Practice and Homework Lesson 4.3 Answer Key

Now, you may be trying to solve the Practice and Homework section of Lesson 4.3. If so and you find any difficulties or you want to check whether your answer is right or not, here I have the answer key for you. However, it is important for you to note that this answer key is not for cheating. It is for you to learn or check whether your answer is right or not.

Answer Key for Practice and Homework Lesson 4.3

On the CD Schools site, you are able to find the questions of Practice and Homework Lesson 4.3. And here are the questions of Practice and Homework Lesson 4.3.

    1. Hakeem has 100 tomato plants. He wants to plant them in rows of 8. How many full rows will he have?
    2. A teacher has 27 students in her class. She asks the students to form as many groups of 4 as possible. How many students will not be in a group?
    3. A sporting goods company can ship 6 footballs in each carton. How many cartons are needed to ship 75 footballs?
    4. Joanna has 70 beads. She uses 8 beads for each bracelet. She makes as many bracelets as possible. How many beads will Joana have left over?
    5. A teacher wants to give 3 markers to each of her 25 students. Markers come in packages of 8. How many packages of markers will the teacher need?
    6. Write word problems that represent each way you can use a remainder in a division problem. Include solutions.

And here is the answer key for the questions above according to

    1. 12 full rows
    2. 3 students
    3. 13 cartons
    4. 6 beads left over
    5. 10 packages

For number 6, I am sorry that I could not find the answer.

In the Practice and Homework Lesson 4.3, there is a Lesson Check section and here are the questions.

    1. Marcus sorts his 85 baseball cards into stacks of 9 cards each. How many stacks of 9 cards can Marcus make?
    2. A minivan can hold up to 7 people. How many minivans are needed to take 45 people to a basketball game?

And here are the questions of the Spiral Review section of Practice and Homework Lesson 4.3.

    1. Mrs. Wilkerson cut some oranges into 20 equal pieces to be shared by 6 friends. How many pieces did each person get and how many pieces were left over?
    2. A school bought 32 new desks. Each desk cost $24. Estimate how much the school spent on the new desks.
    3. Kris has a box of 8 crayons. Sylvia’s box has 6 times as many crayons as Kris’s box. How many crayons are in Sylvia’s box?
    4. Yesterday, 1,743 people visited the fair. Today, there are 576 more people at the fair than yesterday. How many people are at the fair today?

Here is the answer key for the questions above.

    1. 9
    2. 7
    3. 3 pieces with 2 pieces left over
    4. $750
    5. 48
    6. 2,367

Multiplication with Decimals and Whole Numbers Lesson 4.3 Answer Key

Besides the questions and answer key of lesson 4.3 above, I also found the answer key for Multiplication with Decimals and Whole Numbers Lesson 4.3. You are able to see the questions and the answers below.

    1. 2.7 x 4 = 10.8
    2. 7.6 x 8 = 60.8
    3. 0.35 x 6 =  2.10 or 2.1
    4. 8.42 x 9 = 75.78
    5. 14.05 x 7 =  98.35
    6. 23.82 x 5 =  119.10 or 119.1
    7. 4 x 9.3 = 37.2
    8. 3 x 7.9 = 23.7
    9. 5 x 42.89 = 214.45
    10. 8 x 2.6 = 20.8
    11. 6 x 0.92 = 5.52
    12. 9 x 1.04 = 9.36
    13. 7 x 2.18 = 15.26
    14. 3 x 19.54 = 58.62
    15. A half-dollar coin issued by the United States Mint measures 30.61 millimeters across. Mikk has 9 half dollars. He lines them up end to end in a row. What is the total length of the row of half dollars?
      Answer: 275.49 millimeters
    16. One pound of grapes costs $3.49. Linda buys exactly 3 pounds of grapes. How much will the grapes cost?
      Answer: $10.47

Lesson Check

    1. Pete wants to make turkey sandwiches for two friends and himself. He wants each sandwich to contain 3.5 ounces of turkey. How many ounces of turkey does he need?
      Answer: 10.5 ounces
    1. Gasoline costs $2.84 per gallon. Mary’s father puts 9 gallons of gasoline in the tank of his car. How much will the gasoline cost?
      Answer: $25.56

Spiral Review

    1. A group of 5 boys and 8 girls goes to the fair. Admission costs $9 per person. Which expression does NOT show the total amount the group will pay?
      Answer: $9 x 5 x 8
    1. Sue and 4 friends buy a box of 362 baseball cards at a yard sale. If they share the cards equally, how many cards will each person receive?
      Answer: 72
    1. Sarah rides her bicycle 2.7 miles to school. She takes a different route home, which is 2.5 miles. How many miles does Sarah ride to and from school each day?
      Answer: 5.2 miles
    1. Tim has a box of 15 markers. He gives 3 markers each to 4 friends. Which expression shows the number of markers Tim has left?
      Answer: 15 – (3 x 4)

How to Learn Math

Well, after you see the answer keys above, you may need some tips about how to learn math. According to the Eurekly site, here are how to learn math for students.

    • You have to practice a lot. Math is a skill which will develop only by being practiced over and over again. So, you can use your spare time to practice equations, exercises and basic arithmetic.
    • You need to review your mistakes. Usually, mathematics is all about problem-solving. To be able to solve the problems, you have to apply different solutions until you find the correct one. If you get the wrong answer, you need to review your process and find the mistakes. By understanding where you went wrong, it can strengthen your skills and avoid making the same mistakes.
    • You need to focus on concepts, not processes. You need to know that math is a sequential subject where you have to understand one problem thoroughly before you move onto the next. If you only know the process of an equation, you will find it harder to understand where it fits into solutions for different problems in the future.

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