Worst Time to Visit Myrtle Beach

If you have a plan to visit Myrtle Beach, you need to learn first about when the best or worst time to visit the beach is. In fact, not all months are a great option to visit Myrtle Beach. Even though everyone has different time interests to visit the beach, but knowing the best/ worst time is a must for you.

So as when visiting Myrtle Beach, there will be the worst time to visit Myrtle Beach. If you do not know when the worst time is to visit Myrtle Beach, you can find the information about it in our post. Here you go!

When Is the Worst Time to Visit Myrtle Beach?

Worst Time to Visit Myrtle Beach

Generally, the worst time to visit a beach is in winter. According to some sources, December through February are the winter months that is also known as the worst time to visit Myrtle Beach. The temperature will be in the lower 60s with low humidity and virtually zero crowds. Many people think that those months are the worst time to visit Myrtle Beach.

However, if you really love to do some outdoor activities at the beach, the winter may be a good time for you to visit Myrtle Beach. In Winter, there are still a number of activities in Myrtle Beach including Broadway at the Beach Christmas Parade, Beach Ball Classic.

Well, winter may still be a great season to visit Myrtle Beach, though some restaurants and attractions are closed or have off-season hours. If you still want to visit Myrtle Beach, coming and enjoying the shopping shots may be an alternative.

Why make winter the worst  time to visit Myrtle Beach is because the weather in winter is really unpredictable. The coastline will be full with snow, so you cannot do the activities as enjoyable as usual.

Why Is Winter the Worst Time to Visit Myrtle Beach?

During winter, the weather is unpredictable, it is possible that unexpected things happen such as snow storms. Sure, when you visit Myrtle Beach, you will do some outdoor activities at the beach. Certainly, winter is not a recommended time to visit Myrtle Beach.

Here’s the pros and cons to visit Myrtle Beach during winter months:


    • Pros: There are some of the most affordable hotel rates of the year and also great holiday events available.
    • Cons: The weather during winter is unpredictable.
    • Biggest Events: There will be some great events during winter in Myrtle Beach including Beach Ball Classic, Nights of a Thousand Candles, Broadway at the Beach Christmas Parade and South’s Grandest Christmas Show.

The weather in December is not exactly warm, but the weather still beats being shown in your house like some places this time of year. Even in the coldest months, the weather is still 70+ degrees sunny days. That’s why many people can still walk the beach and enjoy the attractive scenery.

If you are in a holiday mood, there are a number of things that you surely do at the beach in December including some wonderful holiday shows, tree lightings, parades, lights displays and many more. Aside from that, you can also visit and enjoy the malls, outlets or some shopping centers.


    • Pros: There are no crowds, great for snowbirds and lowest rates of the year.
    • Cons: There’s no major event when cold weather and a lot of restaurants and attractions are closed.
    • Biggest Events: Even with the cold weather, but there are still events available including Grand Strand Boat Show, Myrtle Beach Restaurant Week, SOS Mid-Winter Break and Taste of the Inlet.

Many people consider that January has been a wasteland among Myrtle Beach visitors, a month smack dab in the middle of the offseason, as the fun of summer seems like a distant memory for many people.

Some visitors who are specifically looking for a refuge from the great white north will have a great time to come and enjoy much of what their area has no offer without the hassle of high season.

In January, there will be a lot of snowbirds and visitors from the Northeast, Canada and Midwest. They prefer to spend the offseason, since you can find great rates on rooms or seasonal condo rentals near the beach.


    • Pros: There’s no crowds with low room rates.
    • Cons: A lot of restaurants, attractions and shows are closed.
    • Biggest Events: There are still some events available including KidzTime Festival, Myrtle Beach Marathon and Shuckin’s The Strand Oyster Roast.

When you come to Myrtle Beach in February, there really is not much going on available at Myrtle beach. Just like in January, seasonal attractions remain closed and the weather is very bad and it is even known to show a little this time of year.

However, the room rates and occupancy are a little bit higher as hotels and resorts look to spring which is just around the corner. It is known that there is never really a bad time to come to the beach. But it would be better if you wait a month or two coming once spring’s in full swing.

What Are Things to Do in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach offers a number of gorgeous things that let you join with. In addition to finding the biggest events, you can also do a lot of things here. According to the Myrtle Beach Guide, there are at least 102 things that you can do at Myrtle Beach. Here they are:

    1. Playing along the Myrtle Coast
    2. Parasailing
    3. Fishing Charters
    4. Escape Rooms
    5. Jet Ski Rentals
    6. Kayaking
    7. Surfing
    8. Fishing at the Piers
    9. Playing at the Piers
    10. Boat cruises
    11. Dolphin Cruises
    12. Exploring State Parks
    13. Camping
    14. Laser Tag
    15. Segway & Bike Rentals
    16. Bowling
    17. Skating
    18. Golf
    19. Miniature Golf
    20. Trampoline Parks
    21. Helicopter Rides
    22. Golf Cart Rentals
    23. Guided Tours
    24. Horseback Riding
    25. Myrtle Beach BoardWalk
    26. Gardens
    27. Parks & Playgrounds
    28. Zoos & Wildlife Attractions
    29. Arcades
    30. Haunted Houses & Attractions
    31. Mirror Mazes
    32. Educational Attractions for Kids
    33. Pirate-Themed Attractions
    34. Zip Lines
    35. Roller Coasters
    36. Thrill Rides
    37. Myrtle Beach Skywheel
    38. Water parks and Hotels with Water Parks
    39. Farms
    40. Halls of Fame
    41. Art Museum & Galleries
    42. Historical Sites & Plantations
    43. Selfie Museums
    44. Unique Museums
    45. Veteran Monuments
    46. Etc

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