USF Course Inventory Overview

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USF Course Inventory

If you want to access USF Course Inventory, simply you are able to visit this link here. There you are going to be asked to enter some information.

USF Course Inventory

    • At the first step, you have to select a level; Graduate or Undergraduate.
    • After that, you have to select College.
    • The next step that you have to do is to select the Department.
    • Now, you are able to select Prefix.
    • Afterwards, there is a number field that you need to fill. To search courses of a certain level, you have to enter the leading digit (For example: ‘5’ for 5000).
    • In this step, enter the title correctly.
    • The last step, you only need to enter credits.

USF at A Glance

    • Founded: 1956
    • Undergraduates: 36,854
    • Graduate Students: 9,493
    • Accreditation: Accredited Institutionally, SACSCOC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)
    • Faculty and  Staff: 15,678
    • Diversity: 50 percent of the students of USF are African American, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, Hispanic, and other Pacific Islander.
    • Countries Represented: 146

USF Course Inventory Overview

USF (University of South Florida) Overview

USF (University of South Florida) is located in the Tampa Bay region, with campuses in Tampa, Sarasota-Manatee and St. Petersburg. The University of South Florida serves over 50,000 students who are pursuing graduate, undergraduate, and professional degrees. Across their 13 colleges, undergraduates are selected from more than 200 majors. Based on U.S. News and World Report’s (U.S. News) 2022 Best Colleges rankings, USF (University of South Florida) is the fastest-rising university in America. Over the past ten years, University of South Florida has risen 67 spots among all universities and 48 spots among public universities.

High-impact global research points to USF’s mission as one of three Preeminent Research Universities, as designated by the Florida Board of Governors. The Preeminence program gives rewards for the universities based on 12 metrics, including the student retention rates, the graduation rates, the research expenditures and the number of patents awarded. We get information that USF (University of South Florida) is eighth among American public research universities. Also, USF (University of South Florida) is fifteenth among all universities in the world in generating the new patents. The ranking makes the University of South Florida as a leader among more than 1,000 academic institutions that generate new inventions given intellectual property protection from the United States Patent and the Trademark Office.

University of South Florida’s innovation and economic development efforts produce real benefits across Florida. In fact, the university had a total economic impact of $6.00 billion in fiscal 2019 – 2020 and supports 68,704 jobs in the state. There are lots of the jobs supported by the University of South Florida (USF) are in high-wage, high-skill, knowledge-based industries, such as financial services, information technology, and life sciences.

Their scholars and researchers focus on developing transformative solutions to complex problems facing society. During the coronavirus pandemic, University of South Florida (USF) Health has been at the forefront of the Tampa Bay region’s response. They produced 3D-printed nasal swabs, created face shields for health care workers, conducted clinical trials and assisted the Florida Department of Health with contact tracing. Also, the University of South Florida has given funding via a COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants program under the auspices of the USF Pandemic Response Research Network, it is a transdisciplinary initiative organized by university leadership and faculty researchers to respond to current and future pandemics quickly.

Aside from that, they also created a more just society. The students, faculty and staff have been working together to develop anti-racist practices, resources and initiatives. The resulting actions include programming, investments in research, and resources to address anti-racism at the University of South Florida and beyond.

To advance research on racism in society, USF Research and Innovation committed $500,000 to fund interdisciplinary research projects which explore a wide range of the problems in systemic inequality, Black history, economic and health disparities, and contemporary challenges for funding.

Mission – University of South Florida

The University of South Florida (USF) conducts innovative scholarship, creative activity and basic research, and gives a world-class educational experience promoting the success of their talented and diverse undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. As a public research university, University of South Florida (USF) serves the people of Florida, the nation, and the world by pushing intellectual inquiry and outcomes which shape the future regionally, nationally and globally.

Goals – University of South Florida

These are five goals of the University of South Florida:

    • The first Goal is Student Success at University of South Florida and beyond
      To promote the success of highly skilled, well-educated, and adaptable alums, as lifelong learners, lead the enriched lives, contribute to the democratic process, and function as engaged community citizens.
    • The second Goal is Faculty excellence in research and innovation
      To do high-impact research and innovation for advancing frontiers of knowledge, solving global problems, and improving lives.
    • The third Goal is Partnerships and engagement with local, national, and global impact
      To be a social and economic tool that makes strong global, national, and regional partnerships to build a prosperous future for regional communities and the state of Florida.
    • The fourth Goal is diverse and inclusive community for learning and discovery
      To provide a safe and vibrant community for learning, creative activities, discovery, and transformative experiences enabled through adaptive design of physical, social, and digital environments.
    • The fifth Goal is strong, sustainable, and adaptable financial base
      To practice visionary planning and sound stewardship throughout University of South Florida to make sure a strong  and sustainable financial base and adapt proactively to emerging opportunities in a dynamic environment.

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