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After playing Wordle for weeks, you may want to know your average score and how good you are compared to other players. However, you will not be able to see your score among other players, since Wordle does not have a leaderboard that informs every player’s score.

The good news! You can use the Wordle Average Score calculator to find out your Wordle average score. There are a few Wordle average score calculators you can find on the internet. In this post, however, we will show you one of Wordle average score calculators that makes it easier for you to use it. Let’s check it out!

How to Use the Wordle Average Score Calculator?

One of the Wordle Average Score Calculators you can use is from Brian Falkner that can be accessed here. Brian provides Wordle Average Score Calculator that can be used by anyone who wants to know their average score on Wordle.

To use this Wordle Average Score calculator by Brian Falkner, you can just simply enter your total games and the guess distribution from Wordle. Afterwards, this site will tell you your Wordle average score.

Here’s what you should provide on Brian Falkner’s Wordle Average Score Calculator!

Games Played :
Guess Distribution:
1 +
2 +
3 +
4 +
5 +
6 +
Games Won:
Games Lost:
Your Average:

If you have entered all the fields, you will get the score of your games on, your games lost and your average.

What Can You See on Wordle Statistics?

You can see all the data you collect from Wordle statistics that is related to your own progress and streak in the game as a unit. The statistics here include the total number of games played, Current Streak, Win 10%, Max Streak and Guess Distribution.

Here’s a list of terms on Wordle Statistics!

    • Played means  a record of the total number of games you have played.
    • Win% displays the number of games won (W) out of the total number of games played (P) multiplied by 100; (W/P*100)
    • Current Streak is the record of the number of games that you have been winning in a row. This is certain to the present and counts for all the games that won consecutively in the ongoing scenario. In this case, the Current Streak is not to be confused with Max Streak.
    • Max Streak indicates the maximum number of games that you have won in a row in the game and it does not necessarily be the current streak.
    • Guess Distribution is a representation of the number of guesses that you make to successfully solve each challenge. Well, the guess distribution chart, like sheds light on your whole gaming history on Wordle, the other elements on the scoreboard and not just the current game.
    • The timer under Next Wordle will count down to when the game will reset to give you a new challenge. Well, the Share button in green allows you to share your latest score.

Get to Know about Average Statistics in Wordle

It is known that there are no veritable means to analyze the performance of the player on a global scale, as Wordle does not provide an official leaderboard or community hub to track player scores and statistics.

However, you can still see unofficial and relatively small-scale data crunching from Twitter shares of Wordle scores grants significant insight into the number of guesses commonly required by players to finish a Wordle challenge successfully.

World Stats is an unofficial source for World’s Twitter score share data that has been sharing daily stats for Wordle scores by analyzing more than 200k tweets every day. Well, this is somewhere to run a rudimentary breakdown.

Their analysis indicates that less than 5% of all players get the word right in 1 or 2 attempts. The Wordle players who take a total of 3 or 4 guesses to complete the challenge form the largest group on Twitter’s Wordle community.

In this case, almost all warps up the game in 5 moves. Of course, there are quite a few players who manage to crack it in the final attempt. The 1% of the Wordle players who fail and still share are the real bravehearts who share honest results without hiding and cheating behind the veil of pretense.

Well, there is not nearly enough data to gain the full picture of how players perform on Wordle and also the typical number of guesses required. In this case, the Twitter community will only need a fraction of the total number of players that are scattered across the globe who don’t share their scores on public platforms.

According to some sources, the unofficial numbers above would grant you an inkling of your extraordinary competency if you commonly solve the challenge in 3 guesses. Well, 2 guesses in total will translate to extraordinary in the Wordle wordle and 1 means nothing but a thunderbolt of blind luck.

If you belong to the category of 4 or 5 guesses, that means you are an average player that is probably not extraordinary, but you are doing very well in the game. In this case, anyone who solves it within 6 chances is a Winner.

Where to Find Data on Your Wordle Guesses?

The fastest way to track how many attempts to solve Wordles is by checking the Guess Distribution numbers on your Wordle statistics. If your guess distribution indicates more correct guesses in three attempts, you are above average.

If it indicates more numbers in 2 guesses, you are in the top 5 percentile among the Wordle players. Well, this is super good and super rare. Well, it is all based on the data that is accumulated on the scores shared by the Twitter demographic.

How to Compare Your Wordle Score to Other Players?

If you are attempting to look for a leaderboard or other database to compare against your Wordle Score, you are not lucky as well. In this case, Wordle does not provide an official leaderboard at the moment. We can say that you can only compare your statistics and wins to your friends by comparing your scores on a case-by-case basis.

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