Top 10 Things to Do in Syracuse New York

Syracuse is the fifth biggest city in New York State. It is located in the eastern part of the Finger Lakes. There are lots of things to do in Syracuse, NY. Whether you are looking for incredible natural scenery, historic museums, or just some mindless fun, there are a lot of good spots to visit. Well, here we are going to share information about the top ten things to do in Syracuse, NY.

Top 10 Things to Do in Syracuse NY

Here are top ten things to do in Syracuse New York:

    1. Visit Green Lakes State Park

Visit Green Lakes State Park

Green Lakes State Park is a park located in Manlius, approximately 15 minutes away from Syracuse. The park was designed and made in 1928. Green Lake, which is inside the park, is a renowned meromictic lake in the world. It is surrounded by an extensive old forest which is the biggest in Central New York. The views in this park are very nice. Indulge in a bit of recreation while you are here. Also, you are able to go swimming near the lake’s sandy beach, hiking through the park’s trails or camping around the forest. Even you are able to play golf on the 18-hole course inside the park.

    1. Visit Everson Museum of Art

Visit Everson Museum of Art

Everson Art Museum is an art museum situated in Downtown Syracuse which focuses on American art. Based on the research, it was built in 1897. The museum’s extensive collection and exhibits of just American art are several of the top things to do in Syracuse for art enthusiasts. You will be able to observe paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and even video art. Fans of Adelaide Robineau have to check out her works in the museum. You probably even get a glimpse of her popular Scarab Vase.

    1. Make the Skaneateles Lake Boat Tour

Make the Skaneateles Lake Boat Tour

The boat tour cruises on the Skaneateles Lake/the Erie Canal. It starts in Skaneateles, approximately 28 minutes away from Syracuse. The nice views of the lake and the surrounding town are enough reason to hop on the boat and explore. The information you get from your guide will make the experience more fun for history lovers. Please make the most of your time by following a sightseeing cruise around the lake. Even you are able to select to go at lunch or at dinner to see the nice sunset views.

    1. Visit Clark Reservation State Park

in Syracuse New York

The Clark Reservation State Park is a 377-acre park situated in Jamesville. It is approximately 12 minutes away from Syracuse. This Clark Reservation State Park was established in 1928. The park is popular for its lush forests full of cliffs, ferns, and its ancient waterfall formed by the glacial ice from the last Ice Age. You are able to go on hikes to feel one with nature during your visit. The lake, cliffs, and forest will give different views which will keep you refreshed during your walk.

    1. Visit Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Visit Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Need to know that Rosamond Gifford Zoo is a local zoo situated in Burnet Park. The zoo was built in 1914. It has more than 700 animals housed here right now, with the smallest being bugs to the biggest being Asian elephants. Exploring the exhibits in Rosamond Gifford Zoo is one of the best things to do in Syracuse with the kids if you are animal lovers. To really get the full experience, you are able to visit the indoor and outdoor exhibits, the aviary and the aquariums.

    1. Visit Erie Canal Museum

Erie Canal Museum

The Erie Canal Museum is a museum which focuses on the Erie Canal. The museum is housed in a circa-1850 building. It is the cheap attractions in Syracuse which history fans will enjoy visiting because of its informative exhibits about the Erie Canal, a crucial waterway in US history. Aside from the exhibits inside the museum, you are able to take the time to appreciate the building itself. It is considered a historical landmark as it is the last weighlock building in the country.

    1. Explore Pratts Falls

Explore Pratts Falls

Pratt’s Falls is a cascade waterfall situated inside Pratt’s Falls Park in Onondaga County, approximately 21 minutes away from Syracuse. This cascading white waters of this fall are an amazing view which any nature lover will enjoy. Aside from that, the park where the falls are situated is an excellent spot for picnics and archery. You are able to go on an adventure this weekend and hike the trails towards the falls. There are three to select from, all of which have scenic views which will make the entire trip worthwhile.

    1. Visit Labrador Hollow Boardwalk  

Visit Labrador Hollow Boardwalk  

The location of the boardwalk is inside the 1,474-acre Labrador Hollow Unique Area in Tully, approximately 27 minutes away from Syracuse. The conservation area was built in the year of 1978. The foot boardwalk along Labrador Hollow is like a nature trail. This will take you through different ecological zones, from the marshes and swamps to open water. Just leisurely stroll along the boardwalk and then see how each nature zone transitions from one to the other. Also, you are able to keep your eyes out for wildlife like fishes and waterfowls.

    1. Visit Destiny USA

Visit Destiny USA

Destiny USA is a shopping and entertainment complex along Onondaga Lake. According to research, it was opened in 1990. Retail therapy got a lot more fun right now because of the many stores you will be able to visit in New York’s largest shopping mall. With over 250 establishments, your choices are going to feel unlimited. Window shop until you drop in this mall’s stores as it is one of the fun things to do in Syracuse. If your wallet is up to it, just splurge as much as you want while you are here.

    1. Visit Clinton Square

Visit Clinton Square

Since the early 19th-century, Clinton Square has been the original town center of Syracuse. We get information that the 19th-century and early 20th-century architecture surrounding the former town square gives a beautiful, postcard-worthy vibe to the area. Its romantic views make visiting here a must for your list of things to do in Syracuse, NY. Do not hesitate to visit the square, see the Soldiers and Sailors Monument if you like history. Or you are only able to relax around the fountain and shallow pool while you enjoy the views.

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