D2R Down Detector

Down Detector is the name of the website that is always there for the users to detect something when the technology fails. This one is really helpful for the users to understand what is going on with the outage. It offers real time status and outage information for a lot of kinds of services that are considered important by the users to their everyday lives and work, including the online games. One of the games that is included is known as Diablo 2 Resurrected, which is also more known as D2R in short.

How does Down Collector work? According to its office website, the site works by collecting the status reports from a few sources, including the popular social media called Twitter as well as the reports that are submitted on the official website of Down Detector and its mobile apps. These reports are validated and analyzed by a system in real time, making the site able to automatically detect any outages and service disruptions in the very early stages.

D2R Down Detector

Down Detector makes it clear that a single person reporting a problem does not mean there is a large-scale outage. As the effort to make sure that the outages are presented well, a baseline of the typical issue reports is monitored. After verifying that the issues are affecting a lot of people, they will only report the outage when the amount of reports is higher compared to the baseline.

How do you go to the Diablo page in Down Detector to see the outages reported in the last 24 hours? If you want to go to that page to check such a thing, you can follow each step below:

    1. The very first thing that you need to do is to go to the official website of Down Detector at downdetector.com.
    2. When you are on its homepage, find the search bar that is located at the top right of the page or at the center of the page.
    3. Then, enter the keyword. As the thing that you are looking for is Diablo 2 Resurrected or D2R, you are encouraged to enter only Diablo instead of Diablo 2 Resurrected or D2R as the result will not be shown.
      enter the keyword type diablo
    4. After entering the keyword, do not forget to hit the Enter button.
    5. Just like that you will be taken to the Diablo page.
      Diablo page

On the Diablo page, you will be able to see a chart that shows a view of issue reports submitted in the past 24 hours. It is compared to the typical volume reported by the time of the day. Talking about the reports, it is a common thing for some issues to be reported throughout the day. Keep in mind that this site only reports an incident when the amount of issue reports is higher compared to the typical volume for that time of the day.

As shown on the official website of Down Detector, the most reported problems related to Diablo is server connection with 70%. The problem related to the website comes second with 16%. In the third position, there is a problem related to the login with 13%.

In case you have an issue with Diablo, you can report a problem through Down Detector. In order to report a problem, here is everything to follow:

    1. First of all, you have to go to the official website of Down Detector at downdetector.com.
    2. On its front page, look for the search bar that is found at the top right of the page or at the center of the page.
    3. The next thing that you need to do is to type the keyword “Diablo” in the search bar before pressing Enter.
    4. After pressing Enter, you will be directed to the Diablo page.
    5. On the Diablo page, there is a “I have a problem with Diablo” button. It is the red button with the words written in white.
    6. Upon seeing this button, please click on it.
    7. By clicking on that button, something will pop up. On the pop up page, there are a few options to choose from. If you are currently having an issue with the website, please choose the Website option. If you are having a hard time when trying to log in, the one that should be chosen is the Login option. If you think that the issue is about the server connection, please choose the Server Connection option. If you are having an issue with the game play, the Game Play option is the one that you have to choose. If the issue that you are encountering is not related to one of those, then please choose the Something else option instead.
    8. By clicking on one of these options between Website, Login, Server Connection, and Game Play, you will be able to be notified that your report was successfully submitted. Then, you will be asked to rate Diablo over the past 3 months. The options include 1 star (I have it), 2 star (I don’t like it), 3 star (It’s okay), 4 star (I like it), and 5 star (I love it). Feel free to rate it or just skip everything by pressing the Close button. If you choose the Something else option, you will be asked to enter the exact thing that you are encountering. Once you are done, do not forget to press the red Submit button.

If you want to detect the Diablo outages fast with Down Detector, you are suggested to install the app version of it. For those Apple products users, you can go to the App Store to install the app. As for those who use Android, instead of the App Store, you can go to Google Play Store. The app can be installed freely on iOS without having to spend any. If you are an Android user and are wondering about the price, it is stated that the product in the app costs varied from $2.02 to $12.47 per item.