instructions.

Known as ranked #1 for jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach, they will ensure that they have a jet ski ready for you. They also offer the 2 hour Jet Ski Backcountry Adventure in which they lead groups through the backcountry trails in search for local wildlife and breathtaking views.

So far, Island Adventure Watersports of Myrtle Beach is the most scenic jet ski safari available. When choosing this, you will get to cover about 50 miles of the waterway’s creeks. If you want to rent the jet ski through Island Adventure Watersports of Myrtle Beach, you may need to bring a hat, bathing suit, camera, a bottle of water, sunscreen and Driver’s License.

To make a reservation, you can call them at 843-650-7003 or visit them at 5843 Dick Pond Road, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588. You can also visit the official site of Island Adventure Watersports here to start booking.

    1. Myrtle Beach Watersports

Myrtle Beach Watersports offers three jet ski rental options that you can choose, here they are:

    • Half Hour Jet Ski Rental

Price: Starting from $85

If you want to take the half hour jet ski rental, you should be 16 years old or above with valid ID to drive alone. However, any age can ride, as long as there’s an adult on board. You can take the jet-skiing distance at roughly 20 miles. To rent for the half hour jet ski rental, you must bring a credit card and valid ID

    • One Hour Jet Ski Rental

Price: Starting from $170

With one half hour jet ski rental, you will be amazed by the distance of your jet skiing. If you choose this option, make sure to note ride in circles and small half mile areas. You will go full speed in their entire riding area. To take one hour jet ski rental, you may need to bring a credit card and the riders should be over the age 15 and have to bring valid ID.

    • 2 Hour Jet Ski Dolphin Watch Tour

Taking the 2 hour jet ski dolphin watch tour in Myrtle Beach is a must for you. This option lets you do small groups instead of one large group with a bunch of jet skis. By choosing the jet ski dolphin watch tour, you definitely can see a group of dolphins closely, as they will appear above the water.

If you want to make a reservation and learn more about all the jet ski rentals options, you can make a call at 843-839-2999  or visit the official site of Myrtle Beach Watersport here.

    1. Action Water Sportz

If you are looking for the trusted jet ski rentals, you can consider to choose Action Water Sportz. With this rental company, you will be able to discover the remote islands, pristine back country and secluded beaches. To get an amazing way to take an adventure on the Intracoastal’s Waterway, renting a jet ski through Action Water Sportz can be a great option.

They offer rentals for ½ hour, 1 hour or 2-hour scenic dolphin watch trips. They also provide single riders or up to 3 riders by the half hour or hour for great families. If you want to book a jet ski, you can make a call at (843) 280-4100 or visit the official site of Action Water Sportz here.

    1. Downwind Sails Jet Ski

You can also rent a jet ski in Myrtle Beach through Downwind Sails Jet Ski company. They will bridge you to enjoy the perfect day on the water through jet-skiing. This company also provides afill safety orientation and rule breakdown prior to your time on the water.

Downwind Sail jet ski rental will accommodate up to two people per rental, but it also depends on the water conditions. The good news! You do not need to book a jet ski first, as they will serve whoever comes first. However, the riders should bring a valid driver’s license.

If you want to know more information about Downwind Sail Jet Ski rentals, you can visit the official site of Downwind Sail Jet Ski rentals here.

    1. Express Watersport

Express Watersport is one of the rentals that provide a number of activities including Jet Ski Rentals, Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Banana Boat Rides, Sunset Cruise, Ocean Sightseeing & Dolphin Watch, Kayaks Rentals & Tour, Standup Paddle Boats, and many more.

Jet Ski rentals are much sought after by people who want to experience the thrill of riding  a jet ski in the ocean with the largest riding area. They offer 1-hour jet ski rental with fantastic 2021 Yamaha VX Deluxe skis. They also provide the jet ski for searching for dolphins, sea turtles and other ocean creatures.

If you rent a jet ski through Express Watersport, you should bring a valid driver’s license for all adults over 18 years old. You also need to present a credit card matching reservation in person. If you want to book for Express Water Sport Jet Ski Rental, you can visit its official site here.

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