How to Call in Wastelander GTA 5

In GTA 5, you are allowed to drive a cab-over engine off-roading truck called the MTL Wastelander. This service vehicle is a part of the Import/Export update in GTA Online. The Wasterlander can be obtained by completing the Breakdown Recovery mission.

As one of the special vehicles in GTA, a lot of players really want to have this vehicle. However, they are wondering how to call/ request the Wasterlander in GTA. This term refers to how to spawn the Wastelander  through an Import/ Export vehicle when you are on a mission. Let’s find out how to spawn the Wastelander in GTA 5 below!

How to Call in Wastelander GTA 5

How to Call/ Request Wastelander in GTA 5 Online?

A thread posted at discussed how to spawn the Wastelander in GTA 5. Someone who posted got hard to access the new vehicle and also other Import/ Export vehicles including Wasterlander. He asked a question about whether there’s a way to call for them to be delivered or not.

Thankfully, there are some members who answered the question about what to call the Import/ Export vehicles. According to some answers in, to call/ request the Import/Export vehicles in GTA 5 Online, you can do it through these steps below!

  • First, you need to tap ‘Interactive Menu’.
  • Then, choose ‘Vehicle’.
  • Last, click on the ‘Request Special Vehicle’.

If you find it is grayed out and locked at 5 a.m, you may need to call for your Personal Vehicle and have to wait for 5 minutes. To note, you may not be able to request one if it is already out. What you should do is to go to your warehouse and go inside. After that, go downstairs to the basement garage and get your vehicle.

To make the vehicles able to be requested, you may need to make them your Personal Vehicle. You can make your first personal vehicle after completing the introductory mission in GTA Online. You can do it by driving a vehicle into a mod garage and purchasing a tracker for it provided by Simeon Yetarian, along with insurance and customization options for one time only.

Moreover, your personal vehicle is a vehicle that you own by attaching a ‘tracker’ at the repair shop, insurance optional. Well, the last vehicle you drove will be your personal vehicle when the game refers to a ‘Personal Vehicle’.

The point is, you can summon your Wastelander in GTA 5 Online through Interactive menu, and make sure the vehicle becomes your Personal Vehicle.

How to Get Wastelander in GTA 5?

How to Get Wastelander in GTA 5

As one of Import/ Export vehicles, you can get Wastelander by purchasing it for Warstock Cache & Carry. Wastelander costs $658,350 that can be stored in the Vehicle Warehouse (Special). It’s important to note, Wastelander cannot be customized.

In addition to the normal price, you can also get a Trade Price of $495,000. You can get this discounted price once you have completed the related Special Vehicle Work Mission. It also requires a Vehicle Warehouse stored in the Underground Garage.

Here’s information about Wastelander in detail:

  • Vehicle Class: Service
  • Manufacturer: MTL MTL
  • Vehicle Features: Special Vehicle
  • Available From: Warstock Cache & Carry
  • Gta Online Price: $658,350
  • Discounted Price: $495,000 (Trade Price)*
  • Storage Location: Vehicle Warehouse (Special)
  • Request Delivery: Interaction Menu – Special Vehicles
  • Modifications: Cannot be modified
  • Sell: Cannot be sold
  • Top Speed (Game Files): 77.67 mph (125.00 km/h)
  • Top Speed In-Game (Broughy): 89.75 mph (144.44 km/h)
  • Based On (Real Life): Mongo (Fast & Furious)
  • Seats: 6
  • Mass / Weight: 7,000 KG
  • Drive Train: AWD
  • Gears: 5

Here’s for Wastelander Stats:

  • Speed: 67.07
  • Acceleration: 82.50
  • Braking: 20.00
  • Handling: 69.70
  • Total: 59.82

How is Wastelander’s Performance?

Many players have proven that Wastelander is very efficient for traveling, as the raised suspension and all wheel drive layout will allow it to sort uneven terrain easily. This Special Vehicle will also reach its high speed and be highly maneuverable.

Additionally, Wastelander will withstand a great amount of water depth and be able to go as deep as its platform before the engine cuts off. It is known that Wastelander have the ability to carry six occupants with four of them standing on the railings of the back section.

Just like Roosevelt, Granger or Brickade, the occupants will be able to use Light Machine Guns and  Assault Rifles to make this vehicle to be a great defense truck. The occupants can also jump on the truck and can use any weapons without turning into a ragdoll while taking cover on the railings or metal plates.

How to Complete Breakdown Recovery Mission to Get Wastelander?

Breakdown Recovery is a mission in GTA Online that aims to obtain Wastelander. The mission will get started when the crew instructed to go to the airfield in Sandy Shores. The assistant informes the crew that SecuroServ wants to look for an old modified Ruiner loaded by Vagos Criminal network on the back of a Wastelander truck.

The assistant insists on getting the vehicle, so they make a serious effort to collect the paycheck. Since the airfield is extremely protected by Vagos members, the crew get the truck out of the hangar.

After they are taken out, someone takes the truck while the others need to defend it. A Buzzard Attack Chopper is available at the heliport that is provided for aerial support if one of the crew selects to use it.

Some Vagos members will begin to arrive in Grangers to stop the truck. So, the driver is recommended to drive off the road, while the remaining crew need to defend the truck and prevent it from being destroyed.

The opponents are going to stop chasing the truck, after they approach the drop-off location, so the driver will be safe to deliver it to the RON gas station that is located on Route 68 near Lago Zancudo.

Here are mission objectives:

  • Go to the Wastelander
  • Steal the Wastelander
  • Get in the Wastelander
  • Deliver the Wastelander to the drop off performed by Wastelander driver
  • Help in delivering  the Wastelander to the drop off performed by other players

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