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Are you looking for North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) course catalog? However, you may not know where to go to find this catalog. Here, you will find the information about it because I have the information about NCSSM course catalog for you.

Accessing NCSSM Course Catalog

If you want to access NCSSM (North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics) course catalog, the first thing that you have to do is to access the official website of NCSSM at When you are on the homepage of the website, then you have to put your cursor on Online menu or Durham & Morganton Residential and then there will be a number of sub menu which appear. You have to click on the Courses in the Academics section. After that, you will be taken to anothet page where you will see View Online Course Catalog button in yellow color. You have to click on that button to access online course catalog.

On the online course catalog page, there is an online course catalog search form that you have to fill. In the form, there are a number of fields including Program of Course Offering, School Year, Department, Subject Area, Course, and Keyword.

I tried to do a search in that online course catalog search and I filled the form as you are able to see below.
Program of Course Offering: Online
School Year: 2021 – 2022
Department: All Department
Subject Area: All Subjects
Course: All Courses

And then, I hit the Search button. After that, in the right side of the Online Course Catalog Search form, there is a list of the search results such as:

    • BI3025 BI3025 Honors Epidemiology
    • BI3065 BI3065 Honors Forensic Science
    • BI3115 BI3115 Honors Introduction to Neuroscience
    • BI4105 BI4105 Honors Molecular Genetics
    • BI4145 BI4145 Honors Climate Change Biology
    • And many more.

If you click on one of the courses, there will be information that you can read including School, Dept, Subject, Term (s) Currently Offered, and Prerequisite (s). There is also the description about the course and also the meeting times and requirements.

I tried to click on the BI3025 BI3025 Honors Epidemiology and here is the information that I got.

School: NCSSM Online
Dept: Science
Subject: Biology
Term Currently Offered: Semester 1, Semester 2
Prerequisite: Biology/ Math III
It is explained that in this introductory course in human microbial disease, students will explore the impact that various microbes have had in our lives. Also, they will identify the characteristics of various pathogens and infectious agents, explain how diseases spread and construct models, create presentations and collaborate on projects related to epidemology. The principles and methods of disease investigation are also learn inckuding investigating patterns of illness in populations, mode of infection, identifying infectious microbes by visual assessment and symptoms.

Meeting Times:
Fall Semester: Wednesday 8:00 pm
Online Weekend: October 30, 2021/ Optional
Spring Semester: Wednesday 8:00 pm
Online Weekend: March 19, 2022/ Required


To take this course, you need to have at least one semester of biology, preferably at the honors/ AP level. In addition, you also need to complete Math III. For example, successful students require a strong working background of basic statistics.

It is important for you to know that as explained on the NCSSM site, all courses in NCSSM are created to provide high potential students a transition into the college learning environment. The courses of online program in NCSSM are taught by the faculty of North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and designed and created by the faculty of NCSSM.

All courses in NCSSM are honors level and address topics and depth typical of early undergraduate curriculum. Codes of the course range from 350 – 499.

About Summer Accelerator Courses in NCSSM

As explained on the website of NCSSM, Summer Accelerator courses are sent online by intructors who are skilled and also leaders in their fields who have years of experience in mathematics, the sciences and the humanities. The instructors are committed to the learning experience of each student and take their professional experience to the online classroom. They will be able to broad the experience for every student through a blend of asynchronous and real-time, collaborative projects and synchronous coursework.

You may wonder whether you are able to apply if you live outside North Carolina or the US. It is important for you to know that students from all over the globe are allowed to apply. However, you need to know that webinar times are shown in Eastern Standard Time.

How about enrolling in classes with overlapping dates? According to the NCSSM site, you may not enroll in courses with overlapping required class meeting times. You need to double check the dates and class meeting times before you apply to multiple courses.

For admission, you need to note that NCSSM accepts students who excel in technology, science, engineering and mathematics. You also need to know that each course has different specific prerequisites such as Biology or Algebra. So, you neeed to check the course listings for the requirements of each course. Every student needs to fill out the online application themselves to be considered for the program. There is no specific GPA requirement in NCSSM. The committee that reviews the applications checks at a number of factors to guarantee that a student will be able to succeed in the rigorous course that they are applying for.

Then, who are the instructors? Usually, the lead instructor for every course is a year-round NCSSM faculty member. Or, it can also be a local content expert educator. There may be additional classroom instruction which may be provided by other experts in the field. For more details on each instructor, you need to see individual course descriptions.

Depending on the content, summer accelerator online courses have different methods of assessment. Several courses may have tests and quizzes. For instructors, it is more common to use other means of assessment such as individual and groupd projects, presentations and labs.

Do we have to have computer or electronic device for summer accelerator? Yes, you need to have a computer to be able to take part in the Summer Accelerator Online courses. You also need to have regular access to a computer with an internet connection.

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