Shipping to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight Guides

One of the reasons why many people use Rapid Express Freight is its delivery speed, which allows you to ship your products to Amazon FBA faster than regular shipping methods. Amazon FBA itself is a service provided by Amazon to help its sellers by storing and shipping their inventory.

Shipping to Amazon FBA means that you send inventory to the fulfillment center. With the use of Rapid Express Freight, you can ship your products in a safe manner within 48 hours. This shipping service uses a variety of transportation modes, such as trucks, trains, airplanes, and sea transport, to ship your cargo.

Shipping to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight Guides

FBA Shipping Rapid Express Freight is the perfect program for small businesses to increase their shipping speeds, making it easier for customers to get their products quickly. To ship to Amazon FBA with Rapid Express Freight, you have to follow the guides, as follows:

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

To ship to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight, you have to figure out where you want to ship your products. Then, you need to fill out the form by providing your personal and shipment information, including:

Personal Information

  • Your name
  • Your company
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

Shipment Information

  • Origin zip code
  • Destination zip code
  • Number of Pallets
  • Total Weight

Additional Service

  • Inside Delivery
  • Residential Pickup
  • Residential Delivery
  • Trade Show Pickup
  • Trade Show Delivery
  • Lift Gate Pick Up
  • Sort & Segregate

Once you fill out the form, you can receive an email with details about which transportation mode will be used, an estimated rapid express delivery time with an expense, or how much time it will take.

Step 2: Label the Shipped Items

Next, all items you want to ship through Amazon FBA should first be labeled with a special barcode called an FNSKU. You can buy these labels from Amazon or use a label printing service compatible with Amazon’s labeling requirements.

You should also create a picking slip that includes the FNSKU and your customer’s shipping information. Last, you can package your items in accordance with Amazon’s guidelines.

Step 3: Add a Product to Inventory

After packaging your product, you’ll have to add it to the inventory first before shipping it to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight. Here’s how!

  • On Amazon Seller Central, you can go to your inventory.
  • Then, you can click on “add a product.”
    Go to the inventory and click on add a product

After adding a product to inventory, you need to choose between two options: whether you want to ship one product or multiple products in one shipment.

If you want to ship one product, you can click one product from your inventory. If you want to ship multiple products, you can select multiple products from your inventory.
ship one product or multiple products in one shipment

  • After you choose one product or multiple products, you can then click on the button above that says “Action“, and choose “Send replenish inventory.”
    Send replenish inventory
  • Then, you can see the three questions, as follow;

Shipping plan What’s this

  1. Shipping plan: What’s this?
  • Create a new shipping plan
  • Add to an existing shipping plan
  1. Ship from what address?
  2. Packing type: What’s this?
  • Individual products
  • Case-packed products
  • After that, you need to select the shipping carrier: UPS, FedEx, or another carrier.
    choose the shipping methods
  • Here, you also need to choose the shipping methods: Small parcel delivery (SPD) and Less than truckload.
  • Once you fill out your shipping method and carrier, you will be taken to a page like this.
    shipping method and carrier
  • On the page, you will see a box under the heading that says “Who preps?”. It means who will pack your items into poly bags. Here, you have two options: Amazon and a merchant.
    Amazon and a merchant
  • You can choose the merchant since the manufacturing company is packing the products that you source.

Step 4: Print Labels for This Page

  • You can then enter the number of units you’re shipping to Amazon FBA.
  • You will see a button that says “Print labels for this page” at the bottom.
    Print Labels for This Page

It’s important to note that it is not a shipping label; it is a FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit) you can put on your items to avoid confusion since many sellers sell the same products, which may get mixed up with other products in the warehouse. That’s why FNSKUs are used, making it easier for Amazon to identify which product or inventory belongs to which seller.

The FNSKU will look like this,

FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit)

Step 5: Complete Your Shipment

  • After you’ve completed all of the preceding steps, you’ll be on a final window with all of the details you’ve chosen.
  • Then, you can click on “Approve & Continue.”
    Complete Your Shipment
  • Last, you need to choose the paper type on which you want to print your unique label or FNSKUs and then click on “complete shipment.”
    complete shipmen

Congratulations! You’ve completed your shipment to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight.

Upon creating the shipment, you can check the status of your shipment in the “Manage FBA shipments” tab.

Manage FBA shipments
Of course, Amazon has followed your shipment workflow.
Amazon has followed your shipment workflow

How Reliable Is Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight?

Well, the main reason why many people choose Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight is because of the speed and security offered. So far, Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight offers fast delivery service with high security. This shipping service promises to ship your products faster than regular shipping methods. Of course, it’s very helpful for those of you who want to get your products to Amazon quickly.

Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight also provides insurance and online tracking, so you can track the status and the history of your products and know their status at any time. Depending on the carrier, FBA typically takes two to six days to deliver orders that could be shorter or longer.

Talking about the cost of Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight, it will depend on the weight and size of your product. Overall, Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight has a budget-friendly cost. On average, the items that weigh less than a pound will cost $0.30 per unit. For the products that weigh more, it may cost $0.40 per unit.

In addition, Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight can help in handling and managing your inventory and may notify you if the items are about to run out. If you get problems with Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight, you can try to contact their 24/7 client assistance, which will resolve your problems.

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