Where is the Policy Number on Anthem Insurance Card

If you are covered by a health insurance plan, of course you have a unique ID number that allows healthcare providers and staff to verify coverage and arrange payment for services. Also, this number health insurers use to look up members and answer questions regarding claims and benefits.

The Location of the Policy Number on Anthem Insurance Card

Need to know that the Policy number should be the Member ID number on your insurance card. This Policy number is always on the front of the insurance card. If you are the policyholder, the last two digits in your Policy number probably be 00, while others on the policy number might have numbers ending in 01, 02, etc.

Where is the Policy Number on Anthem Insurance Card

So, the location of the Policy number on Anthem insurance card is on the front of the card. You are going to see the Policy number easily. Your health care provider will be able to utilize the Policy number to verify your coverage and eligibility. Aside from that, you will be able to give your Policy number to your health insurance company to make them able to look up your information when you have any question about your benefits or claims.

If you have family members who are listed on your insurance plan, then they are going to have their own policy number that is used for identification purposes and billing procedures. Remember that your policy number is what identifies you as a covered person under your current or previous plans. Of course, it is very important. If you get married, change jobs or divorced, your Policy number will need to match your new situation. Also, if you move out of the state, then your policy number will need to set where you live.

How to Use Your Anthem Insurance Card?

Your Anthem insurance card contains all the crucial information you need for using your health insurance. As a Medicare member, when you sign up for an Anthem plan, they are going to send you an Anthem ID card in the mail. For other kinds of members, they are going to send you an ID card unless you or your employer have selected digital ID cards. Also, all registered members are able to access Anthem ID digitally when you download the SydneySM Health application or log in to your Anthem account. Please use this Anthem insurance card when you go to the doctor, hospital, or pharmacy so that they are able to look up your insurance information.

Your Anthem Digital ID Card

With a digital ID card, you will never have to search for your member ID card as it is always available on your mobile device or PC. You are able to share it with your doctor via email, fax, or by download. Of course, it is convenient. You are able to be confident that your health plan information and details are always up to date.

    • If you need your plan information at home, simply you are able to log in to your Anthem account.
    • Also, you are able to download the Anthem SydneySM app and access your Anthem plan information on your phone.

Switching to an Anthem Digital ID Card – Here’s Way

Choose to a digital ID card on the Sydney Health application, then:

    • You have to select “More”
    • After that, go to “Profile” under “Personal info”
    • Then, choose “Mobile ID cards” under “Communication preferences”
    • Lastly, choose preference and update (On=Digital, Off=Printed cards mailed)

How to Use Your Digital Anthem Insurance Card for Appointments?

Besides being able to bring your Anthem insurance card up on your phone, you are also able to provide information from your mobile device or computer in one of a few ways.

    • The first way is by sending your digital insurance card information via email to your healthcare provider.
    • The second way is by uploading your information to a patient portal.
    • The third way is by uploading a digital copy at an online check-in.

Some Key Information About Your Anthem Insurance Card

Here is key information about your Anthem Insurance card:

    • ID Number (Anthem Policy Number)
      This is your ID number for your benefits and coverage. A doctor or physician will ask you for this number when you first visit.
    • Group Number
      If you receive health insurance via an employer, your unique group number is the same for all employees who participate in the insurance plan.
    • Copay
      Copays for particular services may be listed on your Anthem ID card. Your Copay is the fixed amount you have to pay for certain covered healthcare services.

What If You Need a Printed Anthem Insurance Card for an Appointment?

Before the appointment, you are able to print a temporary card.

    • Firstly, you are able to log in to your Anthem account.
    • After that, click on “Customer Care”
    • Then, you are able to choose “Print an ID card”

What If You Lose Your Insurance Card?

The My Health Records feature in the Anthem Sydney application will give you access to your health data. You are able to request a new Anthem ID card by calling 800-676-BLUE (2583) or print a new card online.

    • Firstly, log in to your Anthem account.
    • Then, click on “Customer Care.”
    • Now, you are able to choose “Request an ID card.” Please follow all of the instructions. Usually, your Anthem insurance card will be delivered within 10-14 business days.

About Anthem

Anthem company is a provider of health insurance in the United States. Based on the research, Anthem is the largest for-profit managed health care company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Since 2018, Anthem has had around 40 million members. The company is ranked 23rd on the Fortune 500. Prior to the year 2014, Anthem was named WellPoint, Inc. The company was established by the 2004 merger of WellPoint, based in California, and Anthem, based in Indianapolis, after the two companies acquired some health insurance companies. In California, the company operates as Anthem Blue Cross, where it has approximately 800,000 customers. In New York State, it operates as Empire BlueCross BlueShield. Since October 2021, Anthem has had 45.1 million medical members.