Where Are the Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite

Foraging Bouncy Eggs is the Easter themed Legendary Quest in Fortnite season six, that will be available for only one week. If you are able to find enough of these eggs hidden about the island, then you are going to unlock a new harvesting tool called the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe. Also, this quest is divided into five different stages that will reward you with XP which will help you unlock the new Battle Pass skins. So, where are the Bouncy Eggs? Let us find out that answer here.


With Easter approaching, a new seasonal event in the game of Fortnite was launched to celebrate that event. Besides all of the weekly quests, the players are able to complete legendary challenges which will reward experience and cosmetic items. The first line of legendary quests will ask the players to forage Bouncy Eggs around the Fortnite Island. This legendary quest is made up of five challenges. Each challenge will ask you to forage more Bouncy Eggs than the previous challenge. You have to discover ten Bouncy Eggs for completing the first step of the challenge. It is going to reward you with a Tactical Quaxes pickaxe.

Where Are the Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite
The location of Bouncy Eggs

You will be able to find the Bouncy Eggs across the Fortnite map. When searching for them, you are going to stay away from landmarks or mentioned locations, instead, on the fields and hills which lie between these areas.

Thankfully, Bouncy Eggs have fixed locations. It means that you are able to play as many matches as you like and always discover a cluster of eggs in the same location. This makes the Bouncy Eggs hidden around the island’ Legendary Quest quite an easy challenge to complete. For your information, each location holds between two to three eggs. If you move quickly, you are able to complete at least one stage of the legendary quest per match. If you visit a location only to discover no eggs, then they have already been consumed by another player and you will probably want to make a run for it, since they might be close

Bouncy Eggs are a new kind of forageable item which is scattered around the map. They are going to appear as ground loot around the map. Apparently, they frequently discovered in the top left portion of the map. Also, they are also frequently found in the lower side of the center, near Catty Corner.

Consuming a Bouncy Egg will give you 5 shield points and reduces the overall gravity of your character. It means that you will be able to jump slightly higher and also ignore fall damage while you are under a Bouncy Egg’s effect.

Bouncy Eggs are able to be found in both regular matches and the Team Rumble game mode. Considering not lots of players focus on looting in Team Rumble matches, the chances of you collecting more Bouncy Eggs in that mode can be higher. The four additional Bouncy Eggs quest are going to reward you with 24,500 XP points each.

Besides helping you complete the new legendary questline, Bouncy Eggs will be able to be a critical consumable item to keep in your inventory, particularly in the late game. In the end game, the number of forts and box fights are going to boost drastically. It makes moving around very impossible. However, you are able to use Bouncy Eggs’ reduced gravity effect to get safety place because you are going to be harder to shoot at. Also, you are able to use Bouncy Eggs before jumping down from tall buildings, offering you to pull off epic escapes when your enemies least expect it.

How to forge Bouncy eggs in Fortnite?

After you have found a collection of Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite, you are going to need to forge them to make progress in the legendary quest. Apparently, there are two methods of achieving this.

    • The first method is to simply eat the eggs off the ground that will boost your Shield slightly and give you a jump boost for a small period of time.
    • The second method is to collect the Bouncy Eggs that will place them in your inventory. For note: This is going to count towards the Legendary Quest and then allow you to save the eggs for later on in the match.

Foraging Bouncy Eggs rewards

Foraging for Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite is a Legendary Quest. It means that it is only available for a week. It has five separate parts and it is recommended for a team of four players. If you are playing in Squads, you are going to share any progress you make in this challenge with your teammates.

This Legendary quest is available from Thursday, 1st April at 3pm (GMT) till roughly 2:59pm (GMT) on Thursday, 8th April at 2:59pm. As we said before, completing this quest will be able to reward you with both XP and a new harvesting tool – the Tactical Quaxes.

Foraging Bouncy Eggs rewards
Here are five stages of the forage Bouncy Eggs, along with their rewards:

    • 10 Bouncy Eggs

From the first stage, you are going to get 35000 XP and Tactical Quaxes.

    • 20 Bouncy Eggs

From the second stage, you are going to get 24500 XP.

    • 30 Bouncy Eggs

From the third stage, you are going to get 24500 XP.

    • 40 Bouncy Eggs

From the fourth stage, you are going to get 24500 XP.

    • 50 Bouncy Eggs

From the last stage, you are going to get 24500 XP.

Well, the text above is an explanation about the location of the Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite. Also, there is an explanation about how to forge Bouncy Eggs. In the last section, we also share information about rewards you get if you are able to complete this challenge successfully. If you want to get more information or you have any question related to this challenge, you are able to comment in the section below.