Where are the Four Shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In the beginning of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild adventure, you are going to be tasked with finding four shrines scattered around the starting area. Even though three of the shrines in Zelda are easy to access, a fourth one proves hard to find for most players. So, where are the four Shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild adventure?

The Location of Four Shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Based on the research, the fourth shrine is located at the southwest corner of the starting area. To reach there, you are able to go northwest before going south across an icy river and up a hill. Keep in mind that when you cross the river, you are going to start taking damage from the cold temperatures. It is highly recommended to cook peppers to give cold resistance. Later in the game you are going to get certain armors which will assist to survive in harsh situations such as this.

Once again, your first order of business in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild adventure is to find and complete four shrines. In fact, you will be able to go to the first tower and use binoculars to discover and mark the shrines that have a red glow at their entrance. Many players have trouble discovering all four shrines, with the Southeast and Southwest locations being the most difficult to travel to.

Here is how you get to them:

    • North: You are able to visit this shrine directly on-foot without issues.
    • East: After entering the ruins, you are able to go southeast until you reach the second enemy turret. Then, you are going to climb a short wall west of the Cliffside, while the turret charges up a shot to fire at you.
    • Southeast: You have to knock down a tree near an NPC before crossing the ravine. This is best performed by using an axe that can be found nearby. Please climb up the large cliffside on the other side to arrive at the shrine.
    • Southwest: You are able to go West through the Forest of Spirits. Your destination is to get to the icy waterfall on the West side of the starting area that you are able to cross. This area is cold, so it is highly recommended to cook peppers to boost your cold resistance. After crossing the waterfall, go west slightly and go up and around the hill to discover the shrine.

Where are the Four Shrines in Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Things before Starting Breath of the Wild

Below are the things before starting Breath of the Wild:

    1. Master the Elements

Elements are a big part of Breath of the Wild. As you know during your adventure to one of the first four shrines, cold resistance is something which you need to make progress in some cases. Later, there are other resistances which you will need.

Master the Elements

There are some methods to obtain resistance, the most available is through cooking. By going to a campfire to cook certain foods, you are able to arm yourself with a resource which will greatly benefit you in several conditions. Also, you are able to increase resistance via some types of armour. Those are earned further into your journey, however you may want to keep them for the long haul. At some point they are going to come in very handy, even if they have lower defence.

Aside from that, some of your offence of the tools incorporate elemental qualities. For example:  arrow kinds or some of the Rune abilities which you have such as Cryonis that raises a pillar of ice. Many of the opponents you meet will have a weakness to one of those elements, giving a chance for you to exploit what they hate most.

    1. Become the Best Chef

Cooking is not only a secondary activity to do. Cooking is one of the pillars to survive in the Breath of the Wild adventure. There are lots of recipes, all producing foods which give different benefits. While most foods are going to heal your health, some of them can increase your stats in some methods which is particularly the case with elixirs.

Become the Best Chef

Probably, it will be hard to collect ingredients before going to a campfire to cook, but it is well worth your time. There are foods which will give bonus defence, greater resistance to the elements, or temporarily give you a bigger heart pool. Those stat boosts are crucial in fighting the enemies, especially the bosses.

    1. Prioritize Hearts

Prioritize Hearts

When we first started Breath of the Wild, we were quickly frustrated by how little stamina Link has. As a result, every time we were given a choice to invest in health or stamina, we selected the latter. The reason for this is stamina which constantly replenishes. It proves inconvenient to run out of stamina fast, however hearts are able to be a direct difference between life or death. Later in the game you are going to meet opponents that will swipe some hearts from you in a single blow. If you have invested in hearts, you are going to discover yourself face down in the mud in a heartbeat.

    1. The Unexplained

The Unexplained

The first unexplained thing to note is that you are able to ride a horse. This needs you to tame one of them in the wild, of which there are many. You will not be able to ride the legendary Epona. But at least you have more choices this time around. To tame a horse, simply you are able to stealth behind it. After that, hit the button prompt when nearby. If you take it to a stable, you are able to name it and make it yours.

For your information, there is a housing element to the game. This will need meeting a certain non-player character near Hateno, and also giving him a big amount of rupees and wood. You will be able to customize this house and serve as a great place for sleeping.

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