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California State University Long Beach (CSULB) seems to provide a single sign-on portal that the students can use to access any information. The ‘myCSULB’ portal can be a home base for accessing the Student Center that is organized into sections based on the type of the information.

Are you an enrolled student at CSULB who looks for the sign in the portal? If so, you are currently at the right page, as we’ll show you the CSULB login portal that will ease you for accessing your Student Center information. Here you go!

Accessing the CSULB Login Portal, Here’s How!

The CSULB login portal can be accessed at http://sso.csulb.edu/.

To log into CSULB student portal, you will need to enter your CSULB email address or username or Campus ID and also password. All of them can be obtained at the time of admission. Once entering, you can then click on the ‘Sign In’ button to access the CSULB login portal.

CSULB Login Portal

Congratulations! You successfully access the CSULB student login portal. Get started to look for any information that you are looking for. Just like most student login portals that a lot of universities have, the CSULB login portal will help the students to get access for:

    • Viewing  their work schedule,
    • Getting all student’s information,
    • Paying stubs,
    • Getting some benefits,
    • Providing the CSULB student center,
    • Identifying the insurance plans,
    • Enrolling information,
    • updating personal information,
    • getting other csulb related information.

Aside from anything from the list above, the students can also manage their profile, interact with their teacher, submit any assignments, fee payments, to-do-list, view their progress report and many more.

Moreover, the myCSULB login portal has a number of options that you can use to choose for accessing all of the information and transactions available. In order to get the information that you need from your Student Record, myCSULB login portal also gives you screenshots and directions to navigate via myCSULB Student Center.

How to Activate Your myCSULB Account?

To get access to myCSULB login portal, you need to activate your myCSULB account. Here’s how to do:

    • Go to the myCSULB login page.
    • After that, you need to click on ‘Active Account’ below.
    • You can click on the option of ‘need help signing in’ to get an activated account link.
    • Here, you need to enter your 9-digit Campus ID number and  your birthdate. Then, click on the ‘Next’ button.
    • Afterwards, you can fill in the correct information, contact details, address, set password and security questions. In this case, the security questions actually help you to recover your user ID and password if you forget and unlock your account.
    • Then, you have to accept their terms and condition policy and then click on the ‘Continue’ button.
    • Once you have completed the procedure, you will then receive a welcome email on your registered email address in a few minutes.

If you have any questions that are related to your CSULB account or account activation, you can make a call at the contact information help desk team on 562.985.4959 or send an email @helpdesk@csulb.edu.

What Benefits Do the Students and Employee Get from myCSULB?

myCSULB login portal is not only providing a number of benefits for the students, but also for the CSULB employees. To convince you to use the myCSLUB login portal, we’ll also show you a list of some important features that myCSULB provides for students and employees.

Here are the myCSULB benefits:

Students and Employees Benefits

    • The employees will be able to see their payclips, benefits, class schedule, summary, pay stubs, notice and many more.
    • The students will be able to access and enroll in dental plans, medical plans, life insurance, health insurance, and more. Well, those benefits are for both students and employees.
    • The students can also see 403b plan enrollment and their contribution amounts.
    • myCSULB provides a great feature called remote networking security such as Virtual Private Network that can allow the students to securely PC on the internet and internet network. Need to know, myCSULB uses the encrypted tunnels, so the student’s data and employee’s date cannot be accessed without Login credentials.
    • Employees are able to apply for a leave of absence, sick, and vacation leave.
    • Both students and employees will be able to see compensatory time off balance, usage and accrual that are available for non-exempt employees only.
    • The employees are able to request for the time off, missing punches and more through the CSULB portal.
    • The students will be able to monitor withdrawals, update their personal information and connect with their teacher from their myCSLUB account.
    • There are many more resources that the students and employees can access including document sharing, chat, courses, audio and video calling, teams & channels and also meeting functionality with classmates.

Student Academic Benefits

Additionally, the myCSLUB login portal also provides a bunch of benefits for student academics where it seems to ease the prospective students and registered students to find out what they need for their academics. Here are some student academic benefits:

    • The students will be able to check enrollment data and also other registration plans as well as the schedule and dates through the myCSULB login portal.
    • The prospective student will be able to see their position on the enrollment waiting list.
    • The students will be able to check their enrollment, submit their assignments, university classes schedules anda updates.
    • Anywho who wants to enroll in CSULB can use myCSLUB Student Center app.
    • myCSULB login portal will assist people to Issue borrow orders for their textbooks that are available at the library.
    • The students will be able to receive a 2 week complimentary pass and also 1% discount on an annual membership.
    • myCSULB provides Entertainment discounts and credit union benefits and Financial Insurance.
    • People can also visit bellflower boulevard long beach to acquire other enrollment services.

Employee Career Benefits

For the career benefits, the employees will be able to see their work schedule, career opportunities and college announcements as well as track their work, time-table, performance, progress report  through CSULB Okta portal.

The great things that the CSULB portal provides for employees include access to a number of future career’s opportunities, career-building programs. The CSULB login portal also provides you training to boost your skill.

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