Where is Rebirth Raven in Fortnite

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 6 has a lot of activities for the players to enjoy, and also 46 NPCs to interact with. One of these NPCs is Rebirth Raven. When you speak to her, you are going to be treated to some options from the quests to key map information. If you are having a hard time discovering Rebirth Raven, here we are going to inform the location of Rebirth Raven.

About Rebirth Raven

Rebirth Raven is a DC Series Outfit in the game of Fortnite: Battle Royale which can be unlocked at Tier 77 of the Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 Battle Pass. Fortnite players are able to find Rebirth Raven within her house that is located between Fort Crumpet and the northwest point of Sweaty Sands’ ocean. Rebirth Raven gives the quests for the players and also other services in the form of opening a rift for traversal, revealing the location of the next storm phase.

Where is Rebirth Raven in Fortnite

Default style of Rebirth Raven takes big inspiration from her modern-day comic book designs featured in the New Earth and Prime Earth universes. Rebirth Raven’s second style, Classic, describes one of Raven’s earlier designs seen in the aforementioned New Earth universe. The last style of Rebirth Raven, Rachel Roth, describes the version of Raven from the 2019 comic by Kami Garcia, Teen Titans: Raven. In the last few pages of the comic, she can be seen wearing the outfit.

Where to Find Rebirth Raven?

Rebirth Raven can be found in a small home west of Sweaty Sands. That home is located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean. It is very cozy. Usually, you are going to find Rebirth Raven inside that home, although the NPCs do tend to walk around so it is possible you find her wandering around the property outside. In an example, when we exited from her home and left the door open, Rebirth Raven decided to come outside as well.  If another player were to swing by after we left, they may discover Rebirth Raven outside as opposed to inside.

Where to Find Rebirth Raven

When you speak with Rebirth Raven, she will give you some different options to select. These selections include two quests where you are able to get Bars, activate a Rift for 245 Bars, and Storm Forecast for 170 Bars that reveals the location of the next storm circle. Keep in mind that the options Rebirth Raven offers can change as Season 6 progresses.

In case of the alternate skin styles, the players have to reach level 77 in the Battle Pass to unlock the default skin style for Rebirth Raven. The classic Raven style is able to be unlocked by reaching level 85 in the Battle Pass. If you are able to complete all the epic quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, then you are going to get rewards with the Rachel Roth skin style in the game.

Although progressing through the battle pass seems scary in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, the players are able to get XP easily by focusing on completing the weekly missions in the game of Fortnite. Of course, these missions are really rewarding in terms of XP. For some Fortnite players, these missions may be tedious, however they are very easy to complete. Aside from that, there are also some XP glitches that the players can exploit to level up quickly in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

How to buy the Unstable Bow from Rebirth Raven?

How to buy the Unstable Bow from Rebirth Raven

You are able to buy the Unstable Bow inside the game from Rebirth Raven. In the text above, you have known the location of Rebirth Raven, so you are able to try buying the Unstable Bow now. Aside from the Unstable Bow, you are also able to buy Fire bow, Grenades Bow, Shockwave Bow, and Stink Bow from Rebirth Raven. For those who want to buy the Unstable Bow from Rebirth Raven, actually it is very easy. The players need to head to the standalone house on the cliff located northwest of Sweaty Sands. Fortunately, Rebirth Raven is a static NPC. It means that she can always be found at the mysterious house. Simply, you only need to drop in at the house, go inside and then speak with her. If you want to buy the Unstable Bow, you have to choose the leftmost option. However, the new Exotic Unstable Bow does not come cheap, it costs 500 Gold Bars.

Need to know that the Unstable Bow has one of the most unique characteristics of any weapon added to the Fortnite: Battle Royale. As the name of the weapon, the Unstable Bow alters its arrow type after every shot. The Exotic phases between one of the four bows: The Mechanical Shockwave, Explosive Bow, the Primal Flame and Stink Bows. Given the new weapon’s randomized nature, several players may discover the weapon to be too unpredictable, particularly when accustomed to using a certain type. But, it can also be said that the random nature allows for a more dynamic strategy. On the same token of the previous sentence, the random nature can also easily keep those on the weapon’s receiving end guessing.

In fact, the Unstable Bow continues a recent trend of Fortnite adding new Exotic weapons into the game of Fortnite. Also, the title recently added the new Grappler Bow, which, as the name suggests, will be able to grapple onto nearly any surface, all without taking fall damage. This Unstable bow is earned through Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, who is another NPC that is located in Stealthy Stronghold, and also costs 500 Gold Bars.

Apparently, Fortnite has begun reintroducing more Exotics to the game when it enters the back half of its season. It will be very interesting to see what Epic Games has cooked up for the next few weeks. But, one thing may already be cooking, as the clock in Boney Burbs has begun ticking, making Fortnite players speculate about what it could mean for the location or the map as a whole.

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