How to Use Thor’s Hammer with Other Skins in Fortnite

The character or a superhero from the Marvel series named Thor has a hammer. The name of the hammer is Mjolnir. As part of the Marvel x Fortnite collaboration, this weapon comes to the game along with the skins like Thor. It is a part of the Thor set and is able to be obtained as a reward from Level 8 of the Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass.


    • Description: “Whatsoever holds this hammer…”
    • Rarity: Marvel
    • Type: Harvesting tool
    • Source: Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 4, Awakening Challenges
    • Set: Thor
    • Release date: August 27, 2020
    • August 28, 2020
    • Cost: 950 V-Bucks

How to Use Thor's Hammer with Other Skins in Fortnite

The arrival of Mjolnir to Fortnite has made a lot of people wondering about who can wield this hammer in the game. Being known as Thor’s hammer means the one who can use it is Thor skin. Thor skin is the name of the skins that is included in the Thor set. This one is a Marvel Fortnite skin. This skin used to be available via the Battle Pass during Season 14 and it used to be able to be unlocked at Tier 1. In order to get the Thor’s Almighty Form that comes in bundled with the God of Thunder emote, it will be needed for you to complete the Thor Awakening Challenges. These challenges include reaching level 15 on the Battle Pass, visiting Bifrost marks as Thor, dealing 100 damage to the enemies by using Mjolnir as Thor, and emoting as Thor at the mountain top ruins.

Is Thor the only skin that can use Thor’s hammer in Fortnite? Is there any possibility to use this hammer with the other skins? As informed by the Marvel lore, Thor’s hammer is able to be picked up by someone who is considered worthy. It means it is not limited to Thor. From the statement, it can be concluded that any skin is fine as long as it is worthy. According to the same lore, aside from Thor, another one who can use this hammer in its original form in Fortnite is Captain America. If you are wondering why Captain America is allowed, the reason is because it has proved himself to be worthy in the comics. Not only that, there was also a proof of him picking up Thor’s hammer shown at the climax of the Avengers: Endgame film.

Captain America to Use Hammer

As per Marvel lore, it seems like Thor and Captain America are the only ones that allowed to use Thor’s hammer in Fortnite. It stated that this pickaxe will turn into a regular pickaxe when it is equipped with any other skin other than these two.

However, some people feel disappointed with it and think that a few skins should be able to lift Thor’s hammer named Mjolnir. The list of the Fortnite skins that should be able to do so include some popular fictional characters with so many followings, such as:

    1. Matt Murdock
      When talking about a superhero who always puts the others before himself, Daredevil makes it to the list, if not tops it. Being the one who always puts the other before himself proves that he is worthy to use Thor’s hammer.
    2. Storm
      X-Men has a popular female member named Storm. She is the one that is blessed with the excellent power. Her power makes her possible to manipulate the weather. With her power, she has become a friend with thunder and lightning. Not only the thunder and the lightning, there is also a proof of her in the comics that shows her ability to lift and wield Thor’s hammer with ease. The sad news is that it was revealed that the adopted brother of Thor named Loki has tricked her. However, it does not really matter as Storm skin in Fortnite should be able to use Thor’s hammer.
    3. Batman
      There may be a lot of fans of Marvel who disagree with Batman skin as the one that can use Thor’s hammer, but the fact that Bruce Wayne has put a lot of effort preventing the city of Gotham from falling into anarchy is a proof that he is worthy of the hammer in Fortnite. He is such a brave one with a kind heart. It is the perfect role model for many. His legacy makes him equal to the God of Thunder, that’s why he should be able to use Thor’s hammer in the game.
    4. Loki
      For those who follow Marvel series, you must be familiar with Loki. Loki Laufeyson was named as the real son of the ruler of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim named Laufey. As he was abandoned and left to die not long after his arrival to the world, the father of Thor, Odin, took him to Asgard and raised him along with Thor.
      In both comics and movies, Loki is shown to have lifted Thor’s hammer. Unfortunately, the scene with him lifting Mjolnir in Thor 2 was removed from the movie after its release. Nevertheless, it has been proven that he can use Thor’s hammer.
    5. Deadpool
      Deadpool may be known as the unworthy member of the X-Men but he is actually worthy of Thor’s hammer. It can be said because there is a proof of him picking this weapon up and becoming his own version of the God of Thunder. However, it is different when he is in his true Deadpool fashion. Later, it was exposed that he actually used his tricks in the comics and the Thor’s hammer that he was wielding was actually not the real one. On the other words, it was fake. Even so, a lot of people still think that Deadpool should be allowed to use Thor’s hammer as he is worthy.

What do you think about Matt Murdock, Storm, Batman, Loki, and Deadpool? Do you agree that they should be able to use Thor’s hammer in Fortnite? If not, then who do you think should be able to use it aside from Thor and Captain America?

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