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California State University Long Beach or CSULB has a Learning Management System or LMS called BeachBoard. This system is developed and supported by the company named D2L or Desire 2 Learn. It is described as the custom version of the Brightspace platform. It is something to keep in mind if you access the support side of D2L. The CSULB faculty and students are supported by the Academic Technology Services to use the tools and all the features that are available on BeachBoard.

In the BeachBoard, there are a lot of things to do. One of them is to activate the course. Apparently, every semester, there is a thing known as a BeachBoard shell that is created automatically for each course. This kind of thing is able to be activated by the instructor whenever they want. Once it has been activated, all the students who enroll in the course will be able to see it. Every instructor is recommended to get to know about all the tools and to understand how to set up the course before activating the course.

If you are an instructor and wants to activate the course, the first thing that you have to do is to log in to BeachBoard through Single Sign On by entering the email address, phone number or Skype and password (Campus ID). After logging in, you are able to set a course to Active through the Couse Offering Information page. Activating the course show up in the My Courses widget of the student. Each student will also be able to enter the course in the Start Date and End Date parameters. Just like the previous one, it is also able to be found on the same Course Offering Information page. Remember that there is no way for the students to be able to view the course any time outside of the Start/End Date window. If you change something, do not forget to click Save to make a change.

Actually, it is not the only way to activate the course. Apart from the one above, you may also want to activate it from the BeachBoard homepage. If it is pinned under the My Course widget, you can activate it by hovering the course image, clicking the ellipsis icon that is located on the top right of the image, choosing Course Offering Information, scrolling to the section, and placing a check mark in the Course is active check box. By following the guide, the students will be able to see the course in BeachBoard.

In addition to activating the course, BeachBoard is also able to be used by the instructor to communicate with the students, share the course materials with the students, record lectures and announcements, manage assessments and assignments, manage grades, transfer grades to faculty center and so on.

Just like for the instructors, BeachBoard is also helpful for the students. With it, they can do a lot of things, including to view the grades. If you are a student who want to check out your grade, you can go into the BeachBoard course that you want and click on the Grades tab located in the navigation bar. In case there is no single grade shown on the screen, it means your grade has not been graded or published by your instructor.

The same error may happen when you are checking out your courses. It is possible for your classes to be missed from the My Courses widget. In this case, you can try to choose View All Courses under My Courses and all the courses should be shown immediately by following the step. If you still see nothing on the screen, it might be related to enrollment. For those who just have added the course in MyCSULB, you are suggested to wait for about 24 hours and see if it shows under My Courses and Organizations. Keep in mind that the course will not appear under the section if your instructor has not activated a course or an organization. If you missed it, you can just contact the instructor of the course or organization.

If you want to take a quiz, firstly, click on Quizzes in the navigation bar of your course. Next, go to the quiz that you want to take and click it. You are encouraged to read the details as it gives you important information about the quiz. When you understand everything, it is time for you to click the Start Quiz! to start the quiz.

In case there is a connectivity issues appear during your time taking a quiz or exam, please contact the instructor immediately and ask them to restart your attempt to take it. When taking these two, especially the exam, it is important to make sure that the browser is up to date. Do not forget to also disable any third-party plugins that may disturb you. Plus, it is also a must to make sure that your responses or saves are being saved.

BeachBoard is only one of the services offered by California State University Long Beach. You can access BeachBoard along with some other services with a single sign on. These other services include:

For students:

    • Accessibility Statement
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Beach Centtral
    • BeachMail (Outlook)
    • Beach Scholarships
    • BeachSync
    • Calculus Placement (ALEKS)
    • ES Protected Forms
    • Free Software (Software Depot)
    • Graduate Business Career Services
    • Housing Portal
    • IT Help
    • Lynda/LynkedIn Learning
    • National Student Clearinghouse (Verify)
    • OneDrive – student
    • Parking
    • SSC – Advising & Tutoring
    • Student Apps
    • (Office 365)
    • Student Center (MyCSULB)
    • Student Health Services
    • Student Virtual lab
    • University Library
    • Virtual Movie Screening
    • Zoom

For faculty and staff:

    • Accessibility Statement
    • Ad Astra
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Asset Solutions
    • Beach Building Services
    • Beach Scholarships
    • BeachSync
    • Buyers Login (CalUSource)
    • CareerLink – Faculty & Staff
    • Cayuse
    • CFS Data Warehouse
    • CFS Information
    • CFS PeopleSoft
    • CS Link
    • SCU Training (SumTotal)
    • CSULB InfoReady
    • DocuSign
    • EDUCAUSe
    • Employee Apps (Office 365)
    • Employee Center
    • Employee Clearance
    • Employee Email
    • ES Protected Forms
    • Faculty Center
    • Faculty Experts Admin
    • Forms
    • Free Software (Software Depot)
    • GitHub Enterprise
    • HR Administration
    • Interfolio
    • IRBManager
    • IT Help
    • Lunda/LinkedIn Learning
    • Maxient
    • OnBase
    • OneDrive
    • Parking
    • Red Folder
    • SSC – Advising & Tutoring
    • Staples Office Supplies
    • Student Administration
    • Student Health Services Admin
    • Tableau (Beach Data)
    • Time Approval
    • Time Entry
    • University Library
    • You @ CSULB
    • Virtual Movie Screening
    • Zoom
    • Zoom Telehealth

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