Why Do I Have a Gun Next to My Name in BitLife?

When you come to this page, you may want to know the reason why your character has a gun next to their name. If you really want to know the reason, you have to read this entire article. Here we are going to explain about that case.

Why Do I Have a Gun Next to My Name in BitLife?

Upon making your character in BitLife, you should pay attention to your special talent. Each character in BitLife has the opportunity to spawn with a special talent which helps them progress in specific skills. If your character has a gun next to their name, then their special talent is related to crime. This talent means that your character is more successful with crime-related activities, including work performance in organized crime syndicates.

Why Do I Have a Gun Next to My Name in BitLife

In BitLife, there are many types of crime. You may want to know more information about crime in BitLife and all types of crimes in BitLife. Continue reading the following text to get information you need. In the next paragraph, we are going to explain what crime in BitLife is, as well as all types of crimes in BitLife.

What is Crime in BitLife?

Crime is one of features in BitLife, which is accessible through Activities. Also, it can be used to get into prison. The player can commit many crimes directly; including murder, burglary, pickpocketing, and grand theft auto. However, other crimes need certain events to happen. Committing crimes can be used to reach certain ribbons. With God Mode, a new character can specialize in crime, making it easier to get away with crime, to succeed at doing crime and makes them more eligible to join Mafia, but they are still able to do so without God Mode.

If a character commits a crime, gets away, and emigrates to another country, they are going to be caught for their crimes if they return to their original country. Characters with criminal records will be banned from adopting children and getting certain jobs, however, if they successfully emigrate, probably the new country will not pick up on the criminal record and then allow them to do what they want anyway. If a character is not caught doing the crime or is discovered not guilty of any crimes committed, they will not have a criminal record.

After the August 2019 prison update, it is possible for the characters to be falsely accused for a crime, and any crime list below can be a crime they could be falsely accused for, and if discovered guilty, they are going to go to prison and have the crime on their criminal record. The police department can be sued for doing this. Also, they may have plea deals and plea bargains, serving less time if they plead guilty.

Types of Crimes in BitLife

Here are types of crimes in BitLife:

  • Murder
  • Contract Killing
  • Assault
  • Dating a minor
  • Same-sex dating
  • Felony escapes
  • Larceny
  • Solicitation
  • Drug possession
  • Supplying alcohol to minors
  • Desertion
  • Bribery
  • Defrauding a Casino
  • Violating a restraining order
  • DUI
  • Bank robbery
  • Delinquency
  • Train Robbery
  • Embezzlement
  • Running from the police
  • Corruption
  • Match Fixing
  • Inciting a Riot
  • Extortion
  • Racketeering
  • Battery
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Disobeying an Officer
  • Domestic Violence
  • Contempt of Court
  • False accusation


Your character is given the choice to kill someone such as a friend, enemy, family member, teacher, classmate, coworker, supervisor, current lover, ex-lover, or a random person. You are able to be given a life or death sentence but you will not always receive either.

Contract Killing

Your character could hire a hitman using a random weapon to kill targets rather than killing the targets themselves. Unlike murder, hiring a hitman is only for adult characters and comes at a price. The hitman can kill the target or scam you by taking the money and not killing the target.


In many scenarios, the player can assault another person. But there is an opportunity that they will go to prison if they assault someone. When the player assaults someone, nothing is gained. Also, assaulting is used as a choice to respond to a situation or encounter.

Dating a minor

This occurs if the player’s age is beyond the age of consent, or the person they are trying to date is less than the age of consent (it will vary by country). The game of BitLife will warn you before you try to date them. For your information, this crime is no longer possible to commit on both platforms due to the controversy it made.

Same-sex dating

In several countries, same-sex dating is illegal. The game of BitLife will give you a warning before you try to date them.

Felony escapes

Occasionally, escaped inmates can be captured by police and then sent back for felony escape as well as their original crime they committed. Even if your character fails and is caught escaping before they could do it, it will add years to the sentence for felony escape.


After the January 2020 Crime Update, your character can be convicted of larceny if they are caught stealing a package from a neighbor’s porch, by shoplifting at a mall. If they are not caught stealing the package or item at the mall, then they may sell the item to the pawnshop.


Occasionally, when a player has an Encounter with a prostitute, they could select to solicit them but there is a chance the player could get caught for solicitation.

Drug possession

There is a 50/50 possibility that if the player throws a party at their estate, the police will arrive due to the neighbors reporting the noise. There are two options to take after that; to argue with the police or to apologize for the noise. The former will result in the police searching the house and finding some of the guests using drugs.

Supplying alcohol to minors

If the player throws a party at their estate, and the police come due to the noise, then the player has two choices. To argue or to apologize. The former will cause the police to search your house. There is an opportunity that there will be underage drinkers. Immediately after that the player will be arrested.

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