Best Time to Go to DMV on Saturday

We really know that the Department of Motor Vehicles is a busy vehicle administration service place in almost all countries. Since people find it hard to do business with the DMV on weekdays, many DMV offices in some states are now open on Saturday.

Instead of getting a quick service, you may still spend more time at the DMV office as other people also decide to visit it on Saturday. If you accidentally need to take care of your vehicle documents but can only do it on Saturday, you may need to know when the best time to go to the DMV office is.

Best Time to Go to DMV on Saturday

When is the Best Time to Go to the DMV Office on Saturday?

Beforehand, you need to confirm first whether your local DMV office opens on Saturday or not. In fact, not all DMV offices are open on Saturday, but you can still do business at any field office. If your local DMV office is not open on Saturday, you can check with other nearby offices to find one that is closest to you.

Even though your local DMV office is open on Saturday, you should know the hours of operation since some DMV officers will only open during limited hours, such as from 8 a.m. to noon. Others may be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. Some DMV field officers might even extend evening or early morning hours on weekends, from 7 a.m. to beyond 5 p.m.

If you want to speed up your business with DMV without spending more time, you may need to go to the DMV office on Saturday at the following time:

  • Early visits when the DMV office just opens on Saturday
  • Before the lunch hour
  • Before noon

Make sure to avoid going to the DMV office on Saturday at the following times:

  • During the lunch hour
  • At noon

If your local DMV office offers an online appointment system, it’s highly recommended for you to make an online appointment first. It potentially saves you hours of waiting when you arrive at the DMV office.

DMV officers in some states strongly suggest customers make an appointment first to see a DMV clerk by going online or calling the office. Some DMV offices allow you to make an appointment up to 90 days in advance.

After making an appointment to see a DMV officer on Saturday, you may have to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time. However, it will avoid any delays in receiving service when you get there.

What Services at the DMV Are Available on Saturday?

The services that are available on Saturday at the DMV office will depend on the field office. That’s because not all services will be available on Saturday. In fact, many DMV field offices do not provide driver road tests, commercial driver services, or vehicle inspections on Saturday.

On Saturday, DMV office will usually offer the following services:

  • Renew a driver’s license and vehicle registration
  • Report a change of address or other information
  • Take a driver’s license written exam
  • Make a payment

To do business with the DMV, you shouldn’t go in person to a DMV clerk. You can instead do it online, by mail, or also through an approved third-party vendor to renew a driver’s license, pay a fee, renew a vehicle registration, or report a change of address or other personal address.

Some Great Times to Go to the DMV Office

In addition to going to the DMV office at the specific time we’ve mentioned above, there are also some recommended times you can choose to speed things up with DMV officers. The following are some great times you can go to the DMV office:

1. When a major traffic issue occurs

Even though it’s a very rare moment, it may happen at least once per month in your area. If some traffic issues occur, such as an accident or a road shutdown for construction, many people will avoid traveling at the moment.

As long as you know the roads well enough, you’ll have a better chance of sneaking into the DMV office without getting stuck in traffic. It may sound weird, but if you take the best chance, you will reach the goal.

2. During bad weather

Many people will not try to go outside during bad weather, right? If you think that the weather is below normal, you can take the chance to take care of your vehicle documents at the DMV office. When you do it at the moment, you will not spend more time at the DMV office.

3. When a popular sporting event takes place

Going to the DMV office on the day of a popular sporting event is such an ideal time. Many people will glue themselves to their TVs, whether it is a popular local team or a major national event like the Super Bowl.

Okay, those are some great ideas of times you can choose to speed things up when doing business with the DMV. Good Luck!!!

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