Where is the Policy Number on Amerigroup Insurance Card

You may want to know about the policy number of your Amerigroup Insurance card. However, you may not know the location of the policy number on the card because you may not find the word ‘policy number’ on it. Here is how you can find the policy number, but first let’s find out what the policy number is.

What Is Policy Number on Insurance Card?

According to the Insurance Providers site, a health insurance policy number is usually your member ID number. This number is usually able to be found on your health insurance card. It means that it is easy to access your policy number. This number is used by your healthcare provider to verify your coverage and eligibility.

This number is able to be provided by you to your health insurance company so that they are able to find your information when you have questions about your medical benefits and any recent insurance claims.

Let’s say that you have family members listed as dependents of your health insurance plan. If so, they may have their own unique policy number because it is used for the purposes of identification and also the procedures of billing. Furthermore, on the Insurance Providers site, it is also explained that your health insurance policy number is what identifies you as a covered person under your current or previous plans. Why is this number important? It is because if your jobs, status and other information is changed, your policy number will have to match the new situation.

As explained earlier, the health insurance policy number is the same as your member ID. However, it is important for you to note that it is not the same as group number. As explained on the Insurance Providers, the health insurance policy number refers to your individual member number and usually your group number refers to your employer or where you get your insurance coverage from.

According to the Get Jerry site, usually health insurance policy numbers contain nine to 14 digits long and it may begin with a letter in some states. Health Insurance Policy Number can usually be found at the top of your card or billing statement.

Finding The Policy Number on Amerigroup Insurance Card

Where is the Policy Number on Amerigroup Insurance Card

As explained earlier, you are able to find the health insurance on your insurance card and your health insurance policy number is your member ID. So, on your Amerigroup, you have to find your member ID and that’s your policy number. On your Amerigroup insurance card, you may see a Medicaid or CHIP ID number, it seems that it is your policy number. However, if you are not sure, you are able to contact AmeriGroup customer support.

What To Do If I Lose My Insurance Card with the Policy Number

Did you just lose your insurance card where the policy number is on it? If so, the thing that you have to do is to contact your health insurance company and tell them that you lose the card. You have to call the customer service of your insurance provider and the customer service will help you. Usually, if you lose your insurance card, they will issue you a new health insurance card that may have a new policy and group number on it. However, the coverage and benefits that you have should remain the same because they were with your previous identification numbers as explained on the Insurance Providers.

About AmeriGroup

AmeriGroup is an American health insurance and managed health care provider where it covers 7.7 million seniors, people with disabilities, low-income families and other state and federally sponsored beneficiaries, and federal employees in 26 states as explained on Wikipedia. This insurance company becomes the nation’s largest provider of healthcare for public programs.

On the Amerigroup site, it is explained that this company is focused on achieving health and wellness for the whole family. The team of this company listens, respects, and engages families to be able to understand their culture, values, beliefs, and lifestyles so they are able to develop meaningful relationships. They also engage and support members and their families to make goals based on what is important to them.

On Wikipedia, it is explained that this company started as AMERICAID Community in 1994. This company was originally aimed at the health care problems of children, mothers and pregnant women who were enrolled in Medicaid. In the fall of 2001, this company became a publicly traded corporation. In 2006, it got into the Medicare Advantage program where they served low-income people who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid through special needs plans. In 2007, this company started the operation of traditional Medicare Advantage plans and now they offer health care services through three government programs that target different segments of the low income population of the country namely Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicare.

As explained on the website of Amerigroup, Amerigroup is one of the nation’s leading health plans and it serves millions of members in state-sponsored programs across the nation. Each plan of this insurance company is unique to the state that it serves. The approach that they do centers on a strong local presence, community-based expertise, and relationships coupled with national resources and also best and promising practices. They draw from the experience of all their affiliate plans and leverage a centralized infrastructure that offers broad knowledge, cost-efficiency, and scale. It can create a balanced local health plan which is positioned to meet the needs and preferences of a lot of specialized member populations they serve.

According to Amerigroup, Medicaid markets are Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. And their Medicare markets are Arizona, Iowa, New Jersey, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Texas.

Let’s find out the information about AmeriGroup in Georgia. Georgia has been served by Amerigroup Community Case since 2006 through their Medicaid insurance and other low-cost health coverage. Families Medicaid is one of the plans which is offered by this company in Georgia. With this plan, some benefits that you will get are vision and dental care for children and adults, a large network of primary care providers to choose from, free round-trip rides to doctor visits, low and no cost medicines, wellness visits and shots to help keep you healthy, specialist services and hospitals, and a lot of extras that you are able to use to take charge of your health.

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