How to Emote in GTA 5

Just like other games, Grand Theft Auto V also has a hilarious way to celebrate a kill by emoting. Moreover, you can also use an emote to communicate with fellow players if you are not using a microphone to play the game.

Unfortunately, a lot of players still find it hard to use emote to celebrate their goal in the game. Since emotes can be a  cool way to show your enjoyment, of course you may need to know how to use an emote in GTA 5. No worries! This post will show you an easy guide to emote in GTA 5. Let’s see our post below!

How to Emote in GTA 5

How to Emote in GTA 5?

In all games, emotes are basically character animations. You can trigger, as they are so funny and also for just cosmetic purposes. Keep in mind, emotes in all games do not give any benefits for player’s gameplay, that’s totally a fun way to celebrate your in-game goal.

Moreover, emote can also be used as a universal way to assert dominance over the competition in any online games. The GTA’s players commonly use emotes after they have built up a decent arsenal of weapons and desire to begin mocking more experienced GTA online fans.

In GTA 5, there are plenty of emotes that you can choose to pull off. You can also actually set yourself up with your favorite one. To ease  you use emote in GTA 5, we also show you a quick recap of how to emote in GTA Online, here are them!

    1. Click in both of the sticks: By clicking in the sticks, it will allow you to emote.
    2. Hold the sticks: By holding the sticks, it will let you do it continuously.
    3. Click the sticks again: By clicking the sticks again, it will cancel out of the one you’re doing.

Here’s how to emote in GTA 5!

    • To begin, you just simply press and hold down to open the interaction menu either the Xbox one view button. If you are on a PS4, you can use a touchpad, or  use the ‘M’ key on PC if you are on PC.
    • Then, you need to scroll down and choose ‘style’ by pressing  Enter on PC or A/X on console.
    • After that, you need to scroll down until you find the ‘Action’ menu.
    • You then need to scroll left or right to choose the emote you want while hovering over ‘Action’. choose the emote you want while hovering over ‘Action’.
    • By selecting the ‘Action’ menu, it will be your default Emote and anytime you press the Caps Lock key.
    • To use the emote, you can exit out of the menu and hold down your two thumbsticks caps lock on PC, then your character will activate the emote.

That’s it! You successfully use the emote in GTA 5 for your character.

The Quick Menu here is also known as an ‘Inventory’ option where the players are able to assign emotes to hotkeys, to use to customize their characters and also several other cool customization features in the game.

Additionally, the Quick Menu is one such mechanic where the players frequently use it for the ‘Quick GPS’ to navigate to their destination instead of pausing and choosing a Waypoint from the Map that can be tedious.

Using the Emotes in GTA 5

You can use any emotes that you have in GTA 5, as long as you are on foot. When you are using emote while driving, it will be different. It means that you can only use hand and arm emotes while driving.

In the case of using an emote, it is very satisfying waving at an enemy when you pass them to win the race. If you select an emote from the style menu, it will allow you to pull off an animation while walking around Los Santos, but it will be  random during a mission.

However, you can also use other emotes in the game in different situations. It means that you can select a victory emote which your character will use when starting a race, if you manage to finish in pole position.

If you prefer to be unarmed, you can be pretty disrespectful as a passenger in a bunch of vehicles. You just simply hold the control which will allow you to shoot and you will begin flipping people off.

Even though emoting is a hilarious way to celebrate your in-game goal, you need to be careful of players who do not take too kindly to them. Furthermore, you will be able to find yourself on the end of some MKII Oppressor chases.

Here’s a List of Emotes in GTA 5!

Version Emote list

Original release


    • The Bird (middle finger)
    • Rock
    • Salute
    • Jerk (jerk off)
    • Dance
    • Smoke
    • Drink eCola
    • Drink Pisswasser
    • Eat snack
    • Crew Action (Bro Love, The Bird, Jerk, Up Yours)
    • None

Valentine’s Day Massacre Special

    • Blow Kiss

The Business Update

    • Air Thrusting
    • Dock
    • Knuckle Crunch
    • Slow Clap

The High Life Update


    • Facepalm
    • Thumbs Up
    • Jazz Hands
    • Nose Pick

I’m Not a Hipster Update


    • Air Guitar
    • Wave
    • Surrender
    • Shush
    • Photography
    • DJ
    • Air Synth

GTA Online: Lowriders


    • No Way (finger wave)
    • Chicken Taunt
    • Chin Brush

Halloween Surprise


    • Freakout
    • Thumbs in Ears
    • Lowriders: Custom Classics
    • Finger Kiss
    • Peace
    • You Loco

After Hours


    • Banging Tunes Left
    • Banging Tunes
    • Banging Tunes Right
    • Oh Snap
    • Cats Cradle
    • Raise The Roof
    • Find The Fish
    • Salsa Roll
    • Heart Pumping
    • Uncle Disco

Arena War


    • Make It Rain
    • Drink Champagne

The Diamond Casino & Resort


    • Cry Baby
    • Cut Throat
    • Karate Chop
    • Shadow Boxing
    • The Woogie
    • Stinker
The Diamond Casino
    • Heist
    • Air Drums
    • Call Me
    • Coin Roll and Toss
    • Bang Bang
    • Respect
    • Mind Blown

The Cayo Perico Heist


    • Crowd Invitation
    • Driver
    • Runner
    • Shooting
    • Suck It
    • Take Selfie

Paired Actions


    • Backslap (Added in The High Life Update)
    • Fist Bump (Added in The High Life Update)
    • Manly Handshake (Added in The High Life Update)

Cut/Unused Actions


    • Arse Pick
    • Gang Sign A
    • Gang Sign B
    • Peace Sign
    • Tit Squeeze
    • Grab Crotch
    • V Sign
    •  Smoke Flick (Added in I’m Not a Hipster Update)
    • V Sign (Added in GTA Online: Lowriders, different animation)