Be Careful with Bora Bora Getaways Scam

If you see a post by Bora Bora Getaway Facebook page which offers a fantastic Bora Bora trip for free for 14 nights, you might be tempted by the offer. Right? Of course, this is very humane that even anyone wants to get without knowing in advance whether the offer is real or just a scam.

One thing is certain here, this fantastic offer will not be given away for free if it is true. Otherwise, if the offer is fake, of course they will very easily give it to you without conditions or with conditions that you have to fulfill very easily. It’s the same as what the Bora Bora Getaway Facebook Page offers.

Their offer for a free Bora Bora vacation  is totally  a scam. Why? To know the true facts, let’s see our post below!

Why Is Bora Bora Getaway Offering Fake?

Bora Bora Getaway Facebook Page easily offers something really fantastic, which is a free trip to Bora Bora for 14 nights by only streaming movies or videos which they post on their homepage. Sure, it doesn’t make sense, does it?

Why Is Bora Bora Getaway Offering Fake

They posted the offer on March 5, 2021 that you can find on their homepage. The offer here in detail is giving away 14 nights at the Le Meridien Bora Bora for 5 people. Even more fantastic, their offer includes the accommodation & Transfer, flights, facilities that you will get in Bora Bora island. Then, you will have 2 years to use the holiday.

In order to get the offer, anyone who wants to participate in this giveaway should give like, share and also comment ‘WIN’ on their post which will be closed on March 7, 2021 at 9 P.M. Sure, it does not make sense to get an amazing gift, you only have to like, comment, share on their post and click on the link to stream their video.

They promised by doing this, you’ll have a right to get a Bora Bora vacation package for free. Which is suspicious that once Facebook users comment with the word ‘Win’, they will reply to each person and tell them they really won stating ‘You win visit my profile’.

Unfortunately, after you get the message informing you that you win or you already finished streaming for the movie or any videos offered by Facebook Pages, you will not get anything by doing this. In other words, it just informs you to try it more and more without any certainty at all.

The point is, this offer is finally proven as a scam. It can be proven that this Bora Bora getaway Facebook page offer was invalid. Of course, these kinds of offers should be strictly avoided because of the fear of identity theft, phishing, and other potential consequences.

How Does Bora Bora Getaway Make An Offer?

In the way of attracting people to get into their trap, they allow the people to do plenty of ways  in order to get a fantastic offer. They only require the people who want to get a free Bora Bora vacation offer to like, share and comment on their post.

you should click on Bora Bora Profile and try to find out the giveaway post. Then, the facebook users have to try to enter the fake giveaway asked to visit a website. Near the bottom of the page, the facebook users were asked to login for a purported streaming movie service as a next step.

Aside from them, you will be also required for streaming a video or film that they posted on their homepage. They promise that if you’ve liked, shared, commented on and even watched the videos they post, they will give you a giveaway for a free Vacation to Bora Bora island. They also simply require anyone wanting to get a free vacation to Bora Bora by clicking on the link they post on the homepage. Later, this link will require you to provide your personal information.

Unfortunately, though you kindly give them your personal information, they will end up giving you nothing but a hoax. If you have this you have to be careful because of the possibility of them using your personal information for their purposes.

Of course, it can be said that the Bora Bora getaway offer is totally a fake. They are in the business of making affiliate money, meaning the more people who sign up for streaming movie websites, the more referral commissions the scammer receives.

What You Should Do to Avoid the Scam?

To avoid any scams in vacation offers, we strongly recommend that no personal information be sent to any of these fake gifts. However, it should be avoided for possible identity theft, phishing, and other potential consequences.

No matter how tempting the offer of a vacation to Bora Bora for free for 14 nights, you have to be careful because it is highly unlikely that a provider or travel agent will want to pay for you to vacation in Bora Bora for free, unless there is another secret goal.

Aside from the Bora Bora Getaway Facebook Page, you also have to be careful for an offer that doesn’t make sense. It’s because many Facebook pages and also profiles are advertising a legitimate Bora Bora Getaway. As a tip, you have to always look for the verified checkmark beside a Facebook page or profile offering you a giveaway.

If you receive an offer for a vacation to Bora Bora island for free either by email or short message, you should find out for the truth before.

Is the Official Le Méridien Bora Bora Involved for This Case?

Fortunately, there is no indication the official Le Méridien Bora Bora had any involvement with the scam. But you should notice that the entire ruse appeared to be an attempt to create affiliate money. It’s because the more Facebook users who signed up for the streaming movie website, the more referral commission the scammers received.

Importantly, you should also be careful for other dangerous motives involved. Well, this scheme bore similarities to previous reports about Kosovo and suspicious Facebook activity.

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