Why is My Monthly Outflow So High in BitLife?

You may be playing BitLife and you find that your monthly outflow is so high. And then, you wonder why it can happen since you feel that you do not buy or have something that is not important.

Reasons Why Your Monthly Outflow So High in BitLife

If you find that your monthly outflow is very high in BitLife, there must be one or some reasons that you do not realize. On Reddit, there is a user with the username MelissaE0 who asked why her monthly outflow is so high whereas she does not have any houses or cars. She also only has a child, no marriage and she is a famous author who lives in the US.

Why is My Monthly Outflow So High in BitLife

Another user with the username ellsellsgg answered that if your income is high, your monthly outflow will be high as well and will keep increasing as your income increases. Another user with username bigbadbonk33 responded that her expenses are pretty much generalised based on where she lives and her income and it would be cool if she has control over her expenses though.

So, if you also find that your monthly outflow is high, you may live in a city or country that requires you to spend a lot of money and you may not realize it. Your income may be high like her so that your monthly outflow increases as well.

The reasons above are not the only reasons and for everyone it may be different. So, if you want to know why your monthly outflow is high, you have to check things one by one.

About Money in BitLife

In BitLife, there is money where it is the currency of the game. The symbol of the currency depends on the country your character lives in. If you have more money, the usefulness of money will decline as explained on the BitLife Wiki site. Same as in real life, in this game, money can also be negative when you are in debt. On the BitLife wiki, it is also explained that depending on inflation, some countries will have lower prices for buying, but also lower salaries for jobs and as a result, it is more difficult for people to achieve the Rich or Loaded ribbons in the game and even it will also be hard to get any Achievements which is associated with high bank balance.

Some Tips on Playing BitiLife

There are some tips about playing BitLife and here are some tips that are shared by the Level Winner site about BitLife.

  • BitLife is all about money.
    After you get into the game, you need to think immediately about what you will do to make money. When you reach 18 years old, you have to think whether you want to get a job or if you want to go to college first. If you get a job, it will give you independence, but you may not get a lot of money. However, if you go to college first, you have a chance to get jobs with higher salaries.
  • Concern on Your Stats.
    Besides money, there are the other things that you have to be concerned about in the game namely health, happiness, intelligence and looks. In the game, you have some options for each of them, but the gym, the library, and medication are the best. These can be found under the Mind and Body tab. How about relationships? You will have to spend time with your family and friends. You have to spend as much time as you can with them. However, you have to note that there are several things that can reduce your stats. One of them is when your loved one passes away where it can lose your happiness. If it happens, you have to work hard to recover any stats that you lose.
  • You have to think before you decide something.
    In this game, you will live out your life through the decision or choice that you make. So, before you decide something, especially in big things, you have to think about the possible effects. For example, if you decide to spend too much money on the things that are not important, you can be broke. However, if you want to make random choices for fun in the game, it is up to you, but if you want to be serious in the game, of course you have to consider everything well.
  • You can buy and sell assets.
    In this game, working in your job is not the only way to earn money. You are able to make money from buying and selling your assets. However, it is better for you to avoid buying property which has high maintenance and mortgage costs because it can make you lose more money. Also, you have to see the condition of the house before you buy it and make sure that you invest in a house which is in green condition because a house with poor condition will be hard to sell.
  • It is better for you not to skip college.
    Actually, it is okay if you skip college and decide to get a job instead. However, if you skip college, you will skip job opportunities that offer higher salaries.
  • You must have a better look.
    Having a good look is a dream of everyone and it can be achieved by going to the gym. In the game, you can also get the plastic surgeon, but you need to note that it has some risk factors where it is possible for the surgeon to mess up your nose job and as a result you will have worse stats.
  • You need to choose the right spouse.
    In this game, you have to choose the right spouse. So, it is better for you to check about the candidate of your spouse before you get into a relationship. If your spouse has very little money, it can end up in a higher cash outflow for you. It is also important for you not to have a relationship with a crazy person because it may end your relationship. If you want to get the right spouse, the thing that you can do is to hit the gym, go to school, and study in the library until you become an acceptable mate for your target spouse.

If you want to know more tips to play BitLife, you are able to access the Level Winner site or the other resources.

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