UT Degree Audit Results

For those who are looking for information about UT Degree Audit Results, you should read this entire article to get information you need. Also, here we are going to share some information about UT Austin.

UT Degree Audit

The team of UT degree audit supports the system utilized to certify graduation for all undergraduate and several graduate degree programs. Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) is a Web service that allows the students to run their degree audits, project how the courses can apply to their own degrees, and also to find advising resources. Aside from that, Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) also allows prospective students to estimate how courses from other institutions can apply to UT Austin degrees. This part provides individual and departmental consultations for faculty and staff on request. The students have to contact their advisers with the questions about their own degree audits.

Undergraduate Degree Planning

You are able to map out a successful path to graduation by using this information on the IDA (Interactive Degree Audit), transferring credits, UT Planner, changing majors or degrees and graduating on time. By the way, are you a graduate student? Please find resources on the Graduate School site.

Transfer Resources

To be considered for transfer admission, you have to complete transferable coursework successfully. By the way, how do you know if the courses you took are transferable?

You will need to consider these resources:

    • Automated Transfer Equivalency System
      This is a searchable database of more than 300,000 transfer credit evaluations for the courses at Texas universities and community colleges
    • Interactive Degree Audit
      IDA or Interactive Degree Audit is a system which allow the students estimate how the courses taken at other institutions will apply to the degree at The University of Texas at Austin
    • Common Transfer Credit Issues
      This is a summary designed to assist prospective transfer applicants understand and avoid certain difficulties in using transfer courses to fulfill the university’s degree requirements
    • Community College Transfer Guides
      Review listings of the courses that students can take at Austin Community College and other Texas community colleges which may apply toward specific degree requirements at The University of Texas at Austin.

All students, including currently enrolled UT students, that are interested in getting UT transfer credit for courses taken at another university or college have to submit official transcripts to the Office of Admissions. Admissions will evaluate the transcripts to determine if coursework is transferable to UT Austin. After the initial evaluation by Admissions, academic programs will decide if or how individual courses apply toward degree requirements.

The evaluation of individual courses taken at out-of-state institutions is not available over the phone, by email or in person. Warning: The course evaluations and decisions regarding the transferability of individual courses are created after an applicant has been admitted.

Graduation Help Desk

The Graduation Help Desk will consolidate all the tools available to assist the students stay on track to graduate and offer the students assistance enrolling in classes needed to fulfill degree requirements. The Graduation Help Desk staff work with the students, the advisors, and the faculty to solve roadblocks to timely graduation.

Help Desk Checklist for Students: You are able to contact your academic advisor. The Advisors are the experts in your degree plan, and they are able to answer most questions. This is a vital step because the processes can vary by college. The advisors are the most knowledgeable resources regarding specific degree and graduation requirements.

Receiving Your Degree: After you complete your degree requirements successfully, you have obtained your degree and will have your degree conferred. The students whose degree audit is 100 percent are eligible for graduation. They are going to be notified via a SAN (Secure Academic Note) after the semester’s deadline to apply for an undergraduate degree. The Colleges may need you to confirm your intent to participate in the commencement ceremonies. For this case, you are able to contact your college for information on confirming the commencement ceremony participation.

Senior Countdown

You commit to graduating on time. Here we help you. How does it work?

    • Meet with Your Advisor
      Meet your academic advisor to plan your course schedules for completing all necessary degree requirements on time. For new students, on time is defined as within 4 years of their first semester. For transfer students, on time is defined as within 3 years of their first semester.
    • Commit to Graduate
      If you complete all the courses you need to graduate on time, then your advisor is going to note in your record that you are participating in Senior Countdown.
    • Senior Countdown Begins
      You are going to receive a welcome email with information about how to access your Senior Countdown benefits:

      • Alumni networking and career coaching experiences
      • Guaranteed assistance for the classes needed for your degree plan
      • Priority access to the Graduation Help Desk

About UT Austin

UT Degree Audit Results

UT Austin is a public research university in Austin (Texas), established in 1883. The University was included in the Association of American Universities in the year of 1929. The University is composed of over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students and over 25,000 faculty and staff.

This is a major centre for academic research. The university has 7 museums and 17 libraries, including the Blanton Museum of Art and the LBJ Presidential Library. It operates lots of auxiliary research facilities. Since November 2020, the University has been affiliated with the school as alumni, faculty members or researchers. Also, the university has been affiliated with 3 Primetime Emmy Award winners. And since 2021, its students and alumni have obtained 155 Olympic medals in total.

The Student-athletes compete as the Texas Longhorns. We get information that the Longhorns have already won 4 NCAA Division I National Football Championships, 6 NCAA Division I National Baseball Championships, 13 NCAA Division I National Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships, and also has claimed more titles in men’s and women’s sports than any other college in the Big 12.

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