Where is the Policy Number on Molina Insurance Card

Are you a new member of Molina Insurance? If yes, you may now need to know your policy number, but you do not know where you are able to find it. Here, I will give you the explanation about it, so read it carefully.

Locating Your Policy Number on Molina Insurance Card

According to the Insurance Providers site, your health insurance policy number is usually your member ID number. This number generally can be found on your health insurance card. This number is important and your health care provider usually uses it for verifying your coverage and eligibility.

Where is the Policy Number on Molina Insurance Card

It means that you have to check your Molina Insurance card to find your policy number and it should be your member ID. On YouTube, you are able to watch a video about Molina member ID card where the title of the video is Member ID Cards | Molina Marketplace Explainer Series which was uploaded by Molina Healthcare on February 17th, 2021 who knows that it can help you to understand more about your Molina ID cards.

So, to know your policy number, it seems that it is your member ID on your Molina Insurance card, but if you are not sure, you are able to contact the customer service of Molina Insurance.

Health Care Policy Number on an Insurance Card

On Insurance Providers, it is explained that if you wonder where to find your insurance policy number, actually your health insurance policy number on the card is usually your member ID number and it is generally able to be found on your health insurance card. As explained earlier, this policy number is used by your health care provider for verifying your coverage and eligibility.

Let’s say that you have questions about your medical benefits and any recent insurance claims. If so, you are able to provide this number to your health care insurance company and then they will search for your information.

Do you have family members who are listed as dependents on your health insurance plan? If so, they may each have their own unique policy number because it is used for identification and also billing procedures as explained on the Insurance Providers site. On that site, it is also explained that your health insurance policy number is what identifies you as a covered person under your current or previous plans.

Earlier, it is explained that the policy number for health insurance is the same as your member ID. So, how about group number? Is policy number the same as group number? It is important for you to know that your insurance policy number is not the same as your group number. It is because your policy number on your health insurance card refers to your individual member number, but the policy group number usually refers to your employer or where you get your insurance coverage from.

Let’s find out more about a health insurance policy group number. Let’s say that you have coverage from an employer-based health insurance plan. If so, there will likely be a group number on your insurance card. As explained on the Insurance Providers, it is assigned to your employer by the insurance company and is able to be beneficial for you and your health care provider to locate what your coverage entails and submitting insurance claims.

That’s the explanation about policy number according to the Insurance Providers site and now let’s find out about Moline Health Care itself.

About Molina Health Care

As explained on Wikipedia, Molina Healthcare is a managed care company where it provides health insurance to people through government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. This company is headquartered in Long Beach, California, United States. Here is the history and some other things to know about Molina Healthcare according to Wikipedia.

In 1980, this company was founded by C. David Molina who was an emergency room physician in Long Beach, California. At that time, he saw an influx of patients using the emergency room for common illnesses such as a sore throat or the flu since they were denied by doctors who would not accept Medi-Cal. This is his first primary care clinic that he established and his purpose is to be able to treat the lowest-income patients, regardless of their ability to pay. In September 2020, Molina Healthcare signed an arrangement to buy approximately all the assets of the Affinity Health Plan for about $370 million.

Dr. Molina’s son, J. Mario Molina, MD, a physician, ran the company for twenty years where he became the president and CEO of the company. Mario’s younger brother, John Molina, became the CFO of Molina Healthcare. Mario and John took over the operations of Molina after their father passed away in 1996. They continued to expand the company. Then, in May 2017, they were removed from their positions by the Board of Directors and in October 2017, the company made an announcement that Joseph M. Zubretsky, the former CFO of Aetna, became Molina Healthcare’s president and CEO.

In 1980, the first Molina Medical clinic was opened in Wilmington. Formerly, the company ran clinics in Washington, New Mexico, Florida and Utah. The clinics were open with the aim to provide health care for low-income families and individuals. In August 2017, Molina Healthcare made an announcement that they would close some clinics in Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Since it became a health maintenance organization in 1985, government-paid health care programs have become the focus of Molina Healthcare such as SCHIP and Medicaid. In 2006, Molina Healthcare got into the Medicare market. Medicare health plan options now are offered by the company in Florida, California, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Utah, Wisconsin and Washington. In 2014, Marketplace plans were started to be offered by this company in nine states where it offered Medicaid health plans through State Facilitated Marketplaces and Federally Facilitated Marketplace.

Molina Healthcare got a number of awards and recognition and here are some of them.

    • In 2012, Corporate Caring Award from Columbus Business First was received by Molina Healthcare of Ohio.
    • In 2015, Molina Healthcare of Texas ranked #3 Medicaid health plan in Texas by NCQA.
    • In 2015, Molina Healthcare, Inc. ranked 301 in top Fortune 500 2015.
    • In 2021, Molina Healthcare ranked 155th on the 2021 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by revenue.
    • And many more.

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