Roblox Wisteria Codes (July 2021)

Are you a veteran Roblox player? If so, you may be familiar with an anime-inspired game based on the manga series Kimetsu no Yaiba. Yeah… That’s the Wisteria game which allows the players to explore an in-depth combat system and breathing styles to create the unique attack patterns.

In order to complete any quests and also fight the enemies easily, you probably should have the codes that you can use to obtain free breath resets and demon art resets. Thankfully, this post will show you a list of Wisteria codes which will be valid to redeem. What are they? Let’s find out the codes on our post below!

Wisteria Codes (July 2021)

Here’s a List of Wisteria Codes

The codes shown below are the active and valid codes you can redeem. Ensure to enter the code actually. Here are the working codes for Wisteria:

    • !DemonAppearance – You can redeem this code to get a Demon Appearance reset (NEW)
    • !HaoriReset – You can redeem this code to get a Haori reroll (NEW)
    • !BreathReset – You can redeem this code to get a Breath reset (NEW)
    • !BDAReset – You can redeem this code to get a Blood Demon Art reset
    • !NichirinColor – You can redeem this code to get nichirin color reroll
    • !HairDrip – You can redeem this code to get Hair and Eye Reroll

Those codes above are still active. So you’re able to redeem one of the codes as you wish as soon as possible to obtain the amazing item. It’s important to note, if you redeem the code, but it’s not working, maybe it’s not active anymore, as the update from active code status to inactive is very fast. Try another code as well!

Otherwise, you have to avoid to redeem the codes below due to they are expired, here are they:

!90000LIKES !2021Breath
!100KDEMONAPP !Christmas
!100KBDA !10000WISHES
!100KBreath !30000LIKES
!DemonAppearance !20000LIKES

Here’s How to Redeem the Wisteria Codes!

As the Wisteria gift codes are time-limited, of course you should redeem the codes as soon as possible and then claim the rewards to progress further the game. Aside from that, those gift codes will expire after a few days. Sure, to get the latest code, you should keep an eye on the new valid codes that we’ll inform you regularly.

Moreover, make sure that you enter the redemption code in the game to avoid any gift code error. So, here’s how to redeem the Wisteria codes below!

After successfully finding the active codes for Roblox Wisteria, you can then redeem the code to get a certain amazing reward. However, redeeming the codes is pretty easy to do.

Go to the Wisteria game in Roblox. Then, launch the game. If you’re on the Wisteria game, you have to find the ‘Menu’ button  located on the side of the screen. Then, head into those menus and click on the ‘Option’ link.

Afterwards, you should click on the ‘Codes’ option. Copy the code that we have listed above and paste it into the ‘Enter Code Here’ bar and click on the ‘Confirm’ button to claim your reward.

That’s it! You successfully redeem the code for the Wisteria game in Roblox. Now, the reward is yours.

About Wisteria

Wisteria is a fangame in the popular manga/anime series Demon Slayer which was created by Koyoharu Gotouge. In Roblox, this game was created by kidso52.

Reportedly, this game is in early testing and heavily incomplete as a lot are heavily incomplete, many features are yet to be implemented, and this game will be shutting down for updates frequently.

Play the Wisteria game here.

The Wisteria game was created on February 23, 2020 with an update on July 5, 2021. This game has been favored by more than 275K users with 47.5 million visits. Currently, the active users are around 1,551.

In Wisteria, there are a lot of different breathing types that you’ll find, they are:

    • Insect Breathing
    • Water Breathing
    • Thunder Breathing
    • Flame Breathing
    • Wind Breathing
    • Moon Breathing


Here are the Controls to play Wisteria:

    • V = Equip Katana / Fists
    • W+W = Sprint
    • E = Breathe
    • F = Block
    • Q = Dash
    • L = Stats Menu
    • M = Meditate
    • RMB While Someone is Stunned to do a Heavy Attack
    • RMB While Opening Thread is Displayed to Execute Demon [NICHIRIN REQUIRED]


    • With Enhanced Ears, you will be able to hear steps of players even when they’re past walls
    • With Enhanced Nose, it allows you to smell Toggle with “N”.
    • With the Crow on Shoulder, it lets you have a crow on your shoulder
    • With the Skirt DLC, it lets you wear a skirt
    • Equip a Box on your back which is a reference from the Nezuko Box worn by Tanjiro in the anime.

How to Climb in Wisteria?

In order to climb,  you have to unlock the ability to breathe. You can hold ‘E’ to breath, after breathing enough, you can climb by double clicking onto the wall. To go straight upward with climbing is by making your camera face downward. However, it will make you jump upward and not outward. Moreover, by using Dash Kinda will make you Fly

How to Fish in Wisteria?

In the game of Wisteria, you are also allowed to fish. What you should do first is to place your bait onto the water. After that, if there’s water particles on your bait, a GUI will automatically appear.

The goal of this activity is to keep the yellow area (controlled by you) onto the fish. Well,  if you cannot maintain the yellow bar, the fish will start to go down. Sure, your goal is to make the fish reach the top, so you will catch the fish easily. After you successfully catch the fish, you can then sell it.

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