Where is the Brave Bee Gate in Bee Swarm Simulator

In one of the Roblox games named Bee Swarm Simulator, there are some gates. In this game, gates refer to barriers with the function to prevent the players from progressing specific areas unless they manage to fulfill the requirement to pass it (number of bees). All the games that are included in the game are Bear Gate, Windy Bee Gate, Brave Bee Gate, Ant Gate, Basic Bee Gate, Honey Bee Gate, and Lion Bee Gate.

One of the gates that the game called Bee Swarm Simulator has is Brave Bee Gate. The name of this gate is apparently from the large Brave Bee on top of it. This gate is the only one that cannot have a Rogue Vicious Bee spawn in any of its fields (not counting the Ant Gate as it only has a challenge field or Bear Gate as it does not have any fields).

Where is the Brave Bee Gate in Bee Swarm Simulator


    • Mobs: Stump Snail, Tunnel Bear, Mantis, Rhino Beetle
    • Quest Givers: Science Bear, Dapper Bear
    • Shops: Pro Shop, Dapper Bear’s Shop, Magic Bean Shop
    • Fields: Pineapple Patch, Stump Field
    • Extras: Yellow Cannon, Memory Match, Treat Dispenser, Instant Converter, Pro Shop Maze, Mythic Present Obby, Mythic Meteor Shower Summoner

Where is the Brave Bee Gate in Bee Swarm Simulator? No source has ever mentioned the location of the Brave Bee Gate in this game. Instead of mentioning the location, they mention the requirement to pass through this game. For your information, every gate in the game requires the players like you to have a specific number of bees to pass through. Just like any other gates, Brave Bee Gate also requires the players some numbers of bees to pass through. If you are wondering how many bees that you have to get to pass through this game, the answer is 10. In other words, you will have to get 10 bees if you want to pass through Brave Bee Gate in this game. Due to its requirement to pass this gate, this gate is also known as 10 Bee Gate.

When the Brave Bee Gate is unlocked, you are able to reach the top of the Blue HQ. When you are there, you will be able to give a shortcut to Brown Bear, the Honeystorm Summoner, the Wealth Clock, and Commando Chick’s Hideout. During the Beesmas 2020 or 2021 event, it could also give access to Bucko Bee’s Snow Machine.

In the past, the slingshot could bypass the Brave Bee Gate. On top of that, it was possible even if the player did not have 10 bees. Unfortunately, this no longer works as it was fixed in the September 28, 2019 update. Now, if the player does not meet the requirement to enter the area, which is 10 bees, they will get teleported back to spawn, which is a bit scary.

As you already know about the Brave Bee Gate, you might also want to know more about the other gates in Bee Swarm Simulator. Keep reading the post until the end to be able to find out more about them.

    • Basic Bee Gate

Basic Bee Gate

The Basic Bee Gate gets its name from the large Basic Bee that is on top of it. This gate is also popular as the 5 Bee Gate as it requires 5 bees or more to pass through, making it the gate that requires the least amount of bees to pass through. It is one of the first gates that will be encountered by the player when they play the game.

    • Honey Bee Gate

Honey Bee Gate

The Honey Bee Gate is called that way because it has the Large Honey Bee located on top of it. Aside from known as Honey Bee Gate, this gate is also called the 15 Bee Gate as it requires a total of 15 bees to be able to pass through.

    • Ant Gate

Ant Gate

The Ant Gate is known as it is now as there is a large army ant on it. To be able to pass through this gate, a player like you have to get a total of 20 bees. That’s why this gate is also popular as 20 Bee Gate. Unlike the other gates, the location of this gate is quite popular. For those who have no idea where it is located, it is close to the Noob Shop and behind the travelling or event bear area such as Sun Bear.

    • Lion Bee Gate

Lion Bee Gate

The Lion Bee Gate is the name of the gate that is located at the end of the slope next to the Pumpkin Patch. As you can probably guess, it is called Lion Bee Gate because it has the large statue of a Lion Bee on top of it. In order to pass through this gate, you should have a total of 25 bees. As it requires 25 bees to pass through, it is also known as 25 Bee Gate. Actually, it is not the only nickname for this gate. Besides, it is also called the Mountain Top Gate.

    • Bear Gate

Bear Gate

The Bear Bee is given that name because it has the orange bear head silhouette around it. This one is located past the Mountain Top Field. Its location is between the Ticket Shop and the Mountain Top Instant Converter. To be able to pass through this gate, having a total of 30 bees is a must. As it requires 30 bees to enter, people call it the 30 Bee Gate.

    • Windy Bee Gate

Windy Bee Gate

The Windy Bee Gate refers to the gate that is located on the right of the Ticket Tent and Red Cannon. It is called Windy Bee Gate because it has the large Windy Bee on top of it. Everyone who wants to unlock it should get 35 bees. Due to its requirement to unlock it, it is also known as 35 Bee Gate. When you are in this gate, you will be able to find a Coconut Field, Spirit Bear, Wind Shrine, Coconut Cave, Pepper Patch, Extreme Memory Match, Petal Shop and Coconut Shop.

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